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Data visualization: Data visualization is trending visual communication method to communicate complex information in meaningful formats. In modern era due to big data generated by advanced computer and internet applications such as internet of things, machine learning, artificial intelligence, business intelligence and data analysis tools, data visualization is becoming mandatory to use to take effective and productive decisions.

You can say that visual communication is evolving digitally into statistical graphics, graphs, bar charts, infographics, maps, signs, and signals. Data visualization help people to understand analyze information, facts, figures, status and make the better decision in business and career.

For example, if you want to showcase protein in apple fruit, or proteins in apple, orange, banana, grapes etc. you can create or draw an image, table to represent the qty. in each fruit separately that is easy to compare and understand.

The first concept that I learned about data visualization was in Smart Art option in Microsoft Word. Many uses that option billion times in excel and as well as in powerpoint. And the 2nd concept that I learned data visualization was in Windows taskbar in which you can see an alternative bar or vertical box to represent processer and ram status in the computer.  And the third example, when you visit hard drives properties, you see that storage space is visualized in the pie chart that indicates how much space free on the hard disk or how much is covered.

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But after digital revolutions and importance of data analysis data visualization is more important than ever. And nowadays there are various data visualization tools that represent data such as Google data studio, social data analytics tools, website data analytics tools and cloud business intelligence tools etc.

Why data visualization and reporting tools are important for business users?

Visualized data reporting help to effectively research on customer profile such as age, behaviors, landing page, actions and many other things that improve digital marketing efforts. And it’s really important for any size business to compare, analyze and boost business growth pattern with data visualization.

Using data visualization tools you can combine and connect all your data sources to represent information in a single report. You can select a variety of visualization and graphics, layouts and themes by applying custom metrics, filters and dimensions in the data.

Using data visualization tools you can share the data sources report with your team members and collaborate in real time such as you can use the Google Data Studio to create a dashboard by using multiple sources of data such as Google Analytics, webmaster search console, and spreadsheet data. If you have experience with Google data studio is plus but you can also choose pre-designed templates and video tutorials. You can also integrate e google analytics with google data studio and tableau applications.


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Know the following benefits and you will understand why data visualization is needed?

Data visualization tools are effective to understand complex data and multi-dimensional data. Data visualization helps to visualize trending data in application and website on the internet. And anyone can use data visualization techniques to discover insights and new conclusions.

Data visualization is flexible to represent multiple sources of information. Data visualization tools made it easy to find clarity in facts. Data visualization tools, BI Tools help to research, compare and find actionable insights to turn problems and loopholes in business into solution and opportunities.

Easy to filter big data into various representations such as age, behaviors, CTR, CPM, level and machine and process status. That helps to take better and faster decision.

After using data visualization tools for data reporting, you can use this information to improve your marketing efforts, search engine optimization, and social media marketing. That’s why data visualization is really helpful for the online business owner and internet marketers.

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Data visualization tools are helpful for data manipulation, presentation, and email marketing. You can use Microsoft Excel spreadsheet data in data visualization tools to create clean and easy to understand prices, yearly matrix, vacations etc. for that you can also use tableau software to create and visualize the data.

Data visualization tools help to create and maintain utility programs, databases. Data visualization is also beneficial in data and system analysis that help to maintain corporate data integrity and security.

If you’re unsure about the prices of products and services in future then data visualization helpful to predict product prices and you can do this by using Microsoft excels charts.

That’s what I know so far about the data visualization and why it’s needed in the modern online business era.

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