Top 5 online course creation ideas June 2020


Recently I was searching for a few online courses for my clients on udemy and some other websites, but I don’t find the exact solution. Specifically, I was looking for courses that can help small business owners after lockdown to grow. But obviously, no one created those courses as per the current conditions. And the content of those similar online courses is not that much focused on growth.

So I am writing this post. You can start creating 10 to 15 topics and then later you can keep updating that syllabus as per performance.

The online course ideas I am sharing in this post will become bestsellers. But make sure that you put quality and most useful techniques practically. Else, If you are not able to promote that after creation let me know, I will help you in that to get more admission for your created online courses:

1. Create an online product selling course for shopkeepers:

There are millions of shopkeepers who want to grow sales. They want to sell products online on Amazon, Flipkart, through Shopify and their own eCommerce stores. But the courses and free tutorials available online are not sharing complete details.

It’s not only about selling products, creating a website, and promoting on social media. Small business owners need a complete path and strategy to follow. And you have to create a course focused on a single business.

The syllabus or content in the course can be like that. You need to answer and explanation the following questions practically:

  • What you can sell online?
  • How you can sell that?
  • What will be the product delivery process?
  • How you will get paid?
  • What about commissions, charges, and costs?
  • How it will double the revenue at a low cost?
  • What if customers return the products?
  • How to invest in building an eCommerce platform?

Now try to teach small business owners the following things:

  • A complete method to sell products online for Indian or as per selected business owners country on Amazon Merchant and FBA. Explain the complete process and methods of selling.
  • Once the above complete, now teach the same on Flipkart and other platforms.
  • Once business owners complete the above syllabus. Now tell them that after selling online through other websites and getting success.
  • Focus on building your own eCommerce store by using Shopify, WordPress, or Hiring a Web Developer.

Add 3 to 5 businesses and products at the beginning such as how to sell sanitary items online and after that how to sell flowers online.

2. Create an online teaching training course for private school teachers:

Most of the teachers around the world getting problems teaching online. Many schools, coaching centers, and teachers want to teach students online. But they don’t how to do it? While many trying, but not that much successful.

As you know teaching online is different than offline. That’s why it’s very important.

The focus of course content has to be the following:

  • Online teaching platforms
  • Skills to learn to teach students online
  • How to start teaching online – own online coaching center

These things are very important. It’s because now teachers know that they can teach online. Now most of them will start or can start their own online teaching profession, while in the day they will continue teaching in schools.

Find more ideas here to include in your online course:
How teachers can make a big difference in the world

What things teachers need to learn about computers and the internet


3. Create only 1 specific app Development online Course:

There are lots of apps development courses. But all are focused on teaching similar content. They are targeted to become apps developers. But apps development is not the goal. People or students want to become apps developers, but more than that they want to start their own business. So instead of teaching them too much technical, programming, user interface, and experience concepts teach them how they can start their app startups.

For example,

  • Teach about how to create a quiz app from scratch and convert it into a business.
  • Teach about how to create the social media marketing app and convert that into a business.

In simple words, the idea is to help students to start their own business after learning app development.

Don’t focus your syllabus only on making the apps developer or job seekers, instead, try to make them entrepreneurs.

Learn the following articles, how I have written them, and think can you teach the same for your students: 

Top 10 Uses of Computer in Our Daily Life

Uses of the Internet in our daily life & Everyday Internet Impact

Helpful uses of cloud computing for businesses

4. Create an online business strategy course to grow the small business faster:

This is most important while it’s rare. Select 4 and 5 business models to explain in the course. It can be eCommerce, Shop, Blog, YouTube channel, and Apps development business.

Now explain and share the business growth strategies that will work after JUNE 2020 to grow the business. The focus should be on innovation, cost reduction, and production and delivery speed.

Find course content ideas here:

Business growth opportunities examples

Explore these 16 Growth Opportunities for your business

 5. Create an online course to automate any type of small business

Select any 5 business in the binging and then after getting 100+ students enrolled and good ratings it’s time to add the next 5 business models.

Your course content strategy can be different. But make sure it helps to automate the business.

  • Teach about Information Technology that can help to automate the business. The business automation course can look like this:
  • How to use computers and the internet to reduce billing and stock management.
  • Teach about cloud computing and IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS business models.
  • Add online collaboration tools and explain how to use them.

Teach about all the possible internet applications that they use to reduce the business cost.

You don’t need to follow the exact strategies that I have explained above. You can make it unique. And you can definitely add more topics. But whatever you do or create, your goals should be to help business owners and students.

And this time, these types of online courses will get more students.

If you’re unsure about certain things then let me know.

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