Guide to focus on success


Guide to focus on success:

Problems come to those who want to get success. If you don’t get problems you are not on the right track. No one in this world achieve success without beating problems. The problems that log out you from your platform. When you log in next time things are change, likes, dislikes, comments and thousands of other things. Then you start focusing again, doing likes, comments and smile or sad. And smile or sadness is your check points not a success or failure. Before smiling you are serious, acting like a pro. Everyone around you looks like a pro and the main thing is that they are also acting. So, for success you have to connect your points with each other. But you say this is very tough, yes this is tough.

And believe in this that every successful pro start their journey with tough.Everything is tough before we start making it simple.

So first take a long breath and realize by looking around yourself that my journey is tough. Take a pause. And then close your eyes and take a long breath again, and commit yourself that I can do it. And smile  yes; this is your first check point. Remember this thing or you can write it. Writing objects are very near in your hands. Mark your first checkpoint in your paper. So, hope you understand and excited to read this fully.

Problems come to make us successful in life. There are no answers of without questions. And if you have questions it means you are learning. So, you are learning many precious things from my heart. But the main question that inspires me personally is “how to focus on your success in 2015?” The first we have to find out the obstacles that will come in our journey.

We have to do planning to get success over those obstacles.

And it is very simple.
What problems will come in 2015? How would you resolve it?
First problem is that you have to give answer to yourself. So, answer this question and write it down.
For Example:

1) Negativity:

Negativity is the leader of all problems if you win over this, everything is possible for you. And if you unable to manage this it will distract you and make you sad. So, don’t be. OK, now smile 🙂 , 🙂 again please. You can do it.

2) Money:

Money problem is an assistant of Negativity. Money is always our first priority in life. Isn’t? And we all lose our focus 90% time because of money. Your happiness and smiles depend on the money. So, don’t do anything for free.

Start walking towards your journey with little or nothing.

I don’t remember but somebody said that don’t follow the money, follow the dream. Money loves your dreams that why money want you to achieve your dreams. I hope you are smiling automatically now. If you are getting my meanings.

3) Time Management:

You can manage negativity and finances but if you waste the time, time will waste you. Thousands of advises and management programs are available on the web. But you don’t need to do that. Because time is already managed by itself automatically. And I don’t think anybody like to give the answer: “how to manage time for death?”! Don’t be in hurry to become rich and complete the journey quickly. Smile please 🙂 . Give the time to yourself and decide the minimum period to achieve the goals. It will be 1 month, 6 months or 1 year etc.
But remember and write one thing again in your paper.

 “Your brain need to act quickly, so for that don’t load it with many thoughts that makes acting process slow. “ So, act like a pro.

I already researched on these topics in real life and in the business field. Below things works for me and that’s why I am writing here my experiences.

Avoid negative people and thoughts as much as possible.

You have to avoid the negativity to remain positive. If not then act like you are also very negative. For example if they are sad, react that you are also sad. Than chances are you gone into negative and they are go into positive. But this formula needs great confidence to change them into positive. Give them negative feedback. But if you are consultant than you know better than me. But remember negative + Negative = Positive (– – = +). But try to avoid negative words, negative news anything that distract your focus.

Don’t talk anything about your work/goal.

Don’t speak about your future plans. Others don’t interest in your future plans. Because they think creaming. They also react with different thoughts. This is also not good for them. Because this will also create confusing environment. This will give you benefit sometime but you loss many things in future. So, talk about important things that matter.

You can’t convince people all the time by your words, you have to act and show them the proof.

What you did and how you achieve. Speak with yourself, listen yourself. This will help you to remain focused. The more you speak the more you loss the peace and spirit. Listen as much as possible and smile. Smiles works well than words.

Do when you like to do.

We all waste time no doubt in that. But we all manage our time according to the people. But mange people according to your time. This will working for me from last 1 month. I am very professional in my consultancy and teaching. I work on my goals when nobody can distract me. I start working early in the morning. By applying some freelancing jobs. 1st half of the day I do my regular job or public related works. And in the evening time I love to work on my goals.
Most important thing you have to remember. You have to work when others are sleeping for example start working early in the morning 3 am or 4 am. If your schedule is tough so believe your future should be simple. And you choose 9 to 5 working time. You have to face many difficult times. The most important thing in this world is your work. The harder you work the luckier you become.

Every blogger is different than other.You don’t need to influence by everyone or everything. Another most important thing is that you have to believe in yourself. The more you believe in you the stronger you become. People influence by confidence. Be confident in your work, words and goals. Every problem gives you the opportunity to be a star. The more problem you solute the great you become. People like successful people they don’t have time for failures.
🙂 Smile and take small steps towards your success. Make relationships with positive people.
With above things, one daily task for you. “Take break or pause yourself between the work. Take long breathe and smile. Do this for more than 5 times.
So, friends the above things work for me. And I am 99% sure that this will helpful for you too. Try these and tell me the result you get. But smile before you start.
My end lines: Friends, above things is my experiences. I have done mistakes in writing English paragraphs. Sorry for the mistakes. But remember you don’t need to perfect. Just be what you are, how you are.

Start with nothing, nobody is perfect and never exist.

Keep smiling, keep working hard. In the end everything is easy for you.

Jai Mata Di!

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