What else can you learn on a computer after Microsoft Word?


After learning Microsoft Word there are various things that you can learn on a computer. And I will share the 5 best in a proper way in this post.

Microsoft Word is an Application software developed and marketed by Microsoft Inc. that enables computer users to create professional-looking documents such as letters, forms, eBooks, newsletters, tables, reports, etc. Here you can learn more.

For those are just started learning computers, Microsoft Word is best for them to learn the basic things, menus, functions, text formatting, printing etc.

Learning Microsoft Word is 1st step or you can say that a basic skill that is useful for personal and official document writing and printing work. It can help you to get a basic computer operator job or to work in Cyber Cafe. You can also teach Microsoft Word and you can also start an online business or provide Word-related services online. Here you can learn the tips and guide.

But actually, learning Microsoft Word doesn’t mean you learned about Technology. Microsoft Word is a commercial product. Millions of people use it in daily life and pay money to use it, especially the latest version of Microsoft 365 which is more powerful and useful than ever.

But one thing is very important to remember that if you want to become an expert in the use of Technology then become an expert in the actual work not just in any software and tool.

Tools and apps come and go that is business. But you can’t spend your whole life moving from one thing to another. You need to be an expert in Technology especially if you want a job after learning computer skills. You can choose anything as per interest and demand.

Else if you want to work as a freelancer or want to do business or want to earn money online then learning the latest and most demanding skills faster than others is important.

What do I mean?

In simple words, learn to use Microsoft Word. But the most important thing to learn is document writing, editing, designing, proofreading, publishing, and printing. This is the actual thing that students have to learn.

I learned this thing after working and teaching for 6 to 7 years. Before that, I thought Microsoft Word is the main thing in computers and I thought similar to many other software used for various other things at that time. But later I find that Software is the important thing.  It’s streamlined and makes the process easy and automated. But the gold is “planning process”, “creation of process” and “knowledge about process and system.”

5 things to learn on the computer after learning Microsoft Word:

So, let’s begin with what to learn after Microsoft Word.

1. Start learning to build document writing and editing software

start learning software development

Good and practical knowledge of Microsoft Word is enough for you to think, imagine, and learn how software work. At least you know how it is installed, designed, and categorization of various tools and features. And how it’s making your professional or personal document writing work easy and useful.

Now have you noticed anything that looks odd or complicated for you in Microsoft Word? Have you noticed any bug or lazy process which might not be that way? Have you noticed something that can be improved? Have you liked this software?

And last questions. Do you like software or have interested in Software development, software marketing, and the software publishing industry and field?

If from all the above questions, one of your answers is YES then you must go and learn the basics of software development or software engineering after learning Microsoft Word.

And try to develop at least one small function that is useful in document writing, printing, sharing, automation, editing etc. It can be for digital documents. You can create this function or AI tool in a web application or desktop version or mobile version. I mean a hybrid application that you also need to use in the future.

Learn the basics of Software Development – Following two courses on Udemy looks promising for beginners:

Note: These courses also contain an affiliate marketing commission link, but you don’t have to worry, it will not be charged to you.
Software Development and IT – complete guide to key concepts

Software Development From A to Z – OOP, UML, Agile, Python

So, learn the basics of Software or Web application development and create your 1st software or web application related to document writing and editing. Use Microsoft Word, and Google Docs as an inspiration for your project.

And believe me, you will get hundreds of opportunities for career and business development in this journey.

2. Start learning to use Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet 

Start learning Microsoft Excel

The next thing to learn as a basic computer course for you can be Microsoft Excel. There are many things that you will learn in a basic computer course. Here is the complete list of essential basic computer skills along with an online course.

Why Excel?

It’s because Excel is another application software popular similar to Microsoft Word. But the use is totally different. Microsoft Excel is used to perform calculations, analyze information, and visualization. Excel application is also used in almost every business for data management, inventory, data analysis, data filtration, tracking, and calculation.


Please read the below posts for more details:

It will take 10 to 15 days 2 to 3 hours per day to become good at Excel. But can take 1 year or more to become an expert. Depends on your learning attitude and speed.

But as a student or basic computer course student learning Microsoft Excel is also beneficial. And this can be a powerful add-on for your resume or job offers. There is a good amount of work and demand for skills available online as well as offline.

3. Become Microsoft Word Certified Professional

Microsoft Certified

If you are particularly learning Microsoft Office for job purposes such as in HR, Management, Secretarial, or Assistant types of work then becoming Microsoft Certified can be very useful.

You can choose any one such as Word or all Microsoft Office applications to become a certified Microsoft professional. Thousands of students have done this and it’s a paid exam. It means you have to pay Microsoft to get certified in Microsoft Word through an exam set by Microsoft.  Here are more details about Microsoft Word Certification.

