Online basic cyber security courses for beginners


Cyber Security knowledge, skills, and practices are important to protect computers, networks, and digital data from unauthorized access, attacks, and scrapping.

The cyber security field provides good business and career development scopes. You can use these skills to help small business owners and individuals to protect their applications, websites, data, and personal information on the web and get paid.

Types of Business you can start after learning Cyber Security skills:

Without investing too much budget in the beginning, you can start following type of business online

1. Educate people about Cyber Crimes on the Web

You can start a blog and YouTube Channel that educate people about cyber security practices that help people to protect their mobile and computers from viruses, crimes, and frauds. Read more: What is internet safety and why is it important for you?

proof of demand for cyber security experts - google keyword planner screenshot

According to Google Keyword Planner data from May 2022 to May 2023

  • 100 to 1K people have searched “Cyber security expert near me” each month.

And there are thousands of other things related to cyber security, computer security, network security, and data security that people are looking for solutions online.

  • How to prevent data breach – 100 – 1K
  • how to protect personal information online
  • how secure is cloud storage – 100 – 1K
  • how to protect personal data – 10 – 100
  • how to protect customer data – 10 – 100


2. Work as Cyber Security Freelancer

proof of demand for cyber security freelancers - upwork screenshot homepage

You can provide services as Cyber Security professional or freelancer for small businesses and companies. And at the time when I was writing this, there were 1902 jobs or projects on the Upwork freelance website which required professionals in cyber security or web security or database security and network security, etc. And it’s not just limited to figure 1902, on another day it can be more or less.

But it is proof of the demand and scope to work as Cyber security professional or Freelancer.

3. Build tools to protect user devices

You can build web applications or tools such as antivirus, WordPress plugins, and Firewall that can prevent cybercrimes. Even if this tool can do only one thing such as block IP addresses or scan the system. You can monetize this with the subscription-based plan and get investment to expand and make it big.

  • Data privacy tools – 100 – 1K
  • Mobile security app – 100 – 1K

While building a tool is not going to be an easy task. And making it a successful business. But I am sharing the idea of scope for business. There are many security apps, you can see their ratings and feedback. And that gives you the idea to make your tool or web application unique.

The above are just real examples but there are many other ways that you can also explore to monetize your cybersecurity skills as per your interest and market demand.

As you can see in the picture below that for the last 5 years “cyber security” is one of the most popular terms that is searched or growing it’s search.

google trends from last 5 years

Some other facts:

  • Thousands of businesses are building an online presence and investing in social media, websites, cloud storage, servers, and online communication. It means the demand for cyber security, data security, email security, and app or web security will definitely increase.


  • We can’t ignore that online personal data and information can be compromised by any company intentionally or unintentionally it can be a social media website or document writing and editing software. It’s because common users or the general public don’t know what is running in the background. Many times, they have installed or used software in which publishers are not clearly defined. Rarely do people read privacy and terms and conditions.

Even if you do not agree with them, you can’t use that app or tool. In that, any sensitive information about a person and company can be compromised. Having this in mind the knowledge of cyber security and privacy tools, tips and knowledge is important for every internet user.

Why learn the basics of Computer and Cyber (internet) Security?

  • Explore career opportunities in the cybersecurity field:

Whether you do a high-standard cyber security degree course or just do a simple online cyber security course. The knowledge you gain will help you to understand the cybersecurity field. The cyber security field is not just about the installation of antivirus on computers or using Google ReCAPTCHA or blocking IP addresses or generating strong passwords.

The cyber security field is wide and has various sub-niche to become master.

For example, after learning the basics of Cyber security you can follow or choose a specific career path such as:

  • Web or Website security analyst.
  • Email security expert
  • Computer security Expert
  • Database Security Expert
  • Web application security framework designer
  • Data Encryptor and many others.

Even if you have completed a 6-month basic computer course or completed a computer science degree, you can explore career and professional success and work opportunities in the cyber security field.

  • A great niche in Web Development:

If you learned the basics of Web Development or working as a web developer but haven’t found interesting work or are bored with simple things then this is a field that challenges you. Working as a web security expert is profitable and will be more profitable in the future.

  • A great technology niche for writers and bloggers:

For those who are involved in content creation, and technical writing and want to make a name in the Technology field as writers or consultants then cybersecurity-related content creation, blog posts, and videos that solve common people’s problems or help them to become aware will be great work.

A great cyber security analyst is not just required by private companies and organizations but also in government and events.

So overall learning cyber security is the demand of the day. Learning computer and interest security best practices and even advanced cyber security skills will be rewarding.

7 popular low-cost online cyber security courses

Whether you are a student or a professional or a common man following courses will help you to expand your knowledge and help you to use the internet for business and personal work securely.

These online cyber security courses will also help those looking to build a career or want to be professional in this field. Other than that, learning about cyber security in today’s time is as important as using social media and search engines. Once you learned the basics, you will be able to prevent or even able to think to use computers and technology more practically and effectively for career and business development.

We have found some of the popular online cyber security courses on Udemy that are less costly (depending on the offers as well) and help you to learn and understand computer, app, internet, data, cloud, and network security effectively.

Start & Grow Your Successful Career in Cyber Security

Learn to initiate and advance in the field of protecting computer systems and data from cyber threats.

The Complete Certified in Cybersecurity (CC) course ISC2 ’23

This aims to provide in-depth knowledge and skills required to excel in the field of cybersecurity,

The Absolute Beginners Guide to Cyber Security 2023 – Part 1

Gain the basic knowledge, terminology, and basic concepts related to cybersecurity,

CompTIA CySA+ (CS0-002) Complete Course & Practice Exam

Learn the basic and advanced topics to prepare yourself for CompTIA CySA+ Exams

Information Security Management Fundamentals for Non-Techies

Acquire the foundational knowledge of information security management specifically tailored for individuals without a technical background.

Learn Ethical Hacking From Scratch

Equip yourself with the skills needed to identify and address security vulnerabilities and protect systems from malicious attacks.

Cyber Security Architecture Fundamentals

Learn about the foundational principles and concepts of cyber security architecture.

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