Top 5 Evergreen Computer Skills to Learn in 2023


Learning new skills for the job or business growth each year is a resolution for many people. Each new year comes up with new opportunities and challenges.

To fight with challenges and to gain a new career, business, and income opportunities learning new skills or acquiring new knowledge is very important.

And that’s why we’re sharing some of the best and evergreen computer skills that you can consider learning in 2023.  All of these skills are competitive and stable in the market. Even if you’re late to learn these skills do not worry.

These skills will stay for longer and will not be easily replaced. The market is now competitive for these skills and businesses. And I think it’s the best time to jump into these markets or learn these skills. And learning these skills will not require too much time or cost if you dedicate yourself each day for 2 to 3 hours.

1. Python Programming Language:

Python is one of the best programming languages to learn in 2023.  Python is very widely used in business, education, data science, and scientific works. Python programming skills make you capable of data science, automation, website building, games, and app development works.

With python skills, you can start your career and business in web development, bots, machine learning, games, and app development.

After learning Python, you can start or build your career as a web developer in 2023. You can start a YouTube channel in 2023 to teach Python skills to others. You can build your own tools and application or startups. You can start a blog in the Python niche or you can work as a Freelance Python Developer.

So, learning python programming is profitable from every angle. Learning new skills or updating your old skills always creates new opportunities for business and career growth. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional. As a professional WordPress expert or Website Designer, learning Python makes you capable to work on advanced web development projects. Learning python increase your skills and position in the workplace. Best for those looking for promotions.

So those who completed the basic computer courses and want to learn advanced computer skills in 2023 can consider learning Python. And those who want to increase their income or want a promotion or want to increase their capabilities or business options as bloggers, freelancers, and job seekers must learn Python programming.


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Here is a simple guide to learning Python: How to learn python programming basics online

2. Mobile App Development:

The continued growth in mobile users and uses of mobile apps in daily life and business work increasing career and business opportunities in mobile app development.

These days not only big companies converting their websites or building hybrid applications but local or small business owners are also interested to operate their businesses through mobile.

There are various types of educational, business, gaming content, and tools android or ios mobile apps that people use in their daily life. Even people playing or winners of fantasy games such as dream 11 also looking to build or start their own gaming apps for local users. eCommerce companies, educational institutions, local societies, content publishers, job portals, etc. all of these have mobile apps. And there are new mobile apps coming each day.

All of this creates job, career, business, innovation, and startup opportunities. It’s because almost every person in the new generation uses mobile apps or mobile phones for almost all types of management work. Where there is a user or customer there is a business.

Small business owners also want custom-built mobile apps for their businesses. Students and professionals want to learn mobile app development. Digital marketing and software development companies want to hire mobile app developers. And there are hundreds of small and large projects on Freelance websites related to Mobile app development. So I think learning mobile app development is still important for career and business development in 2023.

3. Cyber Security:

Every day or 3rd day you find news on data, money scams, and security hacks. Due to the increments of leakages, threats, scams, viruses, malware, and spam in websites, mobile apps, software, computer, server, network, and almost all internet-connected devices increasing the demand for cyber or web or computer or network security experts.

To protect or manage the data privacy and security of business applications, software, tools, gaming apps, mobile apps, and websites needs cyber security consultants, plans, strategies, new security tools, policies, professionals, consultants, and educators.

That’s why learning Cyber security is one of the best computer and technology skills to learn in 2023.

After learning cyber security or benefits of cyber security skills:

  • You can work as Freelance Cyber Security Works
  • You can work with private and government agencies.
  • You can work as a security consultant for local users.
  • You can teach people about cybercrimes, cyber security, data privacy, and protection.
  • You can start a blog in a cybersecurity niche
  • You can create mobile or computer or data security apps or tools or APIs
  • You can start your security startups.
  • You can work as a data security assistant or adviser.

So, if you’re good at thinking intelligently and sharply and have good knowledge of the basics of computers, computer hardware, and networking then you can consider learning and building your career and business in Cyber security field.

Even if you do not work or just want to learn to protect your own business and customer data online or through applications or tools learning cyber security skills or acquiring knowledge of cyber security is almost essential.

Even those learning basic computer skills or have joined basic computer courses must learn about cyber security. I think these days every internet user should learn about their data and device privacy and security.

4. Video Editing:

Video editing is time-consuming, costly, and requires a high level of creativity and expertise. Video editing makes a big difference in making good and engaging videos for the audience.

Video is the most widely consumed content format on the web. From kids to seniors almost everyone consumes Video content for education, information, entertainment, and time pass. Every third person is now creating videos and converting them into a full-time business. All types of businesses use Videos for marketing and branding.

The use of videos from both sides creator or producer and consumer will be more in for business, education, and marketing. But not all video creators have video editors or not all have time to edit their videos. They need less costly and high-quality edited videos. Even before YouTube Video editor was in demand and it’s more after YouTube.

So, learning video editing skills is one of the best skills for career and business development. Even if you do not want to work as a video editor at least you can learn to edit your own video more effectively.

5. Data Mining, Management, visualization, and Analysis skills or data science:

Data is everywhere. Data is important in business. Data is mined, managed, and analyzed to make good decisions. Learning data analysis is like learning decision-making skills. Data analysis is not only required in business, competition, education, health, and marketing, but also in politics.

So, learning data science, data mining, data management, data security, data privacy, and analysis skills in 2023 is very beneficial to start a business, grow a business or getting a job and promotional opportunities in the workplace.

With the use or skills in Excel, pivot tables, python panadas, beautiful soup, streamlit. can help to work as a business data analyst.

So, friends, these are the top 5 skills that you can consider learning in 2023 and becoming an expert.

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