Importance of computer skills in our parents life


Information technology changed our lifestyle. We are living with what’s app and Facebook. We all are relying on technology for knowledge and income.

That’s true and important. Technological development created many opportunities for everyone all over the world. We are learning blogs, reading eBooks, and eNews papers using Facebook for fun, doing smart work, and earning. All are available on one search query.

We are moving fast, developing new methods and rules for work. But we are missing our parents in this techno world. We all know that they are not techno-friendly. We are giving second-hand mobiles to parents to use; we don’t have time to call in every evening. We are missing guides and scolding.

But if we use technologies then things are changed. It’s our duty to take care of our parents. And if they learn new technologies or we can teach them then things are different.

My point is that our parents can guide us, teach us and they also learn new things. Learning new things enhances their knowledge and helps thousands of people. The knowledge they have about things will help us in the long term. We can save everything they say to us. We have everything nowadays but we do not even record the voice and advice of our parents. This is a tough job to convince parents to learn about technologies and computers. But the results are so much great.

If a country is to be corruption free and become a nation of beautiful minds, I strongly feel there are three key societal members who can make a difference. They are the father, the mother and the teacher.
A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

I believe that computers can play a big role in our parent’s life. Please see below how the computer and the internet are important in our parent’s life.

Parents put most of their time into caring for us. The life of parents is always busy. They hardly think about them. Learning about computers and the internet will grow creativity. Creativity increases thinking and it leads to great knowledge.

Maybe we can think in point that they do not need anything to learn. But you know, by learning new things they feel younger. No matter whether they are drawing paintings on paint application. By learning the internet they can see the world and the power of Google. I know well that this is most difficult to teach and learn computers at an older age. But it is not impossible we need to try.

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Advantages of learning computer for our parents

1)Chatting technology for Adults

They can chat with us by using Skype and Google hangouts. Mobile calling out of state and country is too costly. The advantage of video chat for our parents is that they can see us too while communicating. If you’re tech-savvy, use the advantage of this technology for parents.

2)Blogging to Adults

If our parents know about computers and the internet. Then they can do blogging by using free platforms such as and WordPress (self-hosted website) in which they can write their precious thoughts. It is great to learn from parents and it will remain forever. There are hundreds of benefits of blogging. This is easy and less costly.

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3)Social Media for Adults

You’re using social media why not your parents? If they then this is great. But some kids don’t like it. Because then tough for them to share funny and naughty things. Our parents can do connect with their friends and share valuable things on social media. This is very helpful for the development of our society.

4)Research by Adults

By learning computers and the internet. Our parents can help us to do research on the internet related to our careers and business. Their understanding level is better than ours.

5)Innovation through Adults

They can develop society in new ways. By teaching people computers and the internet. It helps in new thinking. They can together create an innovative group in the village or in the city to help each other.

6)Agriculture technology for Adults

Our agricultural development is very low and government policies are not effective. This is because our parents and the people who do agricultural work are not techno-friendly. Teaching village people or less educated people is not tough. It just required creativity. If you’re, please do it. This will make our world great.

7)Less corruption among Adults:

Less technology-friendly people are easy to cheat. Learning a few things about computers and the internet it is very beneficial to decrease the level of corruption.

Government Policies on elder education

According to the elder law in India, it is the duty of the Indian government to provide these facilities for senior citizens such as health, travel, banking, housing, etc. They are succeeding in this so far but not that much, especially in villages. It is because of fewer technologies and education. You can get knowledge about government policies here for elder people.
So, the government does its own duty by following its own laws. We will have to follow our own duties as citizens of India. Do not criticize the government, let’s make a change in ownership.


I am creative and tech-savvy. My thoughts are enjoyable. I suggest only one thing that we all have to learn. Learning is not about exams, or degrees. The meaning of learning for me is about experiments. Do experiments for personal and professional development and it is essential. Success and failure are part of experiments. Do not stop experimenting with new innovative ideas.

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