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Graphic Design skill is a combination of creativity and excellence in the use of graphic design tools. In this post, I will share with you the most important and basic graphic design skills that are mostly used in branding, digital marketing, and content creation. And I will also suggest you online graphic design courses that help to explore your creativity and to get expert-level graphics design skills and excellency in using the tools.

So, let’s start:

Basic Graphics design Skill, Uses:

  • Logo or Icon Designs
  • Design, Dimension, and selection of Size for various layouts
  • Photo Editing
  • Color selection and correction
  • Basic HTML/CSS
  • Font selection and typography:
  • Understanding of User Experience and User Interface designs
  • Creative selection of images and shapes
  • Simplicity and easy to understand
  • Organization of design assets
  • Marketing and Selling skills
  • Learning skills

Graphic Designs and skills are used in Business, Digital Marketing, and Branding but the following are the detailed explanations of Graphic Designs:

  • Motion graphics for Animated Sideshow and data visualization:

Motion graphics are an important part of digital content creation. It is used in animated video tutorials, documentaries, news reports, and multimedia project that aim to educate, inform and excite the target audience with animations, videos. Mostly it is used in marketing and education. Such as animated text and images along with audio in the background is the example of motion graphics.

Recommended Online course to learn about motion graphics and data visualization:  
After Effects – Motion Graphics & Data Visualization

Here you can learn more about:
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Top 12 simple data visualization examples

  • Business Branding Content Creation:

Most of your graphic design skills will be used to create branding materials for the company, small business, product, services, apps, websites, and events. It includes many things such as website logo, business logo, product logo, event logo and branding (such as FIBA Basketball World Cup digital content and logo are created by using graphic design skills.)

It is also used in packaging, banner creation, product/services brochure, business card design, email signature, apps icons, and various other branding and marketing materials.

Following online courses can be helpful for you: 


  • Google Display Ad Design

Graphics design skill is used to create memorable and attractive google display advertisements that are displayed on various websites, apps, and devices. You have to use fonts, color combinations, and size/dimensions effectively so that the advertisement content works well on all platforms and get higher CTR (Click Through Rate) and digital marketing channels.

Following an online course that can be helpful to understand the methods of advertisement designs:
Design The Best Advertising Material From Scratch

  • Carousel Design:

Carousel design is the most important part of a web/graphics design that is used in the website home page, services page, eCommerce product pages and also in Facebook advertisements. It is a combination of Title, image, description, and CSS/jQuery animations. The use of your skill is the create and display the content with so much effectiveness that it attracts website visitors to scroll and get the info as quick as possible.

It is mostly used on the website to show product prices, services, product variants.

Learn the basics of visual designs:
Visual Design for Web Designers, UI Designers & Developers

  • Business card Design:

Business card, identity card, employee card, visiting card are the oldest branding and marketing method. Still, it’s effective and working. Your goal is to display minimum and primary information such as name, occupation, services, contact number, in simplest way possible.

You can use color gradients, patterns, white colors in the background, attractive fonts (typography), small icons, and person photo or business logo.
Business Card and Letterhead Design in Adobe Illustrator

  • Presentation Design:

Presentation and slideshow are part of today’s digital marketing and branding method. It is not only used in business, education but also used in the variety of industries and profession.

The goal of the presentation is to display information, data, facts to the audience. You have to create/design the presentation by using shapes, images, bigger fonts, charts and very less information on a single slide to capture the attention of attendances.
Powerpoint 2016 2019 – Master powerpoint presentation

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  • eBooks Design/ books over Page Designs:

Graphic design skills are used to create the cover page (front page) design, index design, paper size, text style, use of images, charts, diagrams, and bullets & numbering is important in printable books, magazines, and eBooks.

  • Photo Editing:

Photo editing is important graphic design skills. When you create business cards, banners, brochures, cover pages, online store product images, video thumbnails movie poster you have to cut/correct, manipulate photos to adjust in the design. Such as retouch, background removal, color correction is important part of photo editing.

Following online courses can be helpful for you: 

  • Website/Apps Design:

To create a static website, WordPress themes, web application, apps design you have to use your graphic design skills. You don’t have to code, but you have to create and display the sample that coder follows to code and make that possible.

Graphics designing is all about turning imagination into reality.

Commonly you have to listen to what clients or demand is for the design.

After that, you can create concepts as a scratch or prototype or mock-up.

After that, you turn the scratch into the design in procreate or adobe photoshop or illustrator or affinity designer, etc. applications.

Mostly you have to create website/app layouts, icons, you have to display and adjust images, banner position, carousel position, testimonial position, product display, call to action, contact part and various part of the website as per the requirement.

So not only you learn and practice graphics design tools, but also website design tool or languages such as HTML, CSS, and jQuery. Learning jQuery, HTML, CSS is just a bonus for you as a graphics designer. That will be very helpful in getting good projects, jobs, and promotion. And even it will also help in your own projects.

The final design/elements designs will be based on the target audience, user experiences, and interface quality. Personal website design will be different than the online store website.

And as a designer, each time you have to different and higher in the quality. And that what’s makes you a unique and top-quality designer.

In any website, the first thing is the designed and displayed content, after that user starts reading it.

I think, the following are the best online courses to web graphic design: 

  • Images and Infographics Design for Blog Posts

There are thousands of blog and website need attractive images, graphics to reduce the bounce rate in the website. It also helps the reader the understand and imagine the explanation. You can design blog post featured image, graphics under subheadings, diagrams, charts, and infographics just after the basic graphic design skills. And it’s more important for you to learn basic of graphic design as a blogger and writer so that your content will look beautiful to read.

Following an online course can help you to design images/infographics: 
Design Awesome Infographics to Grab Customer Attention (A-Z)

  • Products Design

Product Creation/designing for manufacturing is the top and most advanced graphic design skills. For this, it’s very important to be creative, unique and understanding about the habits of targeted consumer and demography and locations.

Many brand and companies failed due to wrong product design. The product design can be to display on the online store website, it can be toys design, electronics. The products that we’re using right now, is designed by someone.

Graphics design uses is beyond my explaining and creativity, even I am not able to cover the explanation in them in 50000 words.

But I can say in one line is that everything that we’re seeing and using in our daily life (product/services/tools/machines) is all are due to designs and creativity.

It can be YouTube video thumbnail, Facebook cover page, and it can be a laptop and drone and robotic items. And various web/apps graphics design for branding, advertising marketing, and educational content creation.

Following is the online course to learn the basics: 
Introduction to Design Sketching

Benefits of Learning Graphic Design Skills

  • To provide content creation services for online and offline businesses.
  • To improve the user interface and user experience in your own web application and website:
  • To start a graphics design business in your city.
  • To become a freelancer graphics designer and provide services from home.
  • To get a job in graphics design, media companies, digital marketing companies.
  • To start the YouTube channel and share the creativity with the world.
  • To reduce the cost of graphic design in Business as a small business owner:
  • To create, draw and design beautiful things and explore your creativity and career scope in graphics design.
  • You can sell graphics online such as home page design, icons, banner images, brochure, business card, and various design items.

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So in the end, I will conclude my points with these lines of great Steve Jobs(Apple Inc. Founder)

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works. – Steve Jobs

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