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When building a website for a business what type of design you will choose is depends on what type of business website you want to build. There are various types of business websites. eCommerce, portal, lead generation, portfolio, blog, and many others but in this post, you will find out the top seven different types of business websites that you can think and plan to create.

This post will clear, what type of business website is good to create as per your existed, new business or business idea.

1. eCommerce Website: 

If you want to sell products online and want to deliver products to customers at home and want to get paid online directly into your merchant (business) account. Then you need to build an eCommerce website for your business. It contains a home page, single product page, checkout page, and some others such as blog, FAQ, about us, payment policy, terms, and conditions etc.

You can use WordPress/Wix/Shopify/HTML-CSS-PHP / C# .Net Core / Python – Django and many other to create eCommerce business website.

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2. Information and branding Website:

This is a simple business website. In which you just inform the public or partnership companies about your business and services. For example, a telecom company creates an informational and branding website to showcase services, team, infrastructure, ethos, and contact details. Their main purpose is to get listed in larger construction vendor companies. And they want to get construction projects. So the main company will investigate or need more information about their sub-vendors.

That’s why telecom construction companies create an informational website for business. If you need only just an informational website, so that people know about you and your business in localities then you need to build this type of business.

You can use WordPress/ Wix / Squarespace to create an informational and branding website. For example, this website Lalit Homestay is a business website. The goal is to share the full details of available rooms and services for tourists.

3. Blogging Website:

This is an information, educational and personal overview website. In which business/company/individual share their personal point of views about products, services, technology, skills, tools, and many other things. The goal of a blogging website is to engage customers/readers with the cause/product/service. There are also various types of goals behind having a blogging website. So, if you want to educate and inform people in more detail, then you need to build a blogging website.

This website is an example of a blogging website. WordPress is the best platform or tool to create a blogging website. Learn more: Uses of WordPress in Websites and How does it work

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4. Lead Generation Campaign:

If you want to generate leads/customers from a search engine or social media advertising then you need to build a lead generation campaign website. You can also say it, landing page website. Where only a single page exists or is displayed to the visitors. The main purpose behind this type of business website is to get customer inquiries, contact details, and demands. Most travel companies, hotels, booking services businesses build such types of websites.

You can use WordPress/ Wix / Squarespace to create a lead generation campaign website.

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5. Single product-specific website:

This type of business website is not about overall business, but just about a single product. In which only 1 product is promoted. For example, you can build a separate website for weight loss products. It’s very effective for SEO, it’s because weight loss is a keyword that is searched by millions of people on search engines. When having a website and content around a single keyword then it will get a higher rank or more traffic from search engines.

You can use WordPress/ Wix / Squarespace to create a single product website.

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6. Profile / Portfolio website:

Profile or portfolio website is created if you want to showcase your skills, services along with past experiences. The goal is to get hired by bigger companies or get projects online.

Most digital marketing, web development, consultancy companies, and individuals create such types of websites. Profile or portfolio websites are also helpful for job seekers or students to get jobs or get hired by companies.

You can use WordPress/ Wix / Squarespace to create a business or personal portfolio website.

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7. Dynamic Website/Functional or Tools:

This is a fully dynamic and functional and application website. It will be a unique website and coded differently. It’s a complete software or web application in which people can give input and get output.

Such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Linked In, keyword research tools, GoDaddy, and many others.

The development of this type of website is based on your unique business ideas. Technology such as Java or Python programming language, development platforms will be selected as per your business goals for the application website.

You can use HTML, PHP, JavaScript, Node.js, Angular.Js, Python, Django, C# .Net Core, and many other web development technologies to create a fully functional and dynamic website.

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Things to remember:

  • You have to remember that all of the above functionality can be possible in a single website. I mean you can use your blog website to sell products, and you can also publish blog posts on an eCommerce Website. It means it’s possible to create one solution for customers from a single website.
  • All types of business websites and web applications require a domain name and hosting to start building the website.
    • After that, each website needs SEO, Content, and SSL (as per the website).

Ways you can build your business website:

  • You can build a business website on your own through website builders such as Wix and WordPress.
  • You can also hire a local website designer to build a website for your business.
  • You can also hire a remotely working web designer/developer on freelance platforms.
  • You can hire or send your requirements or business website demands to digital marketing or web development companies.
  • You can also hire a consultant, who will arrange everything for you to build your business website as per your demands and marketing strategy. They will work on technical things with the web development agency.
  • You can learn business website building skills then you can build a website for your business.

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