Online Coding Classes for Kids : Essential Things to Consider


The topic of this article is “Online coding classes for kids”. It’s focused on how coding classes can help parents and coaches to inspire their kids towards inventions, creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

You will also learn about how kids and students can take online coding classes? How they can learn to code? Not only positive but you will also find out how it can impact their life, growth, and career negatively?

Remember, to understand my point of view, you have to read this article completely. Else with half information and data, you can’t make it that productive.

So, let’s get started:

Coding or programming is a great technical, creative, logical, and critical skill to create new solutions (mobile app or computer software or games) to old problems, innovation management, entrepreneurship. Programming is also considered a problem-solving skill.

Software, apps, and game development skills are considered some of the most demanding skills in jobs. Most of the skilled programmers, software developers, mobile apps developers are doing jobs in many local, national, and multi-national companies and making millions of dollars. While few programmers are successful in entrepreneurship or by building and running their own mobile apps start-ups.

So overall, learning programming skills or enrolling for an online course is one of the best thoughtful decisions for kids by parents.

Building apps and software that people use and pay money to use is a commercial product and service. And to build such applications will take time for kids, and the time depends on the kids and learning platforms.

If you read about Elon Musk then you will think it’s good to provide such programming coaching, tools, and environments for the kids. It’s also good to test the interests of your kid.

Many people say that it’s important to identify talent, passion in a child as early as possible. So that they can focus on their career and field. And it looks agreeable if you consider the competition to get govt and private jobs, sports, and in various other fields.

But finding talent early and raising a child or providing early childhood education as per plan or based on kids’ talent can also impact their lives negatively in the future.

Teaching too early about complicated, critical skills, and too many rituals too early for kids will make them bore. Instead, we have to respond to their inputs or their commands creatively.

For example, if your kid says “Dad, I want to play piano” then your duty as a good parent is to provide your kid the piano” not a computer.

Similarly, if your kid says he/she wants to build a mobile game, then provide the computer and coaching to build games.

Things to remember for parents and kids while or after learning coding skills online:

  • Don’t force your kids to learn programming skills online.
  • Sitting too much on a computer and the use of mobile at an early age can reduce their working capacity of eyes.
  • Learning programming skills or any type of skill that consumes your lot of time on the chair then it will make you physically and mentally unhealthy. So, make sure your kids or students do basic yoga and exercise daily and take breaks from the computer after 1 or 2 hours regularly.
  • Don’t’ try to teach too many skills to your kids. Learning too many skills at one time and consumption of too much information can impact their brain and memory power negatively.
  • Programming or coding is not the only technical skill in this world that you can teach to your kids. The biggest and best skill is leadership and entrepreneurship skills.
  • Kids don’t follow coding and programming skills development advertisements without their parents or proper consciousness. Don’t’ use parents’ credit and debit cards. If you want to learn then talk to them and explain why you want to learn code then they will buy a coding course for you online.
  • Parents need to discuss programming advertisements, online course fees, expectations with their known computer expert or programmer. So that they can understand what’s it’s all about.
  • Also, remember that celebrities and people in advertising are there only to influence you towards the product and service. Most of them don’t have any relation or product use. So, don’t think if someone is doing their kids in programming you have to also.
  • Your kids can be a leader or entrepreneurship if they are not a programmer. Programming is not an alternative skill it is a technical skill. And having at least 4 to 5 technical skills along with leadership and entrepreneurship skills is a bonus.
  • If you’re a parent, then use the money in your child’s development. But don’t do it blindly or without considering the child’s interest.
  • Any online trend can be manipulated either by the company, people, and the platform itself for the sake of money. So be careful.
  • The kids are an untapped market and potential customer for online courses and education provider companies, govt. and sellers and it’s not important for you to buy everything that is sold in the market. So, it’s important that you don’t allow outside influence in making decisions for your kids. Consider what is good.
  • Take it simple. Don’t make coding complicated. And even you don’t have to think too much about it. If your kids are interested then let them do it. But make sure they follow a healthy routine.


The national importance of programming skills for kids and school students:

Every nation especially developing countries will need to train their citizens in futuristic skills and survival techniques from childhood if they want their nation to be free and developed in the future. Else the country with more powers, technologies will take over your countries’ economic sources and human powers through investment and legal ways if not through wars.

I can’t say everything right here. But one thing is sure for the national development and security goal you can train and educate your kids wisely. And use your common sense that what kind of knowledge and skills is good for your kids and what you think about what they can do? And most importantly what is good for our country?

If you think they can be a great leader then let them grow on their own.

If you think your kids can be future programmers, scientists, inventors and entrepreneurship then teach them programming skills or join online programming courses for them from childhood.


Why should students learn to code

Why programming is important : Why learn to code

How kids and students can learn to program online:

The most recommended techniques to teach and learn to code for kids are through funny activities and games. Using cartoons, funny activities, slides, diagrams, images, animations, and videos makes the course content engaging.

But the ways of learning programming for professionals and kids can be different.

