Low cost home based business for beginners


Boss online business is best. Thousands of teachers are available to help us in area. This is not tough anymore until you are clear what you want and how you want to do the business. No need to ask others but need to learn. Learn from everyone but follow your heart and strength. Do not search anymore on the Google for home based business. I will solve your problems and if you follow my guidelines I will guarantee you that you can achieve the success in 2015.

What you want to start?

Take a blank sheet and write all your skills. Ask yourself what is best works for you. Don’t take shortcut. Believe on yourself and start. Build the life that you want. No one help you better than yourself. Your today’s efforts build your future.
What I learned recently about low cost home based business for beginners

1)YouTube channel + AdSense
2)Blogging / Content Writing + Own Website + Odesk Account
3)E commerce + eBay
4)Web designing + oDesk + Own website
5)SEO + oDesk + Own Website
6)Coaching + YouTube + local Area
7)Domain Name Flipping + Go daddy


My suggestion for writing Business

Make a simple readable website. Use word press to build the website. Yes, word press is blogging platforms. Write 10-15 great articles that help your readers. Follow the Google Adsense guidelines for earning from website.
You can also create oDesk account to earn instant income. Thousands of freelancers and millions of projects available related to your skills. Learn work earn is the best policy. Thousands of platforms are available to success. If you are want to be a writer than start blogging. And research on internet “how to become writer.” Don’t follow the money – follow your dreams. You can make money in the process. You can find best advice on copyblogger.com.

Website Designing Career

Web designers still are living. But live small and group your tech skills. Word press is easy to start the website designing business. Go to YouTube and learn the things that are important for web designers. Also subscribe on web designing related business blogs. Make list of local clients and ask them one time. Charge less than competitors and provide quality in less time. Help other to achieve their dreams. But important first create your own website. Start with small and it will make you big in future. Initial investment is only 10 to 20000 only. If you want to the web designer or want to start graphic designing business than visit creativebloq.com they are best.

Start coaching

YouTube is best for coaching business. You can start your YouTube channel. Forgot about hesitation teach in Hindi or English. What you know and what you learned till today in your life. Everyone have great experiences in life that teaches us great lessons. Share your experiences people can learn from you.


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