Types of Demanding Computer Fields after 10+2


The use of computer skills is different in various IT and non-IT fields.  Computer-related Career security, income stability, and path depends on you today and on the environment around you. What do you learn in IT? And How you use your IT learnings practically? mater the most. If you use it in your business then it’s a different method of skills execution. If you use it for doing jobs then it’s different. If you use it just to earn money online then it’s different.

And I have few ideas and suggestions for freshers, I hope it will be helpful for you and your friends to choose best computer field for better and secure future. One thing you remember that I am not a career expert, I am a creative entrepreneur in Information Technology and have more than 13 years of practice in the computer field jobs and business. And I am writing it based on following query that I got from one of our Klient solutech.com learners.

Hi sir, currently I am doing my 12th class. My subject is Sci. Maths With computer . I want to go in  computer field but I don’t know about types of fields in computer. I don’t know what I have to do after my 12th .Please……tell me what can I do get after my 12th to get a good future in computer field. Tell me about types of computer field or make a video on YouTube on the topic” types of computer fields”.

If you’re IT expert or have any kind of experience that you think will be helpful for other students, please post suggestions in comments:

So to choose computer field for a career path, first, you need to know what kind of computer skills required today and in future and what are the categories and types of computer field that you can practice for a career after 12th.

1. Web Developer/ Web Development/Designing

Practical knowledge about HTML5, CSS, WordPress Development, Python, PHP, Java, Angular JS.

Main Job: Web Applications development, Mobile applications development website designing such as CRM applications, WordPress theme development, theme customization, plugin development, and customization etc.

Salary: Salary depends on the expertise and experiences in India or anywhere.

Facts: 11567 jobs found on Upwork.com while I was writing.

web developer demands on upwork

May 2017 to April 2018, there are 100K – 1M monthly searches for the web developer, 1K to 10K for website developer and 10K to 100K monthly searches for web development company.  

keyword planner web developer demand based on monthly keyword searches

The above examples can explain, the importance of web developers in today’s time for all kind of companies. The supply of web developer in small cities in India is less than metros. And the salary expectations from web developer is very high due to lack of availability expert programmers online and offline.

Things to remember:

  • Before you join any college or degree course, make sure that the college is known for quality education. And most important that they have latest and up to the demand syllabus for students.
  • If you don’t have that much money and time to invest in learning above skills you can do it by joining Online Degree Programs and Online Courses.
  • There are various courses to get specialized knowledge and expertise: such as Game Design & Development, Android Apps Development etc.
  • Whatever the course you choose make sure that there are concepts for artificial intelligence, machine learning cloud computing in the syllabus.
  • Most of the web development tools and sources are free.

2. Graphics Designing/Graphics Designer:

Practical knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Indesign etc.

Main Job: Logo Design, Wireframing, banner design, website design, graphics design and editing.  

Facts: 1K to 10K people searching for “Graphic designer needed” keyword on Google from May 2017 to 2018.  14,175 jobs found on Upwork.com for Graphics Designer while I was writing this article.

Salary: Salary depends on the expertise and experiences.

Things to remember:-

  • Graphics designing is visually creative work, everyone observes and see the creativity.
  • You can learn to use the tools but you can’t learn creativity. Designing, development, programming, writing, marketing etc.all works required inside motivation and inspiration from outside to become successful in these fields.
  • You can’t depend on university or degree or teachers for jobs. Graphics designing required leadership skills too.
  • Most of the graphics designing applications have a higher cost in India if you buy Adobe Photoshop it is around 28000 to 30000 rupees for 1 year.
  • You also need a highly configured laptop with a graphics card for top quality designs works.

Related: What to do with a Graphic Design Degree

3. Content Marketing and Content Writer:-

Main Works: There are a wide variety of works included in Content marketing field such as:

Scope: 5,311 jobs found on upwork.com today after content marketer keyword on jobs filter and on Google keyword planner 100 – 1K monthly searches found from USA, Canada, Japan, UK, and Malaysia on Google search engine.

  • Developing and managing content strategy.
  • Lead generation through content.
  • Growing website Traffic.
  • Retaining customers.
  • Management of Key performance indicator.
  • Creation and editing of digital/print marketing content.
  • Collaboration with designers, video editors, developers and brand manager.
  • Brand position through content.

Practical Knowledge about: Leadership, Content writing and editing, social media marketing, copywriting, Google Analytics, communication skills and critical thinking, content strategy, digital marketing and management skills are highly effective for this job.

Things to remember:

  • This is a creative field. It means each day you need new ideas for organizational growth.
  • You can do this job online and offline or from home.
  • You need to acquire various add-on skills such as communication skills, leadership skills, brand positioning skills and SEO skills etc.


What I think personally about all above IT fields.

Information technology is in every field of business worldwide. It means every business required IT, staff. In this case, web developer, graphics designer, content marketer, digital marketers IT Support, Data Analyst etc. services provider companies and people will be always in demand in future.

But remember, In IT field once you stop learning, you will stop your career development. There are always demands technical skills, talented people. Nothing can stop you but don’t be overconfident. You need to prepare yourself for future challenges in IT field. If you do it you will keep succeeding.

The above IT field looks promising. Obviously, there are various other IT fields that you can look for a better career in IT. I will add more fields in future in this list based on students response on this guide.

But if you want to know more, I am leaving you with following links:

The 10 IT jobs that will be most in-demand in 2020

Upwork releases Q1 2018 Skills Index, ranking the 20 fastest-growing skills for freelancers

Things to remember for a career path: Must read following articles written by me only for students or if you’re confused to choose better IT field after 10+2

Note:- Please take your decision based on your interest and market demands. This post is based on personal experiences, it is for educational purposes and only to explore your creativity and capacity. Plan your career and decision after discussion with parents, experts and your own interest. Do not follow glamour. Think big but start small and improve your expertise, income, step by step. And don’t waste time.

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