How to build a business website without hiring professional?


With website builders, you will get ready to use website layouts, one-click integration apps, HTML and CSS editors, website security tools, payment and inventory management etc. within a website builder platform or through plugins.

Having a basic knowledge of computers and the internet is important to use a website builder or WordPress. HTML, CSS, and JS knowledge is essential if you want to create a website manually or without the use of website builders and WordPress.

Is it good to create a website for a business on your own without hiring a professional?

Saving money from unnecessary costs and liabilities is good business practice. But the website is not an unnecessary cost. It’s an investment in the business. Yes, initially you have to invest your time and money and it can be liabilities until it’s not contributing to sales and business profit.

Most business owners are ready to put effort to learn and build their own websites. But they don’t want to pay someone to build a website for their business. And many of them are able to build a website on their own.

But not all are able to build a website on their own. Even those who have created the website on their own are not able to make that successful or are not able to generate sales and new business from the website as per expectations.

So, let’s find out what advantages you will get by creating a business website on your own or without hiring someone: 

If you build a website on your own:

  1. You will learn new digital skills and techniques while creating a website that is important to understand for business owners in this new technology era.
  1. You don’t have to pay for website designers or developers. You only have to pay for the website domain name and hosting plan. You will save (approximately, $200 to $1000) rupees. The website cost depends on your business goals. And also depends on the technology and methods that you use. But a basic or simple or informational website can cost between $100 to $1000). You can use this money to buy new stock or use this amount to paint or decorate your office and just save it.
  1. There are various free and paid online courses and YouTube tutorials that teach you how to create a business website step by step. When you start creating a website. You will learn about digital marketing, keywords, search engine optimization, website content, and social media marketing. These skills and knowledge will help you in the future to hire digital marketers or build your technical team for the business.
  2. You can build a website on your own by utilizing your free time. I know most business owners are busy with management and working on daily activities. But everyone has 2 to 3 hours’ time that they can invest in doing something creative such as creating a business website on their own.
  3. You understand your business goals and customers more than someone else. You can take advantage of this understanding to put effort to promote your business online and building a website on your own.

Drawbacks if you build a website on your own:

  1. It will take you more time to build a business website while running the business. You have to invest 2 to 3 hours daily for a minimum of 6 months. You will be able to create it within 6 months if you have good basic computer and internet knowledge. Your time will be used to learn and in solving website errors or to make changes in the designs and content.
  2. If you have the budget for the website or money to invest in someone to build a business website then you can use your time in marketing or getting more business instead of learning to build a website. For example, if you’re making $30 per hour from your active presence in the business, but not paying someone $20 per hour or $500 who will build a website for your business within a month then you’re doing a loss. Because the value of your time in your business is more important than the time you put into learning and building your own business website. And you will not be going to build it within 30 days even after 6 months, you still don’t feel confident about the website.
  3. I think as business owners your goals are to build a team and automate daily activities. But instead of working and thinking about growing your business, you’re thinking or learning about Which hosting company is good. This is not your work, it’s the work of professionals. You have to trust them or I mean you trust the person you will hire to build your business website. But I don’t mean you can trust anyone. Contact trustworthy and skilled people. They will research, learn, and then tell you which is the best hosting company and why?
  4. Learning about technology is not a bad thing, but when you can hire people why do it on your own? And focus more on the marketing and selling department than the technical.
  5. Business websites and digital marketing are investments. It can be risky (wrong investment of time) or return less when you do it without knowledge and skills. Many business owners start investing time and money in business websites, and online advertising just after getting influenced by the internet. If someone is getting business from the website then it doesn’t mean you will get the same. You need your own strategy and you can build this strategy along with someone who has the technical skill or experience about that.


So, the disadvantages of creating a website on your own, are that you invest your time and money repeatedly on the things that are not part of a plan or are not productive. But you do them because you’re influenced by someone’s advice.

It means you losing money and wasting your precious time thinking or learning about how to get ranked higher on the google search engines. Instead of thinking about how to hire someone who can help you to get ranked on the search engines.

It’s not bad to learn. Learn from everyone. Especially those who have a good track record will guide you much better.

Whenever you learn or get influenced on the internet for investment, then understand and learn about that thing on your own. Don’t make an investment decision, because someone is telling you to do it. Observe, understand, analyzed, discuss, and then do it.


If you don’t have the time to build a business website on your own, you have to analyze where you spend your 24 hours. You have to use every hour in business as an investment. If you’re spending time but not investing then you have to think about it. But if you invest your time in building a website for your business then you’re investing the time in your own skills, business development, and taking online business opportunities. It’s a very good investment of your time.

But when you think you have time and you can do it, no matter if it will take time then follow the next step: 

How to build a website on your own? 

You can follow the below resources to learn and create a website for your business:

Free YouTube Tutorials to learn website-building steps:

Online courses to learn to create a business website on your own:

Follow our Website building guide:

If you want to grow and make your business successful using website and SEO then you must follow our tips and suggestions in the website building category. Some of the top posts below that will guide you to create a business website on your own:


So I hope that you liked the above tips and suggestions if you need more personalized support or consultancy on website creation, methods, services, hosting, domain booking, hiring and management, SEO, and business promotion you can contact me.

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