Let me introduce Social Media Marketing to you


Introduction to social media marketing what I know so far that Social media is a platform in which people from different places are connected with devices based on their interest, relationships and need. Now social media platforms are used by billions of people each day, so you can market your business by connecting their interest and need with the features of your product.

When you share marketing content with the people using Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, Stumbleupon, Quora, Reddit, Instagram and LinkedIn called social media marketing. Anyone can create personal and business account on social media. You can do it for free and paid. Paid advertizing is the source of income of these social media websites or platforms.

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Let’s explore the creativity:

Social Media Marketing is like you’re in the boat and people are in the river or sea. Some of them want to travel the sea. They want to come on your boat. They come after they click on the link and but when most of them find that they have to pay, they jump again in the river. Your link or linked content is like a rope, they have to capture it.

Social Media Marketing for the customer is like getting the rope to come out from the water inside the river. And for marketer or business owner’s rope is marketing content in which he/she trying to prove that this rope will help you if you pay the money to enjoy social media life instead of surfing it. In this some people not interested to capture the rope they are enjoying the sweet stiffness of social media. They can’t even think to get out from here.

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Social media is free to the public. Public likes to share interest, hobbies, personal and professional daily life activities with their friends.  Public creates and generates content on social media with the focus of appreciation. Where companies share the material not only for appreciations but also it is to sell products and services with social media users.

Social media websites track the activities cookies of user’s browser when they surf and search on the internet.  After that social media websites produced sponsored advertizements between the content based on user search history. Business owners have to pay money to get more exposure for their products and services. Even political parties, celebrities and individual use social media paid campaign.

Anyone can sell and advertise on social media websites based on their marketing budget. You can sell and advertise your products and services.

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Social media marketing methods are so much popular because its target based because of the accessibility of users data. Then it’s easy for businesses to target particular age group people, locality, profession and interest based users. Social media website generates customer data when anyone creates account or signup for the platform and share activities. They track and save it to their database.  That even helps users to see the content they like to see.

After collecting customers data, social media website sell and advertise their services based on users data and analysis. When a business sees the potential to promote business to the targeted people they advertise on social media.

You can also advertise your product and services on social media websites, by creating business pages, groups, and communities, boards etc. But that need very effective content marketing skills.

Free methods of marketing on the social media are not that much effective as it is paid. And it takes years to build brand identity in between social media users without the knowledge of people behaviors and own products.

Anyone can learn social media marketing through online courses, YouTube channel, and blogs. Social media marketing is most demanding skills and important skills. People can start their own social media marketing agencies after learning the basics of social media. In another side, small business owners can use social media marketing knowledge into promoting their products and services.

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