Online Course to learn the basics of Computer Assembling


If you are interested to know how your computer works. How various parts are added and connected to it, then this course is going to be very beneficial for you.

After doing this course, you can maintain and take care of your computer yourself. If any parts get damaged, you can learn to add them yourself.

Suppose your computer is restarting again and again. And you are getting worried as to whom to call now. By the way, there can be many reasons for restarting the computer and one of them is dust and dampness. Due to this, the processor fan is getting overheated due to slow running.

This means you have to clean your computer. But this isn’t so easy. If you have no knowledge of computer hardware at all, then it can be difficult for you or you can remove or connect any wire by mistake. That’s why it is important that before cleaning the computer, you should watch a tutorial about it. Read moreBoost your Computer Performance: Primary cleaning options to follow

Similarly, if you ever want to increase the RAM of your computer so that the speed becomes good, then you buy and install the RAM yourself. Similarly, such small knowledge and ability will save you both money and time.

In this course, You will learn the details about the hardware components of computers, how they are installed and how they work. Look at the syllabus of this course once and doing or not is a matter of later. If you really think that learning these things can increase your confidence to operate and manage your computer. Then you must do this course.

How to Build a PC [2022] – Beginners to Intermediate

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