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Enter the World of Blogging, Where Words Connect and Knowledge Flows. With countless personal, professional, and specialized blogs spanning topics from travel and cooking to technology and finance, blogging serves as a gateway to sharing information and insights with a global audience.

As users seek answers through search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, blogs stand ready to provide the valuable knowledge they crave. Explore this vast realm of digital expression and join the ranks of millions who are making their voices heard on the web.

Today, blogging is a full-time profession and business for hundreds of people and companies. Thousands of posts are published daily related to various blog categories such as technology, mobile phones, travel, and news. Many are doing it as a business and earning revenue through display advertising, affiliate marketing and sponsored posts.

Blogs are helping people to become knowledgeable and skilled. And these types of blogs are getting 10000+ to 200000+ users per day. If a blog with 5000 users can earn $50 per day then think how much 100000+ users the blog is earning.

People are also attracted to blogging due to online income, online business, and passive income-related terms. There are lots of individual bloggers earning $1 to $1000+ dollars per day through Google AdSense, affiliate marketing. It’s pure white business.

Blogging provides space for the individual to share his/her personal, professional, and technical knowledge, feelings, information, experiences, data, and creativity. For celebrities, journalists, and media companies blog is the way for them to keep the audience engaged/inform and attracted to stories.

  • Blogging is also a way to market and promote business online.
  • Blogging is also a way for writers/leaders/motivators to connect with more people from various countries.
  • Blogging is also a way for teachers to educate more people online related to their subjects and expertise.

Today, anyone can start a blog. It’s very easy to set up a blog by using WordPress.

  • If you’re a traveler then you can share travel stories/photos/tour plans and backpacks.
  • If you’re a math teacher then you can write/share about math-related topics.
  • If you like mobile phones then you can review mobile phones.
  • If you like to motivate/inspire people then you can write/share your ideas and views.
  • If you like to help other bloggers then you can write about your blogging success and failures.
  • If you like technology/computer/internet/marketing/business development then you can blog about it.

There are thousands of bloggers, and companies already doing the above things. But still, there are big demands for new bloggers, writers, content creators, and publishers. The content gets old as soon as it is published. So, if something is already written and getting ranked top 1 results then it doesn’t mean you can’t do that or you can’t compete with them by writing/publishing another article.

Blogging is not like a Job. In which you work and get paid.

Blogging is a professional and personal method to get the people on your blog website to read/learn/watch what have you written. It’s a complete business. The more people you will get to read your blog posts the more you will earn. But sometimes you can also earn less even after getting more people.

There are thousands of experts and guides on the web related to blogging. You can learn from any of these. Personally, I am doing blogging for 6+ years on this website. In the beginning, I learned from free blogging sources and guides. I never joined any SEO/Blogging Courses. But that was a mistake.

It was a mistake because I was blogging part-time after freelancing work and offline students’ classes. I was teaching the same things related to computers/the internet that I was teaching in offline courses. But I was doing it randomly. And I was learning randomly and never focused on a single topic. That way it has taken more time for me to get into a stable position to grow.

Blogging Lesson Number 1: Select the topic for your blog. Think Big. Ask the question on how to get 500000+ visitors/readers per day. And then plan as per the answers you will get on your own. In which you can write 5000+ posts. I am passionate about learning/writing and teaching. I chose Information Technology topics that will be helpful for students, teachers, small business owners, freelancers, bloggers as well as leaders and entrepreneurs. It is a broad topic/category and it has taken time. But I can still able to write the next 5000+ posts.

So, you need to select your topic. And start with what you already know and have the basic knowledge. And you can share that on your blog.

I did lots of mistakes while I was doing blogging. I am still doing many mistakes. But it’s part of the journey. Blogging provides me a platform and method to share my personal, and professional experiences with other people. They will like it or not. That’s it.

Blogging Lessons number 2nd: Accept Failures and Challenges.

People will not care about you and you don’t need to expect that people will share your posts. You will get the right audience at the right time.

But even if they don’t like my first post then I will write 2nd. If they don’t like me still, I will write. It’s because I am not doing it for their likes and shares. I am doing it because I like it and it’s important to write. And I know that the things I am writing and tips I am sharing will be helpful for at least one person if not for all. And if they are helpful then Google will rank my blog posts automatically on the top.

Blogging Lesson number 3rd: Like it and Like your own writing and style. Be the first subscriber of your own blog.

That’s why to do blogging consistently for 5 to 10 years or to make it an income source it’s important that you like to write.

For example, the topic “Online Blogging Courses” is written by hundreds of people already. There are already lots of people who have already shared their blogging experiences. And many are fully focused on blogging and bloggers.

But still, I am writing it. While I am writing this, I not thinking about SEO. I am not thinking to get to the top. Nor I am thinking to earn money from you. Might be I am doing wrong in the views of other blogging experts.

