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These 5 types of Online courses are very beneficial for small business owners. These online courses will increase the business capacity, skills, and creativity of small business owners. If you want to grow, expand, reduce cost and make a profit in business consistently and also want to make a great future for your business then look, research and do these online courses and learn important business, marketing, management, and technical skills.

In a small business or as a solo startup or home-based business owner money matters the most. But not all have the money to spend on hiring technical, marketing people in the beginning. That’s why it’s important if small business owners have some technical and marketing skills they will not only save money but also understand the business.

Willingness and habit of learning contribute a lot to business success especially when someone wants to make small business big. Every person has his own ability to do business and enterprise. The one who has the learning and faster implementation capacity will make the business as big and successful.

Following capacities are important to have in every business owner:

Capacity to take the risk: I think the ability in which business owner is willing and confident to take the risk to promote a specific product, to work on the new idea and to invest in infrastructure, people and future while compromising current comfort and emotions.

Capacity to manage stress and challenging situations: In which business owner is confident about his own ideas and policies that his business will definitely overcome from the difficult situation and he will try until he does not make it profitable and successful.

 Capacity to lead business: This is a leadership ability in which the business owner has full control in his own emotions and intelligence and is able to lead himself. It’s because the first chapter of leadership is to lead himself. If you can’t lead yourself then you can’t lead others and the business. You can copy the leadership of the other for a few years but to grow big in business, it’s important to build own leadership capacity.

 Capacity to help: This is the situation when the business owner thinks to help 1, 100, 1000, 100000, 1000000 people. For example, a new shopkeeper helping 100 people in a day in his shop by selling goods and services. But the same person now helping 10000 people from the same place or any other same day. Or business owner A is helping 1 client but in the same business, owner B is helping 1000 people per day.

It’s called helping capacity. It’s also the part of business expansion, team building, diversification of time, efforts, use of a computer, internet in business and investments.

So now you got the idea that individual, team, technologies capacity is important to start, run and grow the business. And one way of building and improving business capabilities or capacities is by learning new skills through online courses, business events, seminars, training. From consistent learning improves and builds the capacity to start, run and grow the business in any individual.

For that business owner or those who are interested to start the business has to invest time, money and mind on self-improvement.

While most of the business owners are agree, but most of them don’t learn, it’s because they don’t know what to learn and how it will beneficial for them. The majority of small business owners that I know give more importance to money.

I know that money is important to run and grow the business and profit. But are also people who have money but don’t know where, how to invest that to grow the business. But through learning, they will find out where to invest the money.

And when someone knows the area or product or company to invest then they will arrange the money to invest. It’s because through learning they are able to understand the risk and profit of the investment. They become confident. And that’s confidence help them to start and grow the business.

And that’s why I am writing this post to share the best online courses for small business owners to learn to start, run, manage and grow the business.

So, let’s get started:

1. Basic computer and internet skills:

Basic computer and internet skills are very important for small business owners. It’s important for them to understand the basics of information technologies such as online marketing, document writing/editing, branding, content creation, logistics, eCommerce and data analytics.

It’s because until small business owners don’t know about the basics of computers, they can’t use it in their business or they can’t understand modern technologies. Even they can’t hire other people correctly to do technical jobs and they will find it very difficult to communicate technical jobs with employees or freelancers.

Here you can learn:

Importance of computer in business

Importance of having computer skills in today’s world


When small business owners understand the basics uses of information technology, computer, internet, mobile, and communication tools then they will get more ideas to get the customers, make the profit, reduce cost and grow the business.

And I have listed below the best online basic computer courses for small business owners. If you want to use the computer, internet and the latest technologies in your business then start from the basics:

Computer Basics for the Simple Beginner
Microsoft Office; Excel, Word & PowerPoint 2019 – Beginners

Here is the complete guide on basic computer courses: Online Basic Computer Courses & Learn Essential Computer Skills

2. Bookkeeping and Accounting Courses:

You can say you have an accountant who filed your GST, Income Tax and maintain your books. But are you dependent to reduce cost, save tax, financial and investment decisions on your accountant? Are you able to understand the tax laws, loaning, funding, investment, income and saving policies? Especially when you communicate with the accountants or got government notifications.

If yes, then great. But if not then it’s very important that you know the basics of accounts. You don’t have to do bookkeeping and accounts work. You just have to get the knowledge of various aspects related to business accounts. And in most cases, your accountant can’t teach you those things.

