Microsoft VS Code Editor Software Basic Intro and Uses


Microsoft Visual Studio Code is a code editing software that you can use in your business. This means you can write and edit your website and web application code by using Vs Code. Microsoft VS Code is a desktop application software program developed and maintained by Microsoft.

With the use of this software, you can write and edit HTML, CSS, Javascript code, python, and many others. This is the best HTML, CSS, and JS editor for beginners as well. And also those not know much about coding or editing, can use it as a text editor.

Visual studio code is popular, easy to use, and increases the speed of writing and editing code. You can also use almost any modern and traditional programming language inside it. And you can also integrate various web development features and helpful tools through extensions.

So, if you want to create a website using HTML, CSS, and Java Script then this is the best tool to use. You can also edit HTML, CSS, JS templates or code through this code editor. The other similar tool or alternative to visual studio code is Sublime Text.

If you want to intro or basic introduction on “What is VS Code and How and Why it is used in website design and development” in Hindi then please watch this video:

Online Code Editor  – VS Alternative especially for quick testing

Online Code Editor

Online code editing tools help you to create, test and share your code with others.  Online code editing tools are best when you’re learning to code or even trying to edit the code before you use it on the live website or web application. Even it’s also good for beginners, who do not have to install a local development environment. But mostly best for those who want to test the HTML, CSS, and JS code.

One of the best in this: CodePen

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