How to Learn Microsoft Word Online


Learning Microsoft Word online easiest and fastest way to acquire document writing, editing, and printing knowledge or skills.  You can acquire Microsoft word knowledge or skills online through free video tutorials, online courses, exercises, study, and online Word instructors.

Microsoft Word is used in education, business, and daily life for document writing, editing, sharing, and printing. Whether you want to learn Word for business work, or for a job or want to acquire Microsoft word certification. There are various ways to learn Microsoft Word online that can help you to achieve all your learning and work goals.

In this post, I am sharing some of the best tutorials, courses, tips, and ideas to learn Word skills online. These tips and sources are very useful for students, teachers as well for professionals to acquire Word skills online. I hope it will be helpful for you.

Top 13 tips to learn basic and advanced Microsoft Word skills online: 

1. Set a timetable or schedule learning time each day:

Learning any skill required discipline, commitment, and consistency whether you learn programming or Microsoft Word. Do not try to learn Microsoft word in one day or hour. Because watching the use of the Word option is not enough. You have to try it in various documents, letters, and reports. If you learn all options on day 1 then the next day you will forget them.

So, the solution is that learn 4 to 5 Word functions each day for the next 10 to 15 days. Give yourself a minimum of 2 hours each day. During 1st hour, you can watch tutorials or options. And in the next 1 hour, you can practice those options in real documents without watching videos.

Learning any new skills is like growing a plant. A plant does not become a tree in one day. You have to nurture it each day. This is similar to Microsoft Word.

I am using the Microsoft Word application for the last 15+ years. I used it in my job and business. I have taught Word to students or also written articles about Word like this. But I am still learning. I am still not able to say that I know everything about Microsoft Word. It’s also because Microsoft Word is now more advanced and comes up now with Microsoft 365.

So, when you start learning and using Microsoft Word application each day in business or job you will start gaining more advanced Word skills.

2. Learn Basic Word Skills – Watch Free Video Tutorials

On YouTube, you will get various free Word tutorial videos from which you can learn basic Word skills. From videos, you must learn about fonts, font size, page layout, text alignments, use of bullets and numbers, use of tables, shapes, charts and smart arts, etc. And also, about the use of header and footer.

While watching the Word video tutorial you must try the taught options instantly. You will find Word tutorials in various languages on YouTube.

Some of the best Free Microsoft Word Video tutorials are below:

Word Tutorials in Hindi

Word Tutorial in English:

3. Learn Advanced and Specific Word Skills – Join Online Courses

Online Word courses are very beneficial for beginners. Through online word courses, students can learn each Word option and its uses step by step. Word courses or any online course are designed based on particular goals. If you find a good online word course, then stick to it and acquire the knowledge or skills.

Everyone’s Word knowledge and experiences are different. So, it’s always good that if you have time and if you can acquire the knowledge or skills from two- or three-Word experts then it’s enough for you to work in Microsoft Word application confidently.

Some of the best Word courses online are below. Take a look at these and if you find them helpful then join.

Master Microsoft Word Beginner to Advanced

Microsoft Word 2019 (MO 100) Study Guide to 1000 points

Microsoft Word VBA Macro Programming – Introduction


4. Learn Microsoft word Skills inside the Application:

where to learn microsoft word online

Click on the help menu in the menu bar in Microsoft Word and then click on Show training. Once you click on that, you will see the right sidebar in the Word application window. Where you can see the basic Word tutorial.

But if you want to learn something specific then you can type that on the search bar in the help sidebar. For example, if you type to learn mail merge in Microsoft Word, just type mail merge and you will see a complete step-by-step tutorial and also a video.

This method is best for those who know the basic function and menus in Microsoft Word. Also good for those who just want to do small or specific work or just looking to create or format a document.

5. Learn to use and edit templates:

template option microsoft word latest

To test, practice, and improve your Microsoft Word skills you can learn to use, edit and create Word templates. There are hundreds of Word templates that you can explore in Word Applications. Word templates are ready-made documents in which you just have to replace the existing content with your own. And you can also change or edit the layout or images, and formatting.

Watch a few videos only on Word templates. It’s because templates are so much helpful to create any type of document in Word quickly even if you do not know about it.

For example, if you do not know how to create a newsletter in Word, you can search for a newsletter template in Word. After that download and edit the content. And then publish or share the newsletter with your audience or customers or students.

6. Create sample documents for the exercises:

This is very important for students, professionals, and those who want to use Word in the workplace or for business. The more you try to create complex and professional documents in Word, the more you acquire advanced Word knowledge and skills.

It’s because on the job or in business, you have to create various types of documents. Some days it will be a simple letter, or report and the next day it will be an admission form or complex document.

When you practice or create as much exercise in Word, you learn the ways to create professional documents.

When I was a student and learning Word, I was the only student in that batch who created 50+ documents in Word application only for learning and practicing Word skills. I created or practiced documents from newspaper cuttings, forms, personal documents, and advertisements in Word. That helped me a lot or also others as well.

And when I started teaching Word skills to students then it was mandatory for use students to complete at least 15 Word exercises before moving to the next subject in a basic computer course.

I or no one want to hire an employee or team member who even do not know these days how to write a letter in Word or how to create a simple survey form in Word application by using tables, numbers, bold, and text boxes.