But the thing I am doing is that I am focused to share my blogging failures, success, and growth tips.

So, blogging lesson number 4th: Focus on the topic that you’re writing. Make it the best blog post ever published on the web. SEO and Monetization are secondary.

Always focused on the topic while writing and don’t worry about SEO/Income. If you deserve then you will get it. So that you will grow your blog and you will get 500000+ visitors per month and also the income in thousands of dollars.

What importance of blogging or Why Blogging and Bloggers are important?

Data, facts, information, and knowledge is not a static thing. It’s dynamic. The knowledge you’re getting today is not final. The facts, information, and data you’re receiving today are not final. Tomorrow you will get more. And it will be through blogs.

There are billions of people. Each one has good ideas, knowledge, and experiences. As bloggers, our goals are to help other people to achieve things that they want to achieve.

Blogging gives people ideas, views, data, facts, knowledge, and skills that they will use in their own life, career, and business.

  • A mobile phone review blog helps people to find out the best mobile phone.
  • An internet technology blog helps people to find out and learn about the best internet connection for business.
  • A blog on leadership helps people to learn leadership skills.
  • Blog on technology helps people to get knowledge on the uses of technology in their daily life, carer, and business such as blogging, social media marketing, digital marketing, YouTube and programming, and many other results-oriented skills.
  • This a news blog update people.
  • Travel Blog helps tourists/travel enthusiasts to plan their trips with their families.

Due to such benefits, blogs are really important for society, students, and professionals.

A blog works as a guide/teacher/information & data source/trainer/educator/motivator/ for people that are available 24/7 and 365 days and most of the knowledge is free. That’s why blogging is important.

In simple words, blogging/blog are educational sources for people as per their interests and goals. A blog is the quickest method to get knowledge in detail on the web. If education is important then the blog is important to get and give that education to those who need it.

Blogging lessons 5th: Don’t think about the future of blogging and blogging, just capitalize on the present.

It’s in your hand what future you want for your blog. No one is stopping you from blogging. Make your blog like Google and Amazon websites so that people use it for learning. If you keep writing and helping people through your blog then the future of the blog will be bright.

Benefits of blogging:

  • You like to write. And you like to write and it makes you happy and satisfied. Sometimes you will hate it, sometimes you will not get ideas for a blog, and sometimes you will get frustrated from the earnings.

But again, you will come back and write. You again start liking to write. And it will be a continuous process. So, if blogging/writing makes you happy then it’s the biggest benefit. Happiness comes from helping others and blogging is the way to help people. And happiness will balance your blood, sugar, cholesterol, and many other mental and physical things.

  • You like to talk, you have a thousand things to share, you have a great struggling story and you have lots of experiences and knowledge. Now if don’t share it with others, then you will not be able to learn new things. It’s because the storage space in your brain is already full. You will feel guilty because you have the knowledge and skills that can help others and you’re not sharing that.

And for that, if you do a blog, you will learn new things, you will talk with other countries’ people, you will experience different challenges and you will be able to do big things in life.

RelatedWhat is Blog used for? Uses of the blog in our daily life

If you think you don’t have anything to share then what to do? Then learn content creation skills. Explore your creativity. And start writing and sharing that with other people on your blog.

  • Blogging can be your part-time, full-time income source, job, or profession. It can be another income source or an online income source.
  • Blogging is the way to educate people on economics, the environment, entrepreneurship, technology, finance, and humanity so do it. If 1 out of 100 people care about natural sources then indirectly it will benefit you.
  • If you’re a teacher and you do blogging then it will help you to educate 100000+ students each day.
  • Blogging will help you to change the world.

Blogging Lessons 6th: Belief in yourself and your blogging plans.

What is blog and blogging for you? Make your mind. It’s because you will get results as per your assumptions. If your assumptions are that your blog is a business for you then it will be a business. If you think it’s just time pass then it will become a time pass. If you think it will help you to change the world and also earn the income that you want then surely it will. Don’t take action based on other beliefs. If you believe it then you can do it.

Other will say blog/blogging is an income source, someone says the blog is an educational source, other says blogging is a waste of time. People can say anything as per their knowledge, mindset, and experiences. So before others change, your mind, fixed your mindset and change your thinking. You have to think on your own, about what is blog and blogging for you. After that, it depends on your blogging skills, creativity, knowledge, and actions and how you can maximize the opportunities to achieve your goals.

Blogging Lessons 7th: Don’t change or Make your mind based on other bloggers’ assumptions.

Some blogging questions and answers:

How to get ideas to blog?

Find out the problems of your target audience or reader. If you’re writing for an online course teacher then research the problems and solutions and then write the posts for online educators.

Use a keyword planner and keyword research tools and if something looks interesting and valuable to write then write.

