Online Courses to build a business website with WordPress


WordPress is one of the most popular content management software to build any type of business website. WordPress is just a type of software; you can learn to use it within 30 minutes or 1 hour if you’re already familiar with the basics of computers.

But website building especially business website building required basic website design, website responsiveness, website optimization, basics of SEO, website content writing, landing page creation, and knowledge of many other small but important things.

Essentials skills you have to learn or gain to build a successful business website in WordPress:

Knowledge of having following things will help you to build any type of business website successfully in WordPress or even without WordPress:

  1. SEO-friendly and memorable domain name. It will help later in marketing and get organic traffic to the website.
  2. Selection of the right hosting company. Which is known for speed, reliability, security, flexibility to change or switch to a plan, backup facility, and quick chat or support system in an emergency situation or if the website is down due to errors. Read the complete guideWhat is Web Hosting Service, How to Find Best Hosting Plan
  3. Installation of WordPress in the correct directory or path. For example, if you purchased SSL then you have to install WordPress or use the domain name with HTTPS://…. and then install WordPress.
  4. Selection of error-free, responsive, fast, and amp-ready WordPress themes with most customization options. So good knowledge of Theme selection will impact the growth of the website. Read moreBest free responsive WordPress themes to build any type of website
  5. Use of plugins essential plugins such as captcha to block spam comments, browser caching, Javascript minification, security plugin installation, google analytics integration, etc. So a good knowledge of plugins and integrations will be helpful to increase the dynamic functionality. But too much use of plugins can also slow down the website. Read MoreList of Essential Plugins to use on any type of WordPress Website
  1. Basic knowledge of layouts and structures. For this basic knowledge, HTML and CSS will be helpful. If want to use a page builder plugin such as elementor for the specific product page or landing page creation then you learning the basics of the Elementor page builder is helpful to create a responsive design. Read moreWhy do you need at least one landing page on your website?
  2. The next you need to learn to build WordPress is SEO-friendly content writing. Especially if you want to write your website content on your own without the help of a copywriter or website landing page writer then learn the basics of copywriting and SEO-friendly tag lines, headings, meta description, etc.
  3. When you uploaded or placed the content, text, images, and videos and all the pages are ready then you have to learn or optimize the website for search engine traffic. Ecommerce Website SEO Best Practices: WordPress

Actually, SEO, keyword optimization, marketing strategy start even before purchasing the domain. But when your website is ready or all the content is placed, then it’s important to take a look at all the keywords, meta descriptions, website tag lines.

If you learn about sitemap.xml, robotos.txt, and .htaccess then it will help you to optimize the website securely and effectively.


  1. Website speed is the most important part of any modern website. Without the speed, you lose the trust of search engines for your business. It means you will get more traffic to your website if it’s loading quickly within 2 to 3 seconds. Read MoreWithout changing hosting, How to boost your WordPress Website loading speed?


These are essential steps for almost all types of WordPress websites. But sometimes it can be varied as per the design and website.

So, the point is you don’t only need to learn to use WordPress. Actually, you need to learn the basics of business websites, common pages, SEO and optimization to build a successful, professional website in WordPress.

To help you to achieve this goal of building a WordPress business website successfully I found some of the best free or less costly online courses for you. Take a look at the list below:

Online courses to build a business website with WordPress

Free YouTube Tutorials:

These free tutorials will help you to learn how to use WordPress and various functionality. It will also help you to understand the process of building any type of website in WordPress.

WordPress Website with Elementor

Make a WordPress Website

WordPress Blog with Elementor

eCommerce Website With WordPress

Make a WordPress Website: Hindi Tutorial

But if you’re new to WordPress and even you don’t have basic knowledge about websites, domains, and hosting then it might be good to learn a little bit of the theory behind the websites and how websites work.

WordPress website building courses on Udemy:

WordPress 2021: The Complete WordPress Website Course

Master The Complete WordPress – Build any Dynamic WordPress Website without Programming with WordPress Custom Post types

2021 Complete SEO Guide to Ranking Local Business Websites

Watch over my shoulder as I redesign and rank a real live client local business website on the 1st page of Google


WordPress for Beginners: Create a Website Step by Step

Create Websites and Blogs With Zero Experience Using WordPress and This Step By Step Guide

The Ultimate SEO Training 2021 + SEO For WordPress Websites

SEO Training From An SEO Agency Owner: Step By Step Process To Rank #1 on Google. Keyword Research, Technical SEO & More


I think and am sure that following all of the above or anyone will help you to build a professional and successful WordPress website. But it’s possible that a few things got changed while you watched the videos. If you find any difficulties you can just search on Google or Bing to find relevant results. Building a website will take time. And for this, you have to keep searching for your doubts on Google for each step.

But if you’re still in doubt you can talk to me and let me know your concerns. I will try to sort out them to the best of my knowledge.

Another option to learn and build a business website is that for example if you want to build a WordPress website for your business, and also want to watch or get trained in real-time while building your business website then you can also contact me for that. This approach will help you later to maintain and customize your website without the help of freelancers or investing too much time in searching for technical difficulties.

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