7 Upwork Cover Letter Samples for Freelance Beginners


Looking for inspiration and guidance for your Upwork cover letter? In this post, I’ll share my own successful Upwork cover letter samples and helpful tips to help you stand out and land your dream freelance projects.

I started my journey as a freelancer on Upwork in 2014, I’ve had the opportunity to work on diverse projects, ranging from logo design and copywriting to SEO, Web development, and virtual assistance. In this journey so far, my cover letters failed hundreds of times which also cost me connections (money) and many clients rejected me. Even I stopped now counting the failures. But each failure taught me to write the next cover letter more effectively.

Cover letters or project proposals play the most important role in getting the client’s attention. But for that many freelancers overpromise and bid on the projects in a hurry. It’s important to understand the pain points of clients or read project descriptions.

Crafting an effective cover letter is pivotal in capturing client attention and showcasing your abilities. As a freelancer or aspiring entrepreneur, it is essential to develop sales skills, as they form the foundation for writing persuasive cover letters that resonate with clients.

So if you want to succeed in doing any type of business or job online then you must learn and improve your sales skills. Sales skills make you good at writing attention-grabbing cover letters. I learned it after failures but if you’re a beginner you can start learning sales before you even start writing your 1st cover letter.

I have found some of the best online courses on Udmey that can help you to learn sales and marketing skills. And you can use these skills on a Freelance platform like Upwork to get more projects.

I know that cover letter is not the only thing to get projects but it is the most important thing.

For more tips please read these posts: 

Now in the following points, I am sharing some of my Upwork and Freelance project proposal samples with you. You must learn the important strategies, skills, and methods I used to sell my skills to clients and on various projects.

7 Upwork Cover Letter Samples along with project details

Samples for aspiring freelancers to acquire and learn cover letter writing and sales skills.

1. Project Title of Problem: Help setting up Sendinblue on my WordPress.org website

sendinblue project

My Cover Letter:

Hi, Is the support staff mentioning any error on your website? Are you seeing any errors or exact problems? If not, no problem just let me do it.

I tried the Sendinblue newsletter service a few months back on my website that was working. I need to test your website and your Sendinblue account. But I will give a 100% guarantee if the Sendinblue service and account are active then I will configure it for you as quickly as possible.

Just believe me based on my Upwork work and review history. I will do it.


Vijay Kumar

Client Review after work is completed successfully:

sendinblue project client feedback


2. Project: VA administrative support

va project

My Cover Letter:

Good evening, sir, I am ready to take on all of your responsibilities. I have very good experience in WordPress, social media, internet research, data entry, Google Drive, MS Office, and various other administrative and business management tasks.

I can help you to manage all of these and more tasks as per the demand and urgency. You have to teach me a few things or need to share some guidelines to follow. I am a full-time freelancer. And I am dedicated to my work.

You can take my interview or give me a test job. I am fully confident that you will be happy with the work.


Vijay Kumar

Project Status: Ongoing

3. Work Details: Marketing Support Executive – Immediate!

marketing support executive

My Cover Letter

Hi, I am interested to be a part of your business and I am ready to take on all the responsibilities you will give to me.

My skills and experience:

– Keyword Research – Organic SEO – 7+ years.

– WordPress – 7 + years

– Web Development Basics- HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, Python, My SQL

– Adobe Photoshop – 7+ years.


I can learn and I can do anything that you want or look for support for me. I am a full-time independent freelancer and I believe in transparency and good communication for the project’s success.


Vijay Kumar

Client Reply:

client reply 2

4. Project Detail: WordPress Assistant, Virtual Assistant l, simple digital marketing assistance

wordpress assistance

My Cover Letter:

Hi good evening, I’m interested in the virtual assistant position you posted. With expertise in WordPress, website management, and basic skills in project management tools like Asana and Clickup, I can provide diligent and high-quality support on a freelance basis.

Tasks I can handle include WordPress’s new website setup/editing/configuration, uploading articles, data entry, adding internal links, and creating documents in Asana or in Microsoft Word or Google Docs.

I am fluent in English, I prioritize open communication and aim for practical and personable interactions. You can rely on me for any tasks related to your business.

I’m confident in my ability to meet your needs and contribute to each other’s success. Let’s discuss this further and explore how I can assist you as a virtual assistant more effectively.


Vijay Kumar

Client Reply:

client reply

5. Project/Job: Virtual Assistant

general virtual assistance

My Cover Letter:

Hi, I am interested and experienced enough in technical as well as administrative work. I can help you in managing WordPress Websites/ Photo Editing/ Social Media Accounts, Data Entry and Research etc.

But it’s possible that you follow a specific process in your business. In that case, I am interested to learn that from you or need your guidance on that so that I can do this job effectively.

I am reliable and have enough experience to assist you with your daily work.


Vijay Kumar

Client Reply

client reply general assistance

Some older:

6. Project/Job: Logo/visual branding creation. See the job description in the picture below

Upwork cover letter for jobs & Projects

My Cover letter for this: 

Do you need, an engineering-inspiring logo? I saw this post a couple of days ago. I applied for the job. But may my points are not correct.
I can do this work for you as you want. I take time to do the things that inspire your products, and services to clients. Your provided links to websites are ok, as you saw these all are related to each other as compared to the design. No doubt, this is the choice, I am thinking this is the font-based logo; The font is the most important part of this job. As I am looking right now.

If you need a different version of similar samples.
I can provide you today 3-4 samples.
Looking forward, Thank You


7. Web Development Project

See the below picture for the job description.

job description and cover letter for this

My Cover letter for this job:

My cover letter for this job

Hi, the slowness of your site is depending on many things. Such as:

1) As you mentioned timeout is because you’re uploading or accessing more than 25 MB hosting limits in your hosting plan.

2) The images on your site are not dimensioned properly.

3) Javascript fragment parsing

4) Plugin conflicts

5) Unused CSS

6) The domain name is conflicting

7) Spam comments and the high volume of storage.

What I can do for you!

1) First I will check it in GTMatrix and Google page speed or analytics account

2) I will check the plugins that are conflicting.

3) I will fix this if it is slow to open or the server timed out. There are all the above 7 reasons for slowness but might be there are other reasons too. I ensure you that I will speed up your site from a B grade to an A Grade or more. I am ready for further discussion with a little more detail about the problem.

Looking forward….


Client Feedback After the job is finished successfully:

web development project client feedback

So what you learned?

10 Tips based on the above cover letter samples for you

  1. Highlight your expertise – Showcase relevant skills and experiences.
  2. Be confident and assure clients of your high-quality work.
  3. Show willingness to learn and adapt to specific client requirements.
  4. Communicate clearly and concisely about your capabilities.
  5. Add a personal touch to create a connection with the client.
  6. Demonstrate a problem-solving approach by addressing specific challenges.
  7. Mention past experience and positive reviews to build credibility.
  8. Offer to undergo interviews or test projects to showcase your skills.
  9. Emphasize professionalism and dedication as a full-time freelancer.
  10. Customize each cover letter to show genuine interest in the client’s project.

Here is the latest live Upwork video in which I am writing a cover letter and bidding live:

If you want to know anything specific to grow your career and business please let me know in the comments or message me on YouTube comments.

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