If you’re doing affiliate marketing then get ideas for the blog through product features and solutions.

Here you can learn more: Top 7 ways to get unique blog post writing topics and keyword ideas

How get more shares on the posts?

  • Always do your best to write unique articles. But make sure that uniqueness is valuable.
  • Write from your heart, mind, and body. Forget everything when you’re writing.
  • Make each point clear and easy to digest for readers.
  • Take care of spelling and grammatical errors.
  • Write the topics that are most important for people.
  • Use the share plugin and exit popups for sharing.
  • Make your blog design beautiful.
  • Encourage your friends and relatives to share your blog posts.
  • Share your posts on your own 3 times each day for the next 30 days in segments.
  • Don’t write to get shares and likes. Write because it’s important to write.

How to get more traffic from the search engine to your blog?

  • Make sure your blog posts load within less than 3 seconds.
  • Make your website responsive and user-friendly.
  • Check out your roboto.txt and .htaccess files so that they are not blocking Google search crawlers.
  • Index or submit the sitemap.xml of your website on Google and Bing.
  • Always updates your old blog posts when they need updates.
  • Write more and publish at least 1 article each day.
  • Write headings effectively and those are searched by people on Google.
  • Edit and proofread your blog articles before you punish them.
  • Write creatively and use those words that are understandable for everyone.
  • Improve your English writing and communication skills.
  • Be confident in the ideas that you’re writing in the blog posts.
  • Write on those keywords searched by 100 to 1K or 1K to 10K people monthly and but if you’re doing affiliate marketing then you can use less than 100K keywords.
  • Write on the most competitive keywords if you’re monetizing your blog posts through Google AdSense.
  • Don’t follow too many SEO gurus and instead implement everyone’s ideas one by one.
  • Don’t learn more about SEO instead learn more about the topics/category that you’re writing. For example, if you running a travel blog then focus on learning more about traveling instead of SEO.
  • The basic knowledge of SEO is enough for bloggers/writers.
  • Use the google analytics tracking code in your blog footer. And keep analyzing the behavior of people on your posts.
  • Write in a series, for example, if your one article is getting traffic then write more articles related to the same terms for different solutions.

How to monetize the blog?

Before you start a blog it’s important that you are aware of monetization. For example, if you want to monetize your blog through display advertising then you need to write and publish daily. And you have to write on competitive and most searched keywords.

But if you want to monetize your blog through affiliate marketing or products then you just have to write the posts that are related to the products that you’re promoting.

Which blogging platform is best?

WordPress.  Easy to set up and easy to use. Best online courses to learn WordPress Website Design Skills

How much time it will take to get 10000+ visitors per day?

It will take 100 to 200+ posts. And this also depends on the content that you’re writing. It will take 1 year if you write and publish daily. It will 3+ years if you write/publish 4 posts per week. Your traffic will grow as per the importance and quality of your posts and blog. Even you can use guest bloggers and backlinking but that will be short-term or a shortcut. In the long term, you have to write and publish more blog posts.

How much you can earn through the blog?

There is no limit. Some earn thousands of dollars per day and many earn $1 or $10 per day. It all is depending on your capacity to maximize the opportunities that are available on the web. For learning and execution.

Is an online course enough to learn about blogging?

No, but online blogging courses can help you start and grow your blog fast. But you can’t stop learning. It’s because you’re not alone who is writing on those keywords you have researched on Google Keyword Planner and keyword research tools, there are thousands of experts and people writing similarly. It’s a business. And in business the more you do the more you learn. The more you learn the more you do.

There are various free and paid sources to learn about blogging, blog SEO and organic traffic, link building, and many others. But I think it is important to learn for you as a new blogger:

Skills for Bloggers:

  • Keyword research
  • Blog monetization
  • Blog Traffic (Organic/Social Media)
  • Engagement with the audience
  • Blog SEO optimization
  • Blog website speed and optimization.
  • Selection of the right theme and plugins
  • Writing and communication skills
  • Sells and Marketing
  • Content Creation
  • Confidence and Courage
  • Business Skills

Online blogging courses for Beginners – Learn the Basics of Blogging

While you can learn blogging for free or while doing it. But then it will take more time and you learn randomly. It’s because you don’t know what to learn, when. For example, you can’t learn about blog monetization without understanding who is your target audience. That’s why blogging courses are helpful. A course will teach you everything one by one. After that, you can learn from any free source.
So I am sharing a few online blogging courses, I hope will help you to start:

Blogging Masterclass: How To Build A Successful Blog In 2020

Blogging for Beginners 2020: Blogging Complete Guide

2020 Blogging Bootcamp: Build a Successful & Profitable Blog

If you want to learn more about me related to blogging then please let me know on our Facebook page and message me.

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