How to hire someone who is an expert to build a business Website


By the way, you will meet hundreds of people who will say that they will make your website. Some are making it cheaply. While many are charging too much money from clients. And many internet marketing companies and website builder applications are promoting their free packages to sell you premium packages.

Many business owners fall into their trap. Even after spending both their money and time, they are not able to get what they need. And when they talk to the technical support team, they are only asked to upgrade the feature. Means giving more money.

And even many try to build a website on their own just after watching free videos. Few succeed and maximum fail to make their website successful.

There is a big difference between a website and a great website. You can build a common type of website using any type of website builder and free method. But having a website doesn’t mean it will get traffic, customers, subscribers, and business.

Anyone can build a website – but only experts can build a great website.

Building a great website doesn’t mean you have to be an expert in using software, website builder, programming languages. It means you have to be an expert in understanding the expectations of target customers, their demands, and market trends. The goal is not to build a shop for the sake of a shop. Instead, build a shop that gets customers or is able to sell or promote.

Building a website is technical work. But building a great website required technical, creative, and marketing knowledge as well. A website marketing plan is not built after building a website. Instead, a marketing strategy and should be made before building a website or even before booking a domain name and hosting package.

Many websites failed to get customers and traffic. Not because of technology instead because of poor marketing strategy and plan.

But who will teach you that? Who will guide the small business owners? Who will help you to make your business successful?

Only you. No one else.

You have to become educated about internet marketing and need to know how it works. When you know that you can plan better and you can hire a good freelancer or expert or also able to use a good website builder.

Not all website designers, web developers, and website builders have a marketing strategy for your business. They will do what you tell them to do. There are different ways to build a website. Each method required a website marketing strategy.

Great if you have a marketing strategy to promote and get traffic to your website whatever it’s through SEO, social media, etc and have a good budget. It’s because building a great website mean building a business. Never invest cheaply in the things that you’re building or using to generate more income and business.

Even don’t think about money, think to build a great website. Think to build a business. Now if you find someone cheap or costly and experienced and that has marketing knowledge then hire that person to build a website.

Even you can test or check that person through chatting or communicating with them about your business. Ask as many questions as you can from the freelancer or before hiring a web design company or before paying for the website builder.

It takes lots of hard work to earn money and build a business.  Don’t waste it or invest it without thinking. And don’t hire or pay someone to waste it.

Always test, verify the person and company before hiring them to build a website.

You might be aware of the online website design hiring platforms. But in this list, I am sharing the resources and ideas with you to hire the experts who will build a great website for your business.

1st and most important thing to remember:

Hire someone who has their own website and with traffic:

If you hire someone to build a website. Who even doesn’t have their own website yet will not be a good choice selection of the person to build your website. Even those who have websites, but do not have organic traffic on their own website, are not the good choice for business website building and business website marketing.

To build a great website you need to hire someone those have their own website with organic traffic from Google or Bing. Those who have their own website with traffic can build a great business website for you.

That’s why this is the 1st and most important thing to consider to build a website by hiring someone.

Now this person or company can be anyone. It can be your relatives, neighbors’ kids, local freelance, social media friends, and freelancers.

The best choice of selection is to hire experts and professionals. It’s because you need this person or company for the next 1 to 2 years for support and up-gradation. Website is not a one-time project, it’s a continuous process. So, you also need trustworthy, available, skilled experts at an affordable price.

Experts to hire on Upwork to build a website:

Hire the best Web developers

Hire the best WordPress e-Commerce developers

So, I hope the above source and guide will help you to build a great website at an affordable cost.

If you still have doubts or concerns, you can talk to me about the project or business goals. I will try to help you to the best of my knowledge and experience.


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