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No basic computer course is complete without learning about document creation, editing, printing, and sharing work. Learning document creation and editing for printing or digital purposes such as letters, reports, memos, ebooks, documentation, tutorials, and forms in Microsoft Word is a very useful skill to acquire.

There are various Word Processing application software or web applications such as Word, Google Docs. But Microsoft Word is a leading application software that is used in education, business, workplace, and daily life document writing, editing, and printing work.

Document creation is the process in which you have to organize data and information with proper formatting and style. Such as in a business or company letterhead you have to put company information at the header and the address at the bottom. While the body or middle area remains blank. This letterhead template is used later to print messages or notifications or newsletters.

You can also automate the document creation process in Microsoft word by using templates. But those also need to be edited or you have to add your own text to them. For example, if you do not know how to create an appointment letter, you can simply search for an appointment letter in the word template. And after downloading it inside Word you can make changes to the text. Microsoft Word is also used for editing content, or blog posts to check their accuracy and effectiveness.

Microsoft Word is a popular Microsoft 365 or Microsoft Office application or tool to create documents. For text documents, you can use Word, for spreadsheet or mathematical calculation or reports documents you can use Microsoft Excel, and for presentations, you can use PowerPoint.
The use of formatting tools such as font, colors, bold, bullets, and tables allows businesses and individuals to communicate the instructions efficiently and collaborate effectively.

Learning basic functions and options in document creation and editing software such as Microsoft Word or Google Docs will help you to create professional-looking document creation easier and faster than ever before.

Below is one of the best courses to learn the basics of Microsoft Word application which include various functions of insert, layout, design, references, mailings, and views menu bars such as fonts, paragraphs, shapes, smart art, tables, bullets, page setup, margins, printing and many other. This course also includes Word 2021 and Office 365.

Please take a look at this:

Microsoft Word 2021 For Beginners (Windows/Mac)

If you want to explore more about Microsoft Word, before doing any online or offline course, then please read the below posts:

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