The common path of learning any technical skills online is like the following:

  1. Use YouTube Video Search Engine:

Search for free programming courses and guides. When you get it you feel lucky and happy? But a few days later, you will find that it’s not that important to learn. You started with front-end programming. Now you find another video, who said that starting from the backend helps you to learn faster. And there are lots of videos and channels. That can confuse not only kids but even those who have very good basic knowledge of computers. So it’s important to find our step-by-step course instead of random programming videos.

Some of the interesting videos for kids related to coding:

Scratch Tutorial for Beginners – Make a Flappy Bird Game

Cat chasing mouse game – Scratch Absolute Beginner Game

 How to make CROSSY ROAD on Scratch


For advanced learning, the best YouTube Channels:

Traversy Media 

CS Dojo

When learning from YouTube and free source makes sure that you ask your questions and confusion. It’s very important to do it to move forward with clarity.

But most of the students find YouTube programming videos are good for general ideas and basic programming knowledge students but not for beginners (5th or 6th class students) or kids.

So, the solution is that kids need guidance and coaching from experts to learn to program. If they learn from a coach for the next 3 months then later it will be very easy for them to learn from YouTube and on their own.

It’s because now their basics of programming are clear. Kids can start programming from anywhere. It can be from SQL Server HTML 5, .Net, C# or PHP, HTML, CSS, MySQL or Java, Python or any other.

They can begin with any programming language and database.

The most important thing in programming that I have learned so far is the knowledge of the concept. Why concepts exist. I mean why we’re using certain functionality and when we use specific functionality or concept. For example, How and why relations are built between two database tables or columns.

How data travel on the web. How it gets to store, access, manipulate, and how it converts into information, etc. such as knowledge of basic concepts are very important for kids to understand or for everyone to learn to program.

When you have the knowledge about the concepts then you can search and use any programming language, syntax, or frameworks.

The 2nd Method of learning Programming for kids:

2nd method and most appropriate is to learn from a programming teacher in a live class online. In this online coding class, programming or computer skills are taught to students like English and Match Subject.  And regular learning will make kids good at understanding and developing software, apps, and games.

While the whole concept of coding for kids looks controversial and mad. And yes, it is madness to teach one of the most powerful skills of today to kids.

I don’t think all the parents and kids are ready to code the brains of kids through technological syntax. So that later all these companies and their technology can use them to build robots, and operate the world and become the fighter for them. Like you see in sci-fi movies.

But let’s make it simple. Take programming skills similar to drawing skills.  Any kid can have multiple skills and talents. It does not matter which one they use and when in their life. At least think they have when they will need them.

So, search on Google and find out in your nearest places or local area where someone is teaching programming skills for kids.

If you’re interested to learn online then there are so many companies, schools providing coding classes for kids.

The 3rd method to learn to code:

The 3rd method of learning is purpose-driven. In this case, you have to solve a problem or you have to innovate. It means you will learn everything related to code or programming that comes your way. For example, if you want to build a mobile game then your searches and courses or syllabus should be related to game development.

Learn from Programming Books:

Learning to code from books is very important for kids. Reading to code from books is like installing a library of the programming language in the brain. Reading increase or install programming and technology vocabulary in the memory. So read blogs, books, eBooks, and whatever that you get in your way to learn to program.

Find out top quality low-cost programming course on Udemy:

There are so many programmers who have created online programming courses in their part-time to share their ideas and experiences with others. Udemy is a very low-cost learning method that any developing country individual can afford.

I found the following online courses that can help you and your kids to learn coding online at a low cost:

  1. Game Development and Coding for Children
    Game Development and Coding for Children
  2. Coding for kids: Scratch, Python, 3D Design, Math, Robotics
    Coding for kids: Scratch, Python, 3D Design, Math, Robotics
  3. Programming for Kids and Beginners: Learn to Code in Scratch
    Programming for Kids and Beginners: Learn to Code in Scratch

I already research another list of online courses; you might be interested to see: Online Programming Courses for Beginners

Start learning from School, College Times:

Learn coding part-time or in summer or winter vacations. Learn to code and build something that you want to use and reuse millions of times daily. You can work on something that no one has built yet, only you’re the one who is going to do that. Learn more: Importance of computer education in schools for students


Personally, I am in favor of teaching kids about programming in funny and interesting ways. It’s good if kids start learning programming in even school classes or online when they are in class 6th or 10th. Even they can also learn to program while studying in college.

There are people around age 50 to 60, who are learning programming skills. So, learning programming is similar to any other academic subject, there is nothing wrong with this.

But along with programming, I want to have entrepreneurship and leadership skills development programs and activities for students in schools.

I mean students should learn about leadership, entrepreneurship from the age 5th. Importance of Leadership Skills for Students

Entrepreneurship and leadership are the most important skill in this world to learn. And programming is a technical skill. Technical skills become more powerful, productive, resourceful, and beneficial when combined with leadership and entrepreneurship.

That’s it.

If you share your thoughts on this in the comments then it will be great else sharing this article on social media can also be great for the communities.

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