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Find out the best website builder to build an eCommerce store website. You can use any one of these popular Website builders to build an eCommerce website. Before paying for a website builder application, it’s very important that you read this post, compare the eCommerce options, and select the best website builder to build an eCommerce website.

This post goal is not to confuse you with 5 or 10 website builders to just promote one website builder more. I expect that you already know and are aware of many website builders. So, I don’t want to list all of them. Each website builder has its own pros and cons. The goal of this post is to let you choose and show you the best website builder. It’s a guide to make your final decision and start building a website.

You know that website development and design is a big industry and market, almost every company trying to take the advantage of this market by introducing you the website creation options. That’s why it’s important to read and follow a good website building guide. Especially if you’re a beginner to eCommerce or business websites.

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What are the specifications of the best eCommerce website builder application?

  • Simple to use yet modern functionality focused on the high-quality user experience and design to build an eCommerce website.
  • Easy to use, configure, set up, and update eCommerce Website.
  • Genuine pricing plans as per the features to start selling online.
  • Fully featured and easy-to-use options to integrate third-party plugins, apps, and services in the Commerce website such as payment options, product delivery tracking, inventory management, labeling, and many others.
  • Responsive or mobile-friendly, load faster in web browsers, and SEO-friendly eCommerce website builder.
  • Keyword optimization, SEO, and Website traffic or customer data analytics options.
  • Options and features to implement any type of modern digital marketing and selling techniques such as content marketing, email marketing.

In simple words, the best eCommerce website builder enables the seller to upload the product, promote the product, sell the product, delivers the product, get payments and must have scalable and expansion options.

1. WordPress + Woo Commerce:

Woo Commerce + WordPress is a free and open-source platform to build your own eCommerce store. Along with the Elementor page builder plugin, you can create and design product pages the way you want.

WordPress WooCommerce eCommerce website building software is best for those already selling 10 to 20 or 50 products offline through direct selling, door-to-door selling, it’s also good for those who want to start building a new eCommerce website at minimum cost.

There are hundreds of eCommerce WordPress Themes and plugins to use. You can build and run any type of niche eCommerce website through WordPress and Woo Commerce. You can also integrate and payment gateway, order tracking, coupons or discount offers in the WordPress Woo-Commerce eCommerce website.

In order to build and run your WordPress eCommerce website successfully, you have to combine various eCommerce services through plugins.

To use WordPress and WooCommerce for eCommerce you need to have good knowledge of Website Design and various other third-party plugins or apps integrations in your store.

You need some technical knowledge to use WordPress. Such as domain and hosting setup, theme research and installation, product image editing, copywriting to write engaging headings, and basic SEO skills, etc.

The combination of tools and technologies to build an eCommerce website in WordPress are following:

(Note: if you’re buying paid WordPress theme then try to configure and install the demo content, recommended plugins)

  • Install and configure Woo Commerce Plugin
  • Install payment gateway plugin
  • Install marketing and chatting plugins
  • Install and configure SEO plugin.

So, there are lots of manual works includes in setting up an online store in WordPress Woo Commerce.

But it’s something that you can learn on your own to build and run an eCommerce store. There are various WordPress eCommerce website tutorials that you watch and build your store.

2. Squarespace

Squarespace is more modern and has pre-built advanced eCommerce functionalities and features for the website. If you’re inspired to start an eCommerce business, if you want to convert an idea into an eCommerce business, if you want to take your existing store online or if you want to build a new, simple eCommerce website from zero, then Squarespace website builder is best features and options to build, run and make an online store successful.

In Squarespace, you can create and design your eCommerce store based on your niche store idea.

Let’s Compare: Squarespace versus WordPress, which one is best to build an eCommerce website:


  • You have to combine various technologies to build an eCommerce website or online store in WordPress. The problem is that if you don’t have good WordPress and eCommerce website knowledge or interest in the technicalities or any website design knowledge, then it can be boring, time-consuming for you and more costly for you. It’s because you will end up investing lots and time and money on the things that work or will not work. And managing and configuring all the eCommerce plugins, functionality and services is not easy for beginners.
  • WordPress WooCommerce eCommerce website building is open source and free to use. But you know that building and running a successful WordPress Woo Commerce store is not possible just with a free plugin, free theme. You have to pay for a domain, hosting, premium themes, and also to integrate various marketing, tracking and payment technologies. But if you have the basic HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP programming knowledge then you can add extra and required functionality on your own.


  • In Squarespace website builder you have all one solution to create an eCommerce website. Everything from the domain, hosting, theme, plugins, blog page, marketing apps, tracking, payment gateway features. You don’t have to manage lots of third-party plugins and features to build and run your eCommerce Store. You will get an everything subscription plan. You are free to run and build your successful eCommerce brand. And you don’t have to deal with much more technical stuff.

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WordPress Woo Commerce to build eCommerce Website: 

You can use WordPress Woo Commerce to build an eCommerce website if you have good knowledge about Ecommerce websites, features, services. And you know how to configure, integrate, and build everything on your own then you can use WordPress. You can use WordPress if it’s not a problem for you to manage various technologies and tools.

And if you have good or basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Php then you can use WordPress to build and run your eCommerce business.

Squarespace website builder to build eCommerce Website:

Use Squarespace if want a simple, easy-to-use website builder with modern eCommerce functionality all in one place. So that you can focus to grow sales, SEO, and building your brand and business instead of investing unlimited time on increasing speed, removing product page errors or adding or searching for plugins all the time.

What I think personally. I have created and edited various eCommerce websites in WordPress Woo Commerce. I have created a WordPress Woo-Commerce website from zero to running a store successfully for a local client 5+ years ago for $300.

And $500 for SEO and they got 4 to 5 sales per day after 3 to 4 months. We have implemented content marketing and SEO strategy. It was great and my 1st experience in building an eCommerce website.  The client was happy with daily unique or leads.

But when the client wants to expand, then it starts becoming costly. Before that, I just charged for the services and used everything that is free other than domain and hosting.

It was costly for the client when they have to pay for the plugin and also to pay for my services as a freelancer. Developing a new plugin or functionality is not that easy and not possible at a cheap price.

So, starting is still easy in WordPress with an eCommerce store, but expansion and running a store nationally or internationally is not easy and possible through free services. You need a team of wardress, content writers, management experts and must have good investments to grow and expand the WordPress woo commerce eCommerce website.

But if you compare WordPress with Squarespace today, I have to suggest what to choose to build an eCommerce website then I will suggest Squarespace. But to build a simple business website, blog then I will recommend only WordPress.

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