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Computer fundamentals are more a theoretical part but very important for beginners and students especially those who want to join computer science degree or want to work in this profession.

The basic fundamentals include the uses of computers, applications and also about advantages, and disadvantages, how computers work, why we use a computer, how it is built, how the Operating system works, algorithms, control flow, memory, binary, compiling, assembly, how input and output work, and what you can do by using data, internet, search engine, social media, blog, youtube, programming,  and computer in daily life.

This is the also best basic computer course for beginners those who want to use computers in business, for business or those who have basic operative skills.

Also, this is good for those who want to learn web development, data science, computer programming, and graphic designing or want to study computer science or want to join any computer degree course later in their career.

These courses will give you ideas about the computer and technology field. And it will also help you to operate and use the computer confidently and accurately.

Computer Literacy & Basic Computer Skills for Productivity

Computer Basics, Computer Fundamentals Hardware & Networking

Operating Systems from scratch – Part 1


What is Computer Fundamentals?

Computer fundamental is the main foundation in computer science, computer engineering, and innovation that we see today. This includes everything about what is a computer, how computer work, how we work, why we work or use computers and uses of computers.

How does it help?

For example, if you learn the basic computer fundamental software, hardware, and networking you will understand programming and software development faster than other those who haven’t learned the basic fundamentals.

What to learn about Computer Fundamentals?

In computer fundamentals, you must learn about the basic operation, file, folder, cut, copy, delete, restore, customization, data transfer, download, and upload.

Along with that, in theory, you must learn about how a computer works, parts of a computer, a list of input devices, computer networks, data, information, websites, types of computers, servers, internet protocols, apps, etc.

How to Learn?

You can also learn these things in schools or in computer science books. You can learn through YouTube and online courses.

Once you learned one concept such as the Input device, then search for everything related to the input.

Understand various types of inputs (commands) and then discuss them with someone or write a short paragraph on your own.

So later when you have to explain in an interview or exam or experiment later then this will help.

Learning Example

For example, when searching on Google through typing or voice commands, you give input to the search engines. Now for learning, you have to understand this process between (input to output).
That is the main and most important. Just learning about Input devices is not enough. You must know how your inputs are transformed by the computer into output.

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