Top 5 places to choose best cloud computing online courses


The goal of writing this article is to help you in the research for the best cloud computing online courses and platforms. There are various free and paid cloud computing courses that you can do online. But it’s difficult for beginners IT students to find one they can start with. So I am trying to filter the cloud training solutions in this article, I hope it will be helpful.

1. AWS Training and Certification

AWS provides free digital courses, classroom training, and certification that will help you to build cloud skills. These are specifically designed based on Amazon cloud computing services and products. Freelancers, Information Technology Students, and IT professionals can get the advantages of AWS to build and gain cloud computing knowledge from the AWS experts. Which include AWS Cloud practitioner essentials, Authentication, and authorization with AWS Identity and Access Management, AWS analytics services, AWS Shared Responsibility Model, Big Data Technology fundamentals etc.

The biggest benefit is that it is certified by Amazon Web Services. It means there are thousands of IT companies and organizations using or will use Amazon Cloud computing services in the operations, development, and design. And for that organizations and individuals need cloud computing experts. So, in this case, they will prefer AWS certified cloud experts to integrate, operate, develop, analyze cloud computing business models. That’s why it’s very good for IT students and freelancers. And you can do it anytime with your own speed.

2. Microsoft Azure training

Microsoft Azure Training will help you develop and implement azure solutions worldwide faster for clients. You can build your cloud skills by defining your role in an organization or according to the role of a developer, it’s good to go with cloud computing application development etc. The training will help beginner IT students to learn concepts and skills needed to deploy the application in private and hybrid cloud environment with Azure.

There are also many certification courses provided by Microsoft Azure such as developing Microsoft Azure Solutions, Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions, Developing Microsoft Azure and Web Services etc.

Please visit the following links for more details:

Azure Training

Microsoft Virtual Academy – Cloud Apps Development

The benefits of doing Azure Training and Learning cloud computing topics on MVA (Microsoft Virtual Academy is that, it’s not only popular for cloud computing training but for cloud computing services worldwide through Microsoft Azure. If you get certified by Microsoft Azure it’s very good for career development. Thousands are using and will use Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing Services and it’s trending worldwide due to the advantages of cloud computing in business. So if you’re looking to start a business, grow your freelancing clients, or want to update your skills then both Microsoft Azure Training and AWS training are best options to start with.

3. Google Cloud Training

The third and another platform to learn cloud computing is Google. Google Cloud platforms provide cloud computing services similar to Amazon and Microsoft. Google Apps Engine, Google Cloud Datastore, Google Cloud Storage etc. Learning from Google cloud platform training courses and certification programs will help you update your information technology skills, help you to get more projects, improve the job opportunities and will help you to achieve your career development goals.

If you do little more research there are various other companies providing cloud computing training. The reasons behind mentioning these in the top 3 for learning cloud computing, is the job and career development scope. It will happen for example: Obviously, these types of top cloud computing service provider companies will compete in the market. And 1 out of 3 will lead the cloud computing industry. In this case, more and more people and organizations will connect with them. It’s because they are popular from there existed products.

Now when people and companies connect there will be a demand for skilled people specialized in google cloud, aws and Microsoft azure etc. Organizations will look for skilled workers. Independent small business will look for cloud computing expert freelancers, many looks for cloud computing content writers and etc. So that’s why I have chosen these top 3 companies.

I am not saying that you will ignore others, But I just mean you can do the training and get certification from top 2 companies in which you think will grow and able to provide more cloud computing services to organization worldwide. If this happens, your demand will increase to integrate cloud computing infrastructure and deployment models in the organizations.

4. Cloud Academy

Cloud Academy is one of the most popular platforms to learn cloud computing on the internet that I found so far. If you’re looking to learn everything in one place then cloud academy can be the platform. You can visit and find out:

5. Udemy, Edureka, Coursera

Udemy, Edureka, Coursera are leading online learning and teaching marketplace on the internet. They have an extensive set of online courses for all type of students. And I suggest that if you find other platforms more costly to learn cloud computing, then you can try udemy. Just take it as your debut in the cloud computing market. And once you got the basic idea and knowledge about cloud computing, you can join into bigger training programs. You can choose edurkea for cloud computing for certification courses. There are many cloud computing courses such as AWS Architect certification training, AWS development certification, Google Cloud certification training etc. And if you’re looking to learn cloud computing and credentials from universities you research the courses on Coursera. And you choose edx for free cloud computing online courses.

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The way to choose the best cloud computing courses:

Find out demanding cloud computing skills. Check out freelancing platforms, news, career pages of big IT or non – IT companies. See what kind of cloud skills they are looking in candidates. Now after that find out the course that relates to those skills.

When selecting cloud computing certification programs such as AWS. You need to find out which cloud solutions are in the demand and who is leading in cloud computing services. Read the reviews of cloud computing customers (organizations), certified students.

Chat with the sales team and technical support of cloud computing services /education providers. Ask them questions about everything that you think related to course and certification. Keep making small notes about the key skills of cloud computing.

The fact is it’s tough to find out the perfect course and platform to learn cloud computing. Everything from the presentations and cloud computing course syllabus looks perfect. But you don’t know until you haven’t started with anyone. So just take any course that looks good to you and starts learning and building your cloud computing skills.

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