Top 10 accounting software to streamline financial management


In this post, you will discover top accounting software to automate bookkeeping, streamline invoicing, manage expenses, and achieve seamless financial accuracy. This will help you to empower your business with advanced accounting tools for unparalleled efficiency and success.

Accounting and bookkeeping are the most important work in business. It needs to be correct and error-free. And this not be a complicated and time-consuming task as per modern accounting software and tools.

Above all, finding good accounting software for this is no less difficult. There is a lot of information related to accounting software on the internet.

You will find videos, blog posts, advertising etc. related to different types of accounting software that you need. But with so much information out there, it can be difficult to buy the right accounting software.

But the question arise which is the best software? Which one should I buy?

So, friends, that is why I am writing this blog post for all those small business owners who want to get good accounting software but do not know which one to buy.

Whether you are a garment trader, running an eCommerce business, retailer, door-to-door seller, running a salon, or you have an online store. Out of all the tips shared in this post, you will get at least one signal so that you will be able to buy good accounting software.

But for this, you must read this complete post. Otherwise, you will keep searching, keep watching videos, and related blog posts but will not be able to take a decision to choose good accounting software. And this will waste your precious time.

Therefore, in this post, carefully understand the techniques I am sharing with you to find and buy good accounting software. This post will help you to find the best accounting software, save time, save money, and simplify your business accounting.

And keep in mind that these tips are not taken from any AI tool or robots. Rather a person is telling who has 10 years of business experience and 18 years of software experience. And I am sure that after reading this post you will be able to get good accounting software for yourself.

So, let us start discovering the best accounting software for your business.

What is the definition of best accounting software?

Accounting is the biggest and most important part of the business before and after-sales. I know every business owner wants the best accounting software.

But what is the best accounting software? What you need in what you are looking for is the best. Which software would you call the best accounting software?

Unless you know this, you will not be able to find good accounting software. So first clarify what would be the best accounting software.

The best way to choose any business software the best formula is to define your accounting and booking-keeping goals, needs, and desires.

Examples of Best Accounting Software

The definition of best accounting software. Some of the examples that will help you to choose the right accounting software for your business:

  • The first and most important is to get your business books for tax filing, balance sheet preparation, and maintaining payable, and receivable analysis and ongoing transactions.
  • Accessibility through mobile, tablet, and desktop anytime anywhere with multiple accounts to manage and track daily invoicing.
  • The best accounting software for you that help you to create reports on paid bills, spending, balance, and the payments that need to be paid next week.
  • Reconciliations of bank, debit, or credit card details.
  • Features to set up bookkeeping for new business or product lines within single software or account.
  • Visualization of inputs and spending through charts for tracking.
  • Which is easy to clean up or re-check or edit the last and this fiscal year data.
  • Have the option to set up the software according to a specific country, business needs, regulations, and taxation system.
  • Easy to add transaction information from CSVs, Excel, or Google Sheets.
  • Easy and less complicated to add multiple businesses, properties, assets transactional details or sheets to the software.
  • Accessibility to track business income & expenses in order to prepare for tax season through multiple accounts when needed such as for CFO, Bookkeepers, and CEOs.
  • Option to compare and track monthly reconciliation details and progress.
  • Easy to manage and understand different taxation.
  • Categorization and filtration of income, profit, expenses, balance, loan installments, interest rates, and transactions within the software.
  • Option to make changes in bulk in 10 or 1000 entries in any type of transaction.
  • Easy in transaction tracking of subcontractors, vendors, distributors, dealers, and retailers.
  • Option for quality check and book audits.
  • Migration of company accounts or data from one accounting software to another effortlessly.

So, friends, these are essential accounting and booking work that we all need as per the business, country, and specific taxation system. I hope this will help your 1st to identify your business needs and what you want in accounting software. What function and features are important for you?

Your needs can be different. But these days everyone needs multiple accounts, accessibility on the device, and easy-to-manage or access data. For this, there are cloud-based accounting software or web-based accounting software, desktop software, and mobile apps.

This is very important that you pay for the features or options that your business and bookkeeping work needs. For example, if you want to maintain the books on your own then you do not care about multiple accounts access.

Similarly, if your booking work is handled by a permanent accountant or freelancer then you need multiple access. So that you can track the progress and transactions on your own.

While most popular accounting software contains or covers almost all of the above and many other accounting features.

So, once you define your business needs and goals, now it’s time to look for the software. Now it’s time to look for the best and most popular accounting software.

List of 10 best accounting Software that will simplify your bookkeeping and accounts: 

Below is an example list of the best accounting software. These are the best and most popular accounting software for retailers, online store owners, eCommerce owners, amazon sellers, manufacturing, and any type of business to use. You can choose anyone one of these as per the country.

All of these are popular worldwide and have all the modern accounting and bookkeeping features that I shared in the above examples. Some of them have more country-specific accounting and taxation features.

1. Wave

Wave is an all-in-one money management solution built for modern small business owners, freelancers, consultants, eCommerce, home-based business owners, and contractors.

According to the data website traffic data Feb 2023, it’s more popular in the United States – 52.7%, Canada – 12.21%, South Africa – 8.98%, the UK – 4.28%, and Australia – 2.5%. See more details here. This also means it’s suitable for small business owners from these countries.