I have already published a post on Word exercise samples in which you will get ideas on what type of practice or exercise I want or suggest to practice. Please explore this post: 18 Best Basic Microsoft Word practice exercises for beginners it’s already viral on the web for many years and helped thousands of students who want to learn basic as well as advanced Word skills.

7. Teach Word Skills to someone at home or office:

Learning Microsoft Word or using Microsoft Word is one thing, but teaching or explaining the same option needs creativity and experience. And that’s what I want in you. For example, you learned the Bold (B) option in Word. And used to bold the text or heading.

Now the question is, why do we use the bold option while creating the document? Why do you see the use of the Bold option in various documents? If you do not know the answer or are not able to explain “Why the bold option is used? ” or “why do we use bold any particular text”? then it means you still have to learn more about professional document writing and editing.

The use of Bold is not just limited to the word document but it’s widely used in every text editor. It is used in documents, it is used in blog posts, it is used in emails, it is used in HTML <b>.

It’s used to grab the attention of the reader or document reader to the particular text or word or subject or line.

Microsoft Word is a tool. You can be an expert in using options. But document writing and editing are not limited to Word applications. It’s very widely used over google docs, newsletters, ebooks, books, emails, blog posts, and many others as well. So along with Word skills, it’s very important that you learn to observe and create professional-looking documents.

8. Write about Microsoft Word:

Writing is one of the top skills that help to systemize knowledge and skills. To systemize your Word knowledge and skills you can write tutorials such as “How to insert image in word document” or “how to change the page layout or settings”. Not only that you can write about the things that you’re creating in Word by using various options.

The benefit of writing about Word and its options is that you will not forget options or work and this will also improve your Word vocabulary. It’s like the creation of notes or homework. Later you can share those notes with other students, and friends or online. So, whenever you have to speak or need to explain in writing or in a video about Word you can do that easily.

9. Participate in online Word Quizzes:

Take online Word quizzes and tests. Answer Microsoft Word questions on social platforms and groups. Test your Microsoft Word knowledge and skills on various platforms. When you do it you will get new ideas or you will find the weak spot or functions that you do not know yet. When you know what you do not know, you have the option to improve that.

Quizzes, Books, blogs, and practical exercises will help you to answer or explain a variety of Word questions and concepts. As a student, it will help you to build your interview and examination skills especially if you’re doing any type of computer diploma or degree course. Even you will get such questions in various government and private competitive exams and entrance tests.

10. Apply for Microsoft Word-related projects on Freelance Website:

Learning Microsoft Word only from the available content on the web is not enough. You need to explore the latest and most demanding ways of document creation. And actually, real projects that challenge your acquired Microsoft Word knowledge and skills.

You will find that best on freelance websites. On freelance websites such as Upwork, and Freelance you will see various Word-related projects or works. What you can do is read the job or project description. Understand what needs to be done or to do such as converting PDF into Word. Create a pdf from Word. Make changes in certain paragraphs and tables etc.

When you try to do that, you will learn new things that you never imagined on your own so far. I learned lots of things in Microsoft Word only by doing the document writing and printing works for local clients. But because if you do not have the reach to local clients or local typing-related works then these days you can get the ideas from freelance projects.

11. Create Video Tutorials on your own:

When you do various document writing and editing work you can record that work and convert it into videos. When you create documents during recording you will get the challenge to do work fast and accurately. That’s very important to face it earlier if you want to become a Word expert. And you can upload these videos to YouTube or create your own YouTube channel. When you will be appointed to any job or project you will not get a relaxed or easy work environment. That’s why it’s important to improve your confidence in using Microsoft Word.

So my goal is to share these tips with you that prepare you during the training so that on the actual job or project you perform best. This will not make you an expert but also makes you competitive. And that’s very important these days in business as well as in jobs.

12. Live Online Word Classes:

If you want more interactive and collaborative methods of learning Word skills where you can ask questions and get a practical answer along with a live screen then online Microsoft word training classes will be best for you. You can find various online MS Office instructors or platforms that can help you to learn Microsoft Word skills. This method is also best for those who want to become experts and looking to get certified in Microsoft Word.

13. Be creative and experiment:

Creativity is the identification of highly talented and expert professionals and business owners. If you’re not creative you will not be able to make yourself competitive and a leader in your chosen field. To be creative you have to think and act differently. For example, you saw a business card that is created in Photoshop. But you can try to create that in Microsoft Word.

Similarly, you see brochures created in the Corel draw but you can try to create that in Microsoft Word.

Having tools (software/web appellations) doesn’t matter if you do not know how to use or what to use in specific work. Thousands of people waste their money on expensive software subscriptions only to do just a few things that even they can do with one software that they already have. That’s the role and importance of creativity and skills.

Creativity and skills not only help you to pay the bills. But also save lots of time and money as well. So whatever new or creative ways you can think, think and do them to learn Word. And remember, when learning Microsoft Word, only focus on Microsoft Word and do not try to start learning Excel on the way. It’s because many students try to learn everything so fast.

One thing I learned so far is that the quantity of knowledge and skills is not important. What is important is that quality and expertise. And most important is “have you used your existing knowledge” or not?

If you keep learning new things, without using already acquired IT skills in your profession or work then you’re just overloading your brain. The best thing is that keep learning. But it doesn’t mean to keep learning without using lessons or practice. That’s why learn step by step. Learn one thing – use that or experiment with that. Create something with that. And then start getting bored then move to next.

So, friends, I am sure that the above tips and sources will be helpful for you to learn Word skills online. If you want to learn more let me know!

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