That’s why it’s important to learn the basics of accounts and bookkeeping. So that you can make correct, informed, creative and dedicated business decisions and delegations.  And it will improve and nurture your risk-taking and financial management capacity.

The following are the best online courses for small business owners to learn about bookkeeping, accounting, and financial management.

Tally ERP 9 Basic to Advanced Training Course 2020
QuickBooks Online Complex Issues And Advanced Techniques

3. Startup Courses or Courses to Start a business:

There is no specific course that can give you a complete idea to start the business. But while learning you will get the idea. Make sure when you learn you’re focused.

To start a business is equal to solving a problem that one or thousands of people are facing in your area, city, state, and country. Once you are able to solve a personal problem then you can expand your services/products to solve the same problems worldwide.

The 2nd way to start a business is to start from a hobby. It can be singing, dancing, music, poetry, writing, teaching, and business.

The third way is to invent or innovate a new product or service that already exists or not exist.

The 4th method is to sell your experiences, imagination, thoughts.

Anyone can think differently. But to start a business you have to follow that different thing as long as you’re not successful.

These days IT-related business especially online business is more popular to start. In which you use technology, computer, internet to connect markets and communicate with people.

Following are some IT-related business or online business ideas:

  • Web/Apps Development services
  • App-based service for people such as payment app or educational apps.
  • Technical services for non-IT related businesses such as agricultural development.
  • A new invention or new product or initiative to solve pollution problems.
  • Online education and online courses for IT, Commerce, Math, computer science and many other students
  • Personal and business development services.
  • IT infrastructure setup and installation services.
  • Manpower training services.
  • Joint venture with the government to solve a specific problem such as data security.
  • Digital marketing services for small business owners
  • eCommerce website development
  • eCommerce


It’s not important that do the course before starting the business. But if you’re doing something new or even that already exists then it’s great to learn what is already working.

But make sure you will create your business, marketing plan, and business model before you study anything related to that online. I mean make sure your idea is clear. Else you can be confused about choosing the best online business or startup ideas.

The benefits of creating your plan and model are that you can improve while learning online or comparing startup ideas in your existed plan. Else you can copy the other plans. But that’s not good.

So, I suggest you outline your business ideas and model from your raw or experiences before you start comparing and understanding the business models on the web.

I have listed some online courses that I think can help you to learn and understand various types of business ideas and startups:

Entrepreneurship: How To Start A Business From Business Idea
Build Your Startup with No Coding (Design, Develop & Ship)
10 Online Business Models That Make Me 6-Figures
The Complete Shopify Dropshipping Masterclass

Here is the complete guide with online courses: Best courses for starting your own online business in 2020

4. Online Marketing Courses for Small business owners:

 Without any doubt, online marketing or internet marketing or digital marketing is the demand for time to get more sales, build brand awareness and connect with customers for the long term. And timing is very important in business. If you don’t know much about online marketing or digital marketing then I suggest you that you must read the following articles:

Once you got the basic idea of digital marketing or online marketing then select the one that you liked to use in your business. And to learn all those specific online marketing techniques the following online courses can be very helpful for you:

Ultimate Google Ads Training 2020: Profit with Pay Per Click
Mega Digital Marketing Course A-Z: 12 Courses in 1 + Updates

Learn more:

 Online Digital Marketing Courses & Essential Digital Marketing Skills to Learn

How to create an internet marketing plan for your business

5. Sells and communication Skills Courses

Sells and communication skills are as important for small businesses as fuel is important for an engine. The engine is the business but it will only work when there is a fuel. And sales in business is the fuel. Sales happen in business through written, verbal and visual communication. That’s why it’s important to consistently grow sales in business. Small business owners need to be master in communicating effectively with customers in the various sales processes, situations, and negotiations.

Once the owner of the business is able to sell or have sales skills then he will be able to teach or delegate those skills to his team members. And in the end, sales grow.

In sales, there are many things included such as pricing, cross-selling, prospecting, timing, product knowledge, critical thinking, and quick decision making. There is no big difference between online sales and offline. Both works on the same principals. And the basics of sales are the same.

To become a master in sales and communication following online courses can be very helpful for small business owners:

Small Business Lead Generation
Sales Training: Practical Sales Techniques

So, bookmark this post (CTRL + D) and do these above online courses one by one and see the difference in your business growth. If you have any doubts or questions contact me.

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