Online Course to learn Information Technology Basics


With the extraordinary use and innovation in information technology in personal, social, career and business, it is now imperative that every tech user learn and understand the basics of technology.

Technical language itself is becoming the language of our common speech in social communication. Modernity in technology has its advantages and disadvantages. Information and technology have brought major changes in life, business, and communication. You can also check these articles on Technology: Top 20 Articles on Technology – Gain Critical Tech Insights

So not only students but everyone must learn the basics of Technologies. So that they can understand the benefits as well as risks of using technology in their daily, career, and business development activities.
Information Technology knowledge is very useful for students, job seekers, and non-IT students. Technology-related questions are now in the subjects and GK.

But particularly if you want to learn the basics of Information Technology to prepare for competitive and IT-specific courses or certifications such as CompTIA and ITF etc. then the course shared below can be helpful.

This fundamental course on Technology cover core concepts of Information Technology such as Binary, OSI, SAN, RAID, Computer architecture and physical components, software, operating system, networking, database, storage, security, virtualization, cloud computing, and many other topics that help you to study or explore various field in Information Technology for job, career, and business.

IT Fundamentals – Everything you need to know about IT

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