8 Best Online SEO Courses for beginners to Grow Business


Online SEO courses help you to become skilled and aware of how to optimize the website content. When you do the best SEO practices on the website and blogs then it helps search engine bots to identify the relevance of the content. That’s why Search Engine optimization skills are very important to get the right people from search engines such as Google, and Bing to your website.

Even if you don’t do the SEO and your website content is totally unique, then google automatically ranks your website higher on google even without SEO. But billions of websites and various experts on the same content make it difficult for the search engine to identify which one is the best. That mean, SEO skills are about the creation and presentation of the website/content/blog post to the search engine users.

That’s why learning about SEO from an expert online will be very helpful for you to increase the traffic to your business website, blog, and eCommerce.

Basics of SEO: 

What is SEO? How does SEO grow your business day by day?

What is SEO software? What does SEO software do?

Keyword Research Guide: Research keywords for your SEO strategy

Top 5 keyword research tools to find the right keywords for SEO

What are the best methods to learn SEO skills? and Why?

There are various methods to learn SEO skills and grow your website traffic from 10 visitors to 200000+ visitors per month. Following are the top methods, that I think will be helpful:

1. Find the best SEO online course: 

For example, if you want to increase your blog traffic then find out the course that is focused on blog traffic. It will help you to understand the WordPress blog SEO.

Even you can find a particular niche blog SEO course such as a personal travel blog SEO.

While the basics of SEO is the same for all the Website. But few particular things make difference such as the use of the Yoast SEO plugin or any other method in the WordPress website or WordPress SEO through plugins.

The method of learning SEO skills is faster through online courses. It’s because you will get the opportunity to learn all things sequentially from the basics to advanced.

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2. Analyze the competition:

The second method of learning SEO skills is by analyzing a high-traffic website and its content strategy. In which you select the particular website in your niche and then you find out data and analyze it through free website traffic checker such as similar web, Alexa rank checker. After that, you create a strategy and implement that. But one thing is to remember, is that your strategy has to be different than the website you’re analyzing.

The benefit of learning SEO through analyzing competition is that you will understand why a particular website is ranking and how. And when you do it 2-3 times then it will help you to implement similar practices on your website.

For example, it can be the blog post length, or it can be such as the competition is using less competitive keywords, or the website speed is faster than others. Such SEO analysis helps to understand why few websites are more successful than others.

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3. Use Google Analytics and find out the keywords ranking opportunities:

Google Analytics is the best website data analytics tool that you can use to find out the opportunities and keyword phrases to rank higher on google. If you use the search queries option in the acquisition menu in google analytics then you can find out the keywords ranking for relevant terms for headings, subheadings, and paragraphs.

It will not only help you to improve the ranking or traffic to your existed website content/pages/posts but it will also help you to get new content ideas. It’s because these terms are searched by people on google. And these terms are tracked by google analytics code on your website. And there are many other things that you can learn and use in Google Analytics to improve your website traffic. So, learn to use Google Analytics and it will help you to learn some advanced and basic SEO skills.

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4. Do an SEO experiment on your website:

This method is a classical method of SEO. In which you observe, get skilled and apply that on your website. In the end, you will get results. You will get 3 types of results after applying SEO practices within a couple of months.

  • Your website traffic will grow from search engines 10% to 20% and sometimes 50%. The reasons are that a few changes/experiments that you did worked very well and that’s why you’re getting more traffic and it’s growing. Now you have to note what you did and when on a particular website. And then you can apply that learning in further content.
  • Your website traffic will not grow after Search Engine Optimization. Might be the changes you did not able to prove the website relevant to the search engine users. Now you again note that and learn. Your website traffic will decrease after SEO practices. Even you made changes very well. But instead of growing the traffic your website traffic decrease.

Now one of these will be possible. It is possible through learning and practicing. Now, this type of SEO learning will take many months or even years. But one thing is sure you will be able to become a master in SEO and after that, you will be able to rank websites/blogs higher on google by using genuine methods.

Even no one can give you the guarantee that they will double or triple your website traffic. But if you analyze your website traffic, you will find out the opportunities to optimize it. And once you do it, it will grow your traffic.

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5. Focus on the people/customers/audience:

SEO expertise or best SEO practices on the website to increase traffic is not possible without a focus on customers. It’s because SEO is the bridge between you and your target audience on search engines. The bridge has to be designed, build, and structured according to the type of vehicle. How many vehicles can cross in a single time? What is the average weight capacity? Is it for a light motor vehicle or for a high transport vehicle? How faster it can transfer the vesicles from point A to point B (is it a single lane or double lane?)

Similarly, a website has to design and created as per the target audience. In which user experiences and designs are based on the goals of the audience visiting from search engines that they achieve on your website. The keywords you have selected are less competitive or highly competitive? You’re writing for highly educated people or average? Do you write or update the website frequently or monthly? Is your content evergreen or as per the trend? Is the website faster or slow?

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In simple terms, the simplest SEO formula is that your website target has to be the same as the target of your customer/audience. Now while learning SEO, you have to understand that.

Do you have to learn about how to make the content relevant to the user? Do you have to learn about what type of backlinks will work? You have to understand whether the website linking to you is relevant or not? How to write effectively, how images/on-page link works and many other things.

So, the point is simple. Whenever you start optimizing the website, or if you want to optimize your website or want more traffic to your website then focus on your target audience.

What do they want?

For example, they want the best bags for travel. Now help them to get to know those best bags. If it’s possible through blog posts then do it, if it’s possible by selling them bags online then do it, if it’s possible through links, images, videos, and infographics then do it.

SEO is not a complicated skill. It’s the simplest sales/marketing/business skills. It becomes complicated when you apply too many SEO tricks or practices of thousands of experts on your website frequently. The problem with many people is that they try the 2nd SEO method before waiting for the 1st practice to get results. It means they keep changing the SEO strategies.

Remember, too many teachers can confuse one student. While too many students can confuse a single teacher. It’s very simple to understand. So, my advice is simple, pick any one SEO course/practice/tip/tricks or whatever it is then apply it. And set a min. 30 days before you analyze the results or declare its failure or success.

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Improving website traffic is like improving the health of a patient. Write down every experiment that you do on your website to improve the traffic. So that when you apply 2nd SEO practice, then you remember what you did on 1st attempt.

While there are many experts on SEO on the web. And it’s difficult to choose which one is best. But running a website is like running a business. And in business, you have to take the risk to grow it.

So just believe in one expert for a certain time. If his/her tips worked, then keep following that. If not, then obviously you will change.

With that in mind and also as per the title of this post, I am sharing some of the best SEO online courses that are highest-rated, relevant, and best sellers. I have selected these SEO courses from the best of my knowledge, skills, and experiences:

Search Engine Optimization Online Courses:

The Ultimate SEO Training 2022 + SEO For WordPress Websites

Best of SEO: #1 SEO Training & Content Marketing Course 2022

SEO for Beginners: Rank #1 on Google with SEO

Advanced SEO Strategies 2022 – Level Up Your SEO Knowledge

The Complete SEO Guide to Ranking Local Business Websites

Start Your Own SEO Agency From Home – The Complete Blueprint

How to Write Great Web Content – Better Search Rankings!

SEO 2020: Complete SEO Training + SEO for WordPress Websites

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