Top 10 ways to learn Microsoft Excel Online


If you want to work like an expert in Microsoft Excel accurately and confidently then in this post, you will learn 10 professional ways to learn Microsoft Exel Skills online.

By following these 10 excel learning tips you will become comfortable in learning and doing basic to advanced Excel works.

There are various computers or web applications these days for data management, performing calculations, and data visualization.  Microsoft Excel is one of the best tools to perform mathematical calculations, data management, database, data visualization, and analysis.

Microsoft Excel skills are one of the essential basic computer skills. Microsoft Excel application is used in personal, professional, and financial work.

Learning Microsoft Excel is very important for students especially those who are doing B. Com, CA or any type of financial degree or those who want to build or start a career in data science, data analytics financial data analysis, data management, and visualizations.

Personally, I am using Microsoft Excel for the last 14 to 15 years. Microsoft Excel is a part of the Microsoft Office package. Microsoft Excel is one of the most popular and used productivity software. You can get it with a Microsoft 365 subscription.

I have used Microsoft Excel for personal, business, and also for clients. And I have taught Microsoft excel to thousands of students in basic computer courses in my career so far. I also have written lots of educational articles in Microsoft excel. And if you read the following posts, you will be able to understand the basics and various uses or works that you can do in Microsoft Excel or while working as an excel expert.

But this post is fully focused on how you can learn Microsoft Excel 365 or any other Excel version step by step effectively. So that it can help you in your personal, career, business development, and data management.

The guide and tips shared in this post are very helpful for you to learn Microsoft excel whether you want to learn excel 365 or 2016 or 2010 or any other version.

Top 10 excel learning tips for beginners: 

1. Start with the basics:

Whether you want to use excel for personal work or for business or in your job or want to learn data science, the 1st step is to learn the basics of Microsoft excel.

Excel cells are fully functional or programmed to calculate, analyze and visualize data.

In basics, you should learn to use cells (columns, table). Try to learn to do mathematical calculations such as dividing, addition, subtraction, percentage etc.

Learn to use calculate cells such as C2*D2. Try to learn the basic formulas. In basic also learn to use various options and menus such as insert, page layout, references, data, charts, and print.

Try to learn it through practical and real exercises. Following are the examples:

  • Create your monthly income and expenses calculation table. And also visualize it through charts.
  • Create a table to calculate and analyze the stock market or trading.
  • Create a time management table for yourself.
  • Create a daily to-do list or progress tracking table.
  • Create a table to calculate and analyze pricing, demand, and supply


And also try to find and learn excel through practical exercises tutorials and videos as much as possible.

2. Use the “Help” Menu -> “Show Training” option:

Excel Image - Excel training option in excel

If you’re using the latest version of Microsoft Excel then you will find the “Show Training” option or menu inside the HELP menu. Microsoft provides basic video tutorials inside the excel application to quickly start learning.

Here you can watch, read and learn about rows, columns, formulas, formatting, table and charts, pivot table, sharing, linked data types, templates, and almost everything that is needed by a basic excel course student or user. So, you can learn excel for free by accessing the tutorial and learning material inside the excel application.

3. Read the latest and updated posts on EXCEL Blog:

Blogs like this are so much useful and beneficial for readers. A blog is like a magazine, professional or personal diary. Those who like to learn through reading find blog reading and writing so much helpful and beneficial. And for those who want to learn with full focus, fast, and in detail then reading blog posts related to the subject help in that so much.

That’s why Microsoft also provides learning options for excel users, students, customers, and professionals through the excel blog and excel community. Where you can read and discuss the latest excel features, problems, solutions, and ideas. And those who want to become experts in Blog will find this very useful.

Microsoft EXCEL Blog

Microsoft Excel Community

4. Watch Free YouTube Tutorials to learn Excel:

There is a variety of videos and written content available about Microsoft excel on the web. So, if you want to learn basic and even advanced excel skills, you can try to watch YouTube tutorials as well.

But make sure that you practice what the instructor is teaching and also do that in your own style as well.

