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Building an eCommerce website with WordPress WooCommerce eCommerce platform is easy and less costly initially.

But managing and running a successful WooCommerce store required a different set of skills.

Especially when you plan to expand, increase featured, product offerings, and try to achieve your sales goals while making changes in the website things become technically complex.

While there are various free and paid tutorials to learn to build a WordPress Woo-Commerce website.

Still, it will take time to learn and master WordPress Woo-Commerce, especially in customization.

Meanwhile, controlling the cost, SEO, inventory management, and email marketing are time-consuming yet the most important works.

While in WordPress, you can use paid eCommerce themes to get more functionality in your store. For example, through WordPress themes, you can set up a single vendor or a multi-vendor eCommerce store or eCommerce portal.

You can customize WordPress themes and eCommerce portal and add any functionality through plugin and custom plugin development.

For custom plugin development to a woo-commerce eCommerce store and even to set up your eCommerce website in WordPress, you can hire WordPress eCommerce specialists.

So, in this case, handling everything on your own or just with your partner is good in the initial stage.

But taking the help of WordPress Woo-Commerce experts to make changes, upgrade, add new features to your store is beneficial to save time and automate the technical parts. So that you can focus more on the product, deliveries, marketing, and sales side of the business.

While you can do anything on your own after learning and experiments. But in this case, you have to be careful that you will not lose the current state of the website. And make sure you can take backup.


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Self Hosted eCommerce Website Building Process

The best suggestion is that you can try to learn the basics of PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to fully manage and control the infrastructure of your WordPress Woo eCommerce website. It might take time, but learning these things will be very beneficial for you in the long turn.

But initially, you can take the help of WordPress Woo Commerce experts or freelancers.

There are various small or big and complex tasks that required expertise, attention to detail such as:

  • Build and set up a new WordPress eCommerce store from scratch.
  • Malware/Bug and virus removal from WordPress Woo Commerce website if any.
  • Product page customization such as making the changes in a product image block, alignment of title, description, categories, and CSS customization various pages.
  • Payment gateway and credit card payment setup.
  • Setting the discounts and coupon codes as per the region.
  • Convert store into the multi-vendor store. Expansion plan with your other city partners.
  • Full eCommerce website design.
  • Optimization of sales funnels.
  • Shipping price calculation and settings as per the city, state, country.
  • WordPress Woo Commerce Theme and plugin customization.
  • Domain change, redirection and hosting migration etc.
  • Order form popup.
  • To build a custom plugin.
  • To build a custom WordPress theme.

In this work, you need services or experts who have good WordPress WooCommerce Expertise – both customization and settings. Good knowledge of CSS for custom design. Good knowledge of HTML and Javascript for front-end functionality. PHP programming skills to change and configure the functionality of the plugin.

You also need a person with good communication, professionalism, transparency, and reliability along with that make sure time frame and availability.

So to help you in this, we have selected some of the best sources, expert freelancers, services, and platforms that you can check, and if you think they are good then you take their services:

WordPress Woo Commerce Experts on Upwork

ecommerce website seo experts on upwork

WordPress Woo Commerce Services on Fiverr

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