Is this MO Word certification helpful to get the job in Microsoft Word?

Actually, I don’t have the data due to a lack of resources that how many students got jobs in reputed companies after MO certification. But I have seen that MO Word Exam online preparation courses are sold and are popular, and many students and professionals have done that. We can predict or think that it’s useful.

Having certification from Microsoft or having certification in a local computer center has a big difference in the eyes of the interviewer. But I believe that until you don’t have good and practical knowledge of Microsoft Word, no one can give you a job or work for a long in Microsoft Word.

So I am in a 50-50 position about this decision so far. And also this exam may cost you $100 as I have seen this price on Microsoft Word certification while writing this.

Personally, I totally disagree with this exam price. It’s too much for basic computer course students or those learning Microsoft Word in local computer institutes. Many want to become experts and need certification but that doesn’t mean it needs to be charged that much money just for an Exam.

Microsoft is a reputable, well-established, and profitable company charging money for an exam related to its product that doesn’t look good.

Might be they want to filter candidates so that only serious students will apply for the exam. And there are many ways.  But this also looks like a marketing tactic in which that way represents Microsoft Word Application.

It was once the only software for document writing and editing. But today you have various alternatives such as Google Docs, Open Office, Zoho, WPS Office, etc.

That’s why I think I am 50-50 about the value of Microsoft Certification.

If you want to prepare for Word Exam after learning the basics of Microsoft Word on YouTube then you can take a look at the following online courses:
MO-100 Word, MO-200 Excel, MO-300 PowerPoint certifications

4. Learn to create Microsoft Word related Video Content

Learn to create Microsoft Word related Video Content

I expect you to already know about digital content creation, video content, and youtube channel content monetization practice.

In that sense, what I suggest learning after learning Microsoft Word for students is to learn to create unique digital content based on Microsoft Word. Start Youtube Channel part-time and get monetized when it qualifies.

But only unique content. There are already lots of video tutorials and content related to Microsoft Word on YouTube. Getting inspiration from them or doing the same is not profitable.

What is profitable is unique content. You have to learn to create unique content related to Microsoft Word to get more subscribers and views.


  • Create video content about Microsoft Word or thing that is difficult for learners or common users such as mail merge, or macro.
  • Create Video content about the actual output instead of technical things. Such as instead of teaching or creating a video about how to insert tables in a Word file. Create a video about how to create a business card in Word, how to create a newsletter, how to create a report, how to send a letter to multiple users with their name on the document through mail merge etc.

But the creation of unique content is not only the way to earn money. You also have to learn the basics of business. Such as you have to choose a target audience. For example, you can target HR professionals or executives. You can target college students. And then create content based on the demand needs of your target audience.

Having even 1 technical skill or knowledge of a single application is enough in the Technology field. You don’t need to learn 1000 things to earn money. What you need to learn is business. You just have to learn to monetize your skills. No matter whether you earn $10 per month from that or $1000. But make sure at least you use your knowledge. That’s the only aim a student and professional must have.

5. Learn to work as Freelance Microsoft Word Expert:

microsoft word freelance work

This is very closely related to the 4th point which is the monetization of your Word Skill. When you research to earn money online using Microsoft Word you will get to know one thing that is Freelancing. Freelancing is one of the points in everyone’s answer to earn money. It’s very lucrative but challenging as well.

What you have to do is to provide Microsoft Word document writing, and editing services online. You can choose a freelance platform such as Upwork, Fiverr, or freelance. in, people per hour, etc.

But along with having Word skills, you also need to learn sales and marketing skills. With only Microsoft Word skills you can’t get the work. Or even if you get the work, you will not be paid well, and tough to get regular work.

You must learn marketing and sales skills whether you’re a Word expert or a developer. With good planning, marketing, and sales skills, you can earn even more than a web developer. And without marketing even a web developer can earn like a Microsoft Word beginner.

The point is that “outline and promote the value you provide, not just only your expertise.

For example, I don’t care about your expertise in business, if I am not able to get things done on time that I expect from you.

Any expertise or skills can get you a job or money if you do that professionally.

Learning anything is easy. But becoming professional and staying professional is difficult.

The one thing that is important is your confidence. Your confidence is the confidence of your employer, boss, and teacher.

So consider the above options if you’re looking to learn the next thing after Microsoft Word.

That’s it for today, I hope this post was useful for you.

For specific questions or personalized support or consultancy you can message me here or send your message on social media. We can figure out what else can you learn. Else, it’s not easy or not good to advise you something without knowing you.


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