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API is an application programming interface that enables an application (Business) to use features, infrastructure, function, hardware, services, and database provided by other software (Business).

Application means software that you want to create for specific things or tasks. For this, you might need a wide variety of infra, services, and capabilities as per your business need. Your core business logic or business model can be different. But because the functionality, features, and services you want or needed to build and launch are already existed and provided by other companies Paid or Free through API to use in your application.

For example, in your website or application if you want to receive payment you do not need to develop your own payment system. You just need to use and access the payment gateway API features.

Now let’s understand the uses (benefits/importance) of API’s along with examples:

1. Reduce the cost of Software Development:

There are various resources involved in software development from ideation to investment. And it’s also very important to create and launch a minimum viable product as soon as possible. But the speed required cannot be achieved without hiring more developers and managing the development team. To make this process APIs are pre-designed or created solutions that can be integrated into an app, web application or software.

Even those who are not that much good in software or web application development can integrate API in their CMS websites to improve their features.


You can use free and paid API to add new features and services to your app. Here in rapidAPI API directory, you can see that a wide variety of API”s are available to use. Whether want to build data, sports, entertainment, travel, music, tools or any kind of web and mobile apps, using these API’s will reduce overall cost but at the same will increase the value of your product.

But to develop such features and services on your own in a new web app or software will take time and resources. But you can achieve these very easily or at a minimum cost.

2. Make the software development process faster:

The market is dynamic, user behavior constantly changes so as does technology. It’s important for small businesses and software development companies to test, research, and make changes or bring innovation to the product faster to get competitive advantages.

And APIs enable small businesses and software development companies to integrate, access, and provide the available power of other software and companies within their software.

For examples:

  • NLP API: Instead of creating and developing your own functions within the app for sentiment analysis, entity recognition, and sentiment analysis or to build text-to-speech models you can use open AI GPT-4 or Google Cloud Natural Language Processing API’s. Here you can see its demo: Natural Language AI and here you can see lot more NLP APIs.
  • If you use a cloud storage API, you don’t need to build and manage your own storage infrastructure.


3. Help to integrate powerful features in applications:

In any modern web app, you need essential basic features such as multiple registration and login system, data analysis, payment, eCommerce, security, data storage features, IoT enabled, and also scalable or cloud hosting infrastructure.

You can even create a new niche-specific web app using single or multiple APIs. You can customize the API request and response handling based on the API documentation and the specific functionality you want to give your users in your web application or tools.


  • Facebook API to enable social media login, sharing, and data features for users.
  • Google Maps APIs to integrate within an App and website for location-based features and services.
  • Paypal API to the ingrate payment system in the website.
  • WordPress API to ingrate blogging features in web applications.
  • Quick Books API to integrate accounting systems and finical transactions.
  • Use of WordPress Plugins to integrate API in websites or plugins as an API integration.

Disadvantages of using APIs

API services are very useful all the way to small and midsize businesses. While larger companies are running software and selling programming power through APIs. Then it can be cloud storage, cloud infrastructure, hosting, database, network and hardware. Larger IT companies target small IT companies as their customer. And small IT companies target end users. You can say its Software Business is from B2B2B and B2B2C.

But other than business there are various problems that customers and users face due to API issues.

  • Website and web applications load slowly. Due to this the precious time of the users is wasted.
  • User data and inputs are shared.
  • Dependency on third-party web services for running an app and business.
  • You have to change and update your application and many parts of the business as per the change or upgradation in the web API services provider.

Top 5 API Courses Online to Enhance Your Skills in API Development and Integration

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REST APIs with Flask and Python in 2023

NodeJS – The Complete Guide (MVC, REST APIs, GraphQL, Deno)

ChatGPT – The Complete Guide to ChatGPT & OpenAI APIs

Build ASP.NET Core Web API – Scratch To Finish (.NET 7 API)

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