According to the google keyword planner keyword research data: “wave accounting login” – Searched by 1K to 10K users monthly on the Google search engine from March 2022 to March 2023.  Similarly: waveapps login – 1K – 10K, wave invoice login: 1K-10K and many others related to login keywords.

This data also indicated that 10K+ small business owners or users signed in and used this software for money management. While it is Google search data, there are various other ways to access the software such as direct visits or bookmarking. So, we can predict that more than 10000+ people surely using this money management software.

2. Tally Solution

I heard about Tally for the first time around 2003 when I was doing my first computer course. When we asked, we were told that it is necessary to have knowledge of accounts to learn and use tally. I have seen it from versions 4.5, 5.4, and 7.2 to today.

While writing this post, I also talked to a friend of mine who is working as a freelancer account professional for the last 25 years and managing 40+ clients yearly here in India.

So, I asked which software is best for accounts and bookkeeping and which one you use currently. The first he named is tally and talked about Vyapar as well.

And I know that he was using tally since version 4.5 as at that time migration, data transfer, backup, restoration of accounts, and installation of tally on the desktop was a little complicated for non-technical backgrounds. And many times, we worked together to solve technical problems related to tally and accounts software.

Today, Tally is India’s leading Accounts Management Software. He said that Tally software has everything you need to manage accounts from small to big companies.

And we can also see this in the features of Tally.

As per February 2023, tally solutions website traffic data 86.9% of visitors were from India. Here you can see more details. Everyone is a favorite and the leading account, bookkeeping and tax filing, and auditing software in India are Tally.

The below account’s software’s are also popular and you must take a look at these as well for comparison and specific business needs.  

3. QuickBooks

4. Zoho Books

5. Xero

6. FreshBooks

7. Happy Invoice

8. FreshBooks

9. ClearTax

10. Vyapar

You can also use Microsoft Excel (Read here: Top 8 Most Powerful Uses of Microsoft Excel in daily life and Google Sheets for Bookkeeping, basic invoicing, and billing or data entry.

Ways you can try to find the best accounting software for your business

To make the business profitable and successful, every single penny has to be added and it has to be used properly. Accounting, auditing, and bookkeeping consume a lot of time and money. Accounting software prices can also be considered or compared according to the features, company, and business usage.

That is why it is necessary to measure. So that your hard-earned money does not go to waste. That is why it is important to spend at least 1 hour in research and choosing the right accounting software after you are free from your daily work. The following ways can also be used for the same purpose.

  • Call 2 to 3 accounting software provider companies

Call Accounting software provider customer support and tell them about your business needs and requirements. And tell them to share the solutions, case studies, and ratings through WhatsApp messages or email to you. Call at least 2 to 3 account software companies. And then compare their pricing, behaviors, design, and communication style.

Their software will be as good as their conversation and customer support.

  • Try new Accounting Software and company

Mostly we give importance to buying software from a bigger and more popular company. But because of this, we end up spending a lot of money. Because by buying and renewing the same software repeatedly, companies establish a monopoly in the market. And because of that, we have to buy accounting or any other software at higher.

But if we give a chance to new software companies, then competition will remain in the market and we will get software at low or right prices.

The second small and new software company will give you more modern features like cloud and web-based accounting features. And if you want to make some changes to them, then you can do that. But larger companies are less flexible with prices and changes.

  • Test the software quality through the trial version

You must take a subscription to the software for at least one year. But before that, you can apply for a demo and trial version. If you like the features and options then take 1-year license activation or subscription after the trial.

  • Check the accounting software your friend is using

If you are looking for accounting software for a newly started business or if your business is like your friend’s. So, see the accounting software installed or which they are using on their computer or mobile.

Talk to them about this accounting software. Its price, features, activation, deactivation charges, customer support, etc. See if you buy it, whether it is beneficial for you or not.

  • Check case accounting studies related to your business

For whatever type of business, you want to take accounting software, see the related case study. Mostly you will find it on the website of accounting software companies.

Other things you need to be careful about while looking for or buying accounting software:

  • Buy accounting software from an exact accounting software company or those are the actual sellers.
  • If in case buying from a sub-vendor compare the pricing and check the license and its time period.
  • Do not save credit card information or delete the credit card info from the website. No matter whether it is a reputable or genuine company or not. Data can be compromised and customers are forced to renew the order without their permission many times such as auto-renewals. If you believe in the company or know what you’re doing then it’s ok.
  • Do not click on fraudulent accounting software messages or emails. Read the message or see the design of the email, which will surely look like spam or malware. You get these because when searching on the web for accounting software, more than half of the world knows about that query, location, and source. And you will start seeing the results as per the search queries. So it’s better to be aware as a software consumer.


In modern times or these days, the right accounting software company focused on the simplification of accounting, the latest technologies, multiple channel accessibility, transparency in pricing, provide training, and tutorials, focus on saving the time and money of small business owners if you find similar value in the accounting software platform or company then go with that.

And having accounts and commerce knowledge is a bonus, but choose the software that is best for you. In terms of price, use, and access points.

If you need more details or specific requirements please let me know. I will add that in this post or inform you about that through email.

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