Before using Internet Technologies


Precautions before using internet Technologies? Today internet is very important and useful for us. All the people over the world use internet for different purposes. You have information at your fingertips. Someone out there knows the replies to the whole thing you can think of. It is useful to get knowledge, learning some type of art or earn money.
Future of Computer & Internet Technologies
Computer and Internet has become an essential part of our life and we can explore our ideas and talent through internet. It gives us knowledge about new things. Mostly there is nothing that we can’t get on internet. For fulfillment of our goals we are learning new skills and doing computer & internet courses. We also providing advance computer course in shimla. But we are here in the discussion of internet advantages and disadvantages of internet


1. We can get every type of knowledge on internet.
2. With the help of maps in internet we can get directions.
3. We can download images, videos, songs etc. with the help of internet.
4. Internet is helpful in translating any languages in other language.
5. We can watch live programs on internet.
6. We can explore our talent through using YouTube.
7. We can use the power of search engines.
8. Internet provides the ability of emails. Free email service to anyone in the country.
9. We can earn money doing online jobs.
10.Social media profile helping today’s time to get a job


1. Only 15+ should use the internet otherwise they will decrease their creativity.
2. There is a lot of wrong information on the internet. Anyone can post anything and much of it is garbage.
3. Internet has a lot of cheater sites.
4. Hackers can create virus that can get into your personal computer and delete valuable data.
5. Hackers can use the internet for identity theft.
8. Easy to waste a lot of time on the internet.
9. Some people getting addicted to the internet and thus causing problems with their interaction of friends.
We are using many internet technologies but we are irresponsible. Internet freedom doesn’t mean you doing funny things with self respect of humans.
This is posted by students of klient solutech computer education shimla Shivani, Rohit, Vijay .

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