5. Use Google Trends:

If you want to remain competitive as an excel expert you have to remain updated about the latest changes, uses, features and trends related to Microsoft Excel. What you can learn related to Excel on Google trends is that you will find what’s trending worldwide or in a specific country related to Microsoft Excel. This is very important for those teaching Microsoft excel or learning excel to create digital content.

6. Do online Excel Courses:

There is no shortage of online courses to learn excel. There are a variety of online courses to learn excel. If you’re new to Excel or just a beginner but want to become an expert in excel then learning excel through online courses will be more effective than free tutorials.

You can see the excel course syllabus. Having a basic understanding of the excel syllabus will help to choose the right excel course for you. And the most important benefit of online excel courses is that you will learn what needs to be learned.

Else watching random video tutorials on YouTube can take you lots of time to learn excel. But online excel courses have goals and you can select the course that matches your excel related career and business goals.

We have selected the following online courses based on our excel expertise and skills that you can do to learn excel online or at home. By doing any one of the courses in this list you can master excel formulas, data management, mathematical calculation, tables, and various other small works. This is one of the popular excel courses on the web to learn the basics of Microsoft Excel (2010, 2013, 2016, Excel 2019, and Microsoft/Office 365).

1. Microsoft Excel – Excel from Beginner to Advanced

Excel with this A-Z Microsoft Excel Course. Microsoft Excel 2010, 2013, 2016, Excel 2019, and Microsoft/Office 365 

2. Microsoft Excel – Advanced Excel Formulas & Functions

Master 75+ MS Excel formulas and learn data analysis with a top Microsoft Excel & business intelligence instructor

3. Excel Essentials for the Real World (Complete Excel Course)

Microsoft Excel Beginner to Professional. Includes Pivot Tables, Power Query, NEW Formulas… (Excel 365, 2019 & 2016)

7. Use Freelance Websites:

I don’t mean you to become a freelancer. But what I mean to say is that on a freelance website, you will find the latest projects or works related to excel. This will help you learn what kind of work is possible in excel. Such as data cleaning, automation through formulas, data extraction, data entry, and various others.

The point I am making here is that when you see real excel jobs or works, you will become more interested or educated and aware to learn about that job.

8. Apply for the Excel-related works and projects:

The 7th step helps you to learn and become a master in specific excel work. But once you learned that or find something interesting related to excel on a freelance website then apply for that job or project. When you work on a real excel project you have to find new information to do that job. In that way, you will be able to learn more about excel and become an expert. And without any doubt, if you do it, you will be able to start working as a freelance excel expert.

9. Write about Excel

It’s not mandatory to write about excel to learn excel. But writing about excel will help you to filter your learned and furnish your skills and knowledge. Writing about excel will also help you to align and symmetrically manage your knowledge. This will help you to create sellable or marketable services or products in excel.

Even you can write notes and create excel exercises for other students on your own. And to go further you can start a blog on excel, financial data management, and analysis. What you have to do is to share your work experience and knowledge. Those needs this will find it useful. Else it helped you manage excel knowledge in brain memory. And you will be able to learn more as well.

10. Try to explain and discuss excel:

How you explain your excel skills, knowledge and information shows your expertise. There are various people experts in excel, who are not able to explain it in an interview, in job proposals, or in team meetings. The goal here is to not impress others with your excellent knowledge. Actually, the goal is the test your knowledge so that you can get feedback. And you can use that feedback for the next goal or learn more.

It’s because it’s not possible, that you will know everything about excel. But you can become someone that knows most of the things or maximum things about excel. Not just in theory but also in practice.

In excel communities and blogs, you can also not only tell what you know but also observe or learn what others are telling. It means learning through group discussion.

If you invest 2 to 3 hours daily in learning and practicing Microsoft excel skills then you will be able to become good in 1 month. And very good in 2 months and experts within 3 to 6 months. But the more you practice and work on excel the more you become an expert.

So friend, by following the above tips you can learn Microsoft excel online and at home effectively and step by step.

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