Online Video Editing Courses: Learn the Basics of Video Editing


Video editing is a valuable and trending skill. It offers job and business opportunities. Learning video editing is a smart career choice. The sooner you start your journey the better it will be.

In various fields such as filmmaking, videography, advertising, marketing, social media, YouTube content creation, news, broadcasting, and online course development, the primary need lies in possessing proficient video editing skills and editors.

According to Google keyword planner keywords data. Video editing services, freelance video editors, video editing service providing agencies etc. are overall searched by more than 10K to 100K people monthly. There are various other mediums and platforms where people are looking for Video editors.

keyword planner data

And while writing this post, there are 9413 projects/jobs on Upwork related to a video.

video editing upwork project data

While you can do your own research on the demand for video editing services and the importance of learning video editing skills. But the above data is enough to understand the demand for video editing skills and experts.

Why learning video editing skills is important?

Video editing skills are crucial because video content is consumed by people of all ages. Edited videos save time and effectively convey stories. They engage viewers for longer durations, resulting in increased profits for creators.

Along with that, it’s important for video content creators, marketers, and advertising agencies to stay creative, unique, and competitive. For that, they need highly skilled and creative editors to make high-quality and engaging videos.

With video editing skills and knowledge, you will become aware and skilled to trim the footage where it’s needed, arrangement of clips according to the scope and story, the addition of visual effects and transitions, sound (music, objects, narration), color correction, brightness, contrast settings, framing, and many other things to make a standard or viral videos.

If a good video without editing can give you 10000 views then after editing or editing video can give you 1M views.

Videos are produced in many forms such as animated videos, educational videos, software tutorials, whiteboards, presentations, live streaming etc.

You can become an expert in any one of the video types such as YouTube video editor, reel editor, and wedding video editing etc.

How to learn Video Editing Skills?

When you embark on the journey of learning video editing, it is always recommended to start with the basics. Mastering the foundational elements of video editing sets a strong groundwork for acquiring advanced skills and techniques. By understanding the basics, you gain a solid understanding of the fundamental concepts, tools, and workflows involved in video editing.

1st Month

Set 1 month time for learning the basics and various types of video editing software or you can choose any specific video editing software or tool to practice. Use the demo version for all video editing software for practice and learning. Watch free or paid video tutorials, or take online video editing classes etc.

And this month research everything about storytelling, visual effects, transitions, typography, clipping, trimming and all the possible skills effects.

2nd Month

After one month evaluate yourself and your skills. Create and edit reels, make and edit tutorials or make and edit various types of videos such as product launches, unboxing, tutorials, small documentaries, etc. as per your creativity.

Your goal this month should be to create and edit as many videos as you can. Use all the possible tools and ideas that you have for editing videos. At least editing 20 to 30 videos. It might be free videos or your own recorded videos or other videos.

3rd Month:

Try to find the video editing work online or offline. I suggest finding a local video editor or someone who is already working as a video editor. Tell them honestly what do you want? And what you can do for them.

For example, you can offer them to work as a junior video editor without any salary for at least 3 to 6 months or as long as you do not start competing with their in-house team.

Once you’re confident and understand all the ins and outs, then pitch yourself again. And this time tell them how much they will pay you for the next 6 months.

Remember: You should not leave this person or agency after learning. They have invested in you for so much time and trained you. Whether you liked that or not. Or you learned on your own. But at least you got various types of information and ideas. So work with them at least for the next 12 months.

This is one way to start learning video editing. It’s because editing 1 or 10 videos is not enough. In this formula, the goal is to acquire video editing skills and knowledge as much as possible. And most importantly experience. No matter if the salary or pay-outs is low. You don’t have to try to focus on money too soon in the IT field at least within 6 months.

Once you have the knowledge and confidence you might earn millions. This is one way to start learning video editing. The other method is to learn to freelance. See the requirement, acquired that expertise, and pitch yourself.

You can choose to learn any method. But you should learn the basics. The basics of video editing are as important for a video editor as the basics of a computer for a software engineer.

Once you learned various aspects of the video editing field as a profession or business you can choose to specialize.

Some other important things to remember:

  • Specialize in video editing not in video editing software. Video editing tools will keep replaced by new tools. But the basics of video editing never change. So never pitch yourself as a video editing software expert, instead pitch as a video editor such as a YouTube video editor or marketing video editor.
  • Do not become obsessed with one video editing software or tool. Always change or try new methods of video editing. Your goal as a professional can be to produce high-quality video in quick time. And for that, you need a variety of tools.
  • Once you become expert or confident or start earning stable income from video editing then you can start expanding your business or monetize your video editing skills in various other ways such as blogging, training, online course, and creative director.

What you can do after learning Video Editing Skills?

video editing skills

Job: After learning video editing skills you can work as a junior video editor in an agency.

Home-based business: You can promote your video editing services in the local market or network such as wedding video editing services.

Freelance: This is one of the best and it’s also or more usually run from home. You can provide any one or specific video editing services online and get paid hourly or project-based.

Social Media Marketing services: You can start social media marketing agency in which you specialize creating and editing video content for influencers or celebrities.

Collaboration: You can start a Youtube channel in a partnership or you can collaborate with another YouTuber and provide them with video editing services. For example, one in front of the camera and one behind the scene.

Create your own content: You can start an online content creation business. You can produce or upload stories, reels, and various other types of videos as per your interest or creativity. And you can build a community that you can monetize later with the sponsorships.

Promote business: If you’re already running a business or have any business contact you can use video editing skills to promote that business online. You can create 1-minute videos or social media ads, and YouTube videos to promote that business and products.

There are unexplored scopes and opportunities for everyone in video editing. It is just a matter of creativity, passion, and the need to earn money or become a professional.

Is learning Video editing easy?

Nothing is easy in life and especially as a professional. Not just learning but also earning. You will face competition and failure in every field when you start.  But day by day with experience, and learning you will start to become mature. You will be able to find stability. Do not expect quick success in any field.

And you should never expect easiness if you want to become rich or a successful professional. You have to compete and need to work hard to achieve what you want. Whether you learn video editing or learn web development. Nothing is easy and free. If you think you can do it then you can do it, no matter after that how many people say that you can’t.

Following some of the best video editing courses on Udemy to learn the basics:

DaVinci Resolve 2023: Video Editing in DaVinci Resolve

Adobe Premiere Pro CC Masterclass: Video Editing in Premiere


Video Editing Masterclass: Edit Your Videos Like a Pro!


iMovie 2023 – Complete Video Editing Course: Beginner to Pro

Following are the some of popular and free video editing tutorials on Youtube

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