Useful online courses that you can do during or after the corona pandemic


We’re all recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown situation. The situation was very challenging for everyone. Getting business back to the survival and growth mode is not easy. But it’s not impossible if you follow certain tips and behaviors.

Entrepreneurs, business leaders like challenges. This situation will make them even stronger and improve their business capabilities. The COVID-19 situation taught them many things. And now they know what it means.

So, in this post, I am sharing with you the top 5 online courses that you can do to get your business back into normal and growth mode faster.

Let’s get started:

Top 5 most useful online courses for small business owners to do in June 2020

The following online courses are based on the current business situation due to COVID-19 and Lockdown. The goal of listing these online courses is to help small business owners to get ideas, skills, knowledge to start, manage, and grow their business successfully after COVID-19

1. Sell Online:

Online selling is one of the most popular and widely accepted methods to reach new customers. Online you can sell on social media and you can also create your own online store. But if you want to sell fast at less and at a minimum cost then you can use online selling platforms such as Shopify, Amazon, Flipkart, and many others.

The benefits of selling online are that you will get a chance to sell your products fast, you will not have to pay upfront to sell online and many listing platforms provide guaranteed results.

Actually, these all platforms invest upfront on branding and marketing and to get people on their website, after that they introduce your products to them. And customers buy and you will get money. In between, they will earn monthly income or commission on selling your products.

So, I don’t think you will mind giving commission on selling.

While anyone can sell online on these platforms. But if you’re in direct selling, selling through network marketing, selling in offline stores then I recommended you try to sell online to grow your sales and revenue.

The only thing you have to do is to learn the basics of online selling.

If you don’t want to do it on your own then hire a freelancer. And they will set up everything for you. And later you can learn how to operate it. Trying new things in business is important to keep growing and selling online is the most beneficial.

Following online courses can help you to start selling online:

Learn the simple steps it takes to create passive income by selling your own products through Amazon FBA.
Amazon FBA Beginners Course – Start Earning Income Now!

If you want to watch free videos on selling the following sources can be helpful:

E-Commerce Business, How to Sell anything online

How To Sell on Amazon | Seller Registration Complete Step By Step Process

If you’re interested to learn about Shopify through an Online course then the following course can be helpful:

The Complete Shopify Dropshipping Masterclass

Free Video Source:

COMPLETE Shopify Tutorial For Beginners 2020 – How To Create A Profitable Shopify Store From Scratch

2. Promote your products and services online:

If you don’t have a product or you don’t want to sell online but want to get more customers to your offline business or shop then try to promote your business and services online. This time people want to know about their local businesses and services provider. And it’s time for you to get them to know what you’re selling in the city.

You can use the Facebook business page, group, Pinterest, Google my business, and WhatsApp group to promote and market your services online.

Following are the online course that will help you to promote and market your business online and get more customers:

Social Media Marketing MASTERY Learn Ads on 10+ Platforms

IF you want to learn more about this then please read the following posts:

Ways to let more people know about your local business online

Useful Tips to promote your business on the Facebook page

What is Blog used for? Uses of the blog in our daily life

3. Hire employees online:

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, business is in an uncertain situation. At this time most of the businesses and companies can’t afford full-time workers or desk employees. They want an alternative, low cost, more productive solutions. And to solve this problem you can hire employees online.

Hiring online employees especially technical or IT professionals (writers, designers, developers, marketers) can dramatically reduce your business cost and increase profit.

It may be new to you. But that’s why you’re in business. You’re not here to do the rest. Just do your best and try whatever you can do to grow your business, reduce expenses, and improve quality.

If you don’t know about online hiring, online team management or remote staff management or online staffing agencies or freelance marketplaces then following an online course can help you in this:
How to Hire & Manage Virtual Teams

And if you want to read my guide then please follow the link below:

How to hire the best employees online for your small business


4. Reduce business cost:

Most of the businesses around the world are not earning the way they earned in the past. Mostly are in -50% to -70%. While the product cost is the same, but due to lack of demand, supply chain they are not able to sell more units. In this case, it’s important for them to reduce the cost.

To reduce the cost, they can do the following things:

  • They can try to sell online and then deliver the products to the customers.
  • They can use online search engine advertising and social media marketing. And most of this is free if they can do it.
  • Hire people on a contract basis or on a commission basis.
  • Use technologies such as cloud storage for online data storage.

Not all the tips work the same for the all business. That’s why it’s important to find on your own what you can do on personal and business levels to save as much money as you can and at the same time grow income.

If you save some money in June month, you can invest that in July month. But make sure that you don’t reduce investment from the sources that are helping you to earn money. And it can be a learning source or your social media marketing team member.

Following an online courses can give you many ideas on how you can implement and make certain changes in the business that will reduce the production cost and also improve profit.

Business Model Innovation: Differentiate & Grow Your Company

5. Be creative and confident:

Because all we are in uncertain situations. Many of us are in financial and personal depression. Many lost their jobs and business.

But can’t we try new things. Can’t we’re not able to grow again? What’s wrong if we failed? Who has not failed? Everyone was failed before success.

And this time this failure will 10x your success in the future. Everything happens for a reason. And this time it’s happening to make you more successful than ever. So that in the future any financial crises will not be able to make you depressed.

So dear, get back to your creativity and imagination. You’re more capable than you think. What’s that you can’t do to grow again in business.

Be creative and confident. Following an online course can be helpful:

More Confidence & Self Esteem: Confidence Via Self-Awareness

Following posts can be very helpful for you in this:
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How to grow your small business with these essential strategies

So, I think the above online courses and tips will help you to get the momentum to grow the business.

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