Top 5 keyword research tools that uncover the best keywords


If you want to find the perfect keywords for SEO and business success then in this post we unveil the Top 5 Keyword Research Tools for discovering keyword search volume, competitor analysis, ranking, trends, and boosting business growth.

Finding the right keywords, search terms, and phrases with the best keyword research tool is very important so that your website, blog, and online store get more visibility in search engines and more organic traffic. Keywords play the most important role in the successful search engine optimization of your website and business growth.

That’s why it’s important to research keywords in a systematic process no matter whether you researching to optimize the website home page, product page, blog post, amazon product listing, google ads PPC campaign or YouTube videos. The impact of keywords in SEO is unlimited.

SEO is important to the success of businesses and websites. So, it’s important to research keywords based on monthly search volume, existing PPC ads, industry-specific phrases, search terms trends, and history, types of websites and content, keyword difficulty, local search terms and international search volume rather than using random keywords.

And because of the importance of keyword research in SEO for website optimization and due to the competition to rank websites, blog posts, product pages, videos, and various digital content higher on search engine results for specific terms, free and paid SEO tools to come into action and business.

Keyword research tools are web application software or websites and programs that make it easy to find search terms that people use on search engine websites when looking for data and information. Keyword research will help you to find and explore the local, national, and international keywords, monthly search volume, history and trends of keywords, existing websites and advertisements optimized with keywords, CPC, PPC price, links, keyword ranking difficulty, and many others.

So having a good keyword research tool is important and mandatory to grow your business. But even after having a good tool, it’s also important to research keywords correctly for SEO.

If you find it difficult to use keyword research tools or have a bit of confusion then you can study more about SEO through free video tutorials and online SEO courses.

While there are various keyword research tools for SEO but here, we are sharing some of the best keyword research tools that will actually help you to optimize your website correctly, find new keyword opportunities, increase website traffic and grow the business.

Most popular and functional keyword research tool for SEO

1. Google Keyword Planner

google keyword planner

Google keyword planner is a free and popular keyword research tool specifically to use to find relevant keywords for advertising with google ads. This keyword tool will help you to analyze ads budget, and CPC and find various keywords to promote business on search engines. You can directly add those keywords to your ads campaign.

You can also use a keyword planner to find relevant search terms to optimize your business website, blog and product pages. With this tool, you will also get keyword ideas for writing new blog posts as well.

2. SEMRUSH – Keyword Magic Tool

semrush keyword research tool

SEMRUSH is a fully focused complete online visibility management platform. SEMRUSH keyword magic tool is the most functional and dynamic keyword research tool to build your SEO foundation and grow your business. It’s a professional and premium quality tool with lots of features, options for SEO and business,

SEMRUSH is all in one tool that you can use for SEO, Content Marketing, marketing research, advertising and social media marketing research, analysis, tracking, website auditing and keyword ranking opportunities. You can use SEMRUSH SEO tools and features to rank your website, videos, mobile apps, and amazon products and for various SEO strategies.

If you use the SEMRUSH keyword magic tool you will get powerful options to search local and overseas keywords, you can track the position of your keywords, keyword gaps, monthly keyword research volume, competitive analysis and many other useful options for SEO.

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 3. Spyfu

spyfu keyword research tool

Spyfu is another premium SEO and keyword research tool that you can also use for free with limited options.

With Spfyu you can research SEO keywords, you can check ranking history, can research PPC, competitors, ads history, keywords ranking history and many others. You can also track your own keyword gaps and competitors’ websites to build seo competitive seo strategies.

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4. Ubersuggest

ubersuggest keyword research tool description

Ubersuggest is another popular and useful keyword tool for SEO. Especially if you think to play with SEO to get higher traffic to your blog or website then it will help you not only in playing but winning the game of SEO.

As well as other tools, with ubersuggest you can find out the competitor’s SEO strategies, content marketing or post ideas, CPC, and ranking probability for specific keywords.

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5. KWFinder


With KWfinder you will get various options to find keywords similar to the above keyword research tool. With this keyword research tool, you can find long tail search terms based on search, domain, location and languages that are easy to rank.

Along with any one of the above keyword research tools, you can also use google search console, and Bing webmaster tools. You can also use Google Analytics organic keywords and search query options to find similar and exact search terms for long tail keywords.

Not only that you can also use google trends, google related search terms, and instant results display to find keyword ideas.


While all of the above and various other paid and free keyword research tools are very powerful and useful in SEO. But when you consider using premium or paid options in any one of the keyword research tools then you must compare. The best way for comparison is not only prices but also the features that are important for your keywords, content marketing, PPC, and SEO campaign strategy. For that, you can try the demo or trial version.

Not only that but you can also consider the option or comparing the SEO or keywords research tools cost versus the cost of hiring SEO experts.

SEO is not a one-time work, it’s a continuous and evolving process. Keywords research tools, SEO skills, and SEO assistance are very important for your business growth online. Read More: Importance of Keyword Research in website SEO

For example, if you want to do SEO on your own, then you can consider using high-quality premium SEO Tools or keyword research tools and also learn SEO skills. Both keyword research tools and your SEO skills will help you to reduce the cost and increase your profit. Once you are able to build and follow the systematic process for SEO and then you can delegate that to your coworkers or train someone to follow that SEO process.

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