Guide to choosing the best computer courses for beginners


There are a variety of computer courses and skills that you can do and learn. But then it becomes difficult to choose which computer course is best, especially for beginners. But to take you out of the confusion I am writing this post to help you to decide which computer course and skills are important for you.

So, let’s get started:

The 1st question that we need to answer to choose the best computer course is “Why do you want to do a computer course?” Now each person’s answer can vary. But the most common are the following:

  1. I know how to operate a computer, but now I want to learn basic computer skills so that it helps in my studies, career, and even business.
  2. I already have basic computer skills but I want to learn advanced computer skills so that those skills can contribute to my career, job, and profession.
  3. I want to do a computer course so that it will help me to get a private or government job and I also want a certificate or diploma.
  4. I want to do a computer course it’s because the knowledge of computers in today’s world is as essential as a job or income source is important in life.
  5. I want to do a computer course so that I do something big in my life.
  6. I want to do a computer course and want to gain as many skills as I can so that it will help me to start an online business from home.
  7. I want to do a computer course so that I can help my family or husband in business.
  8. I want to learn computer skills so that I build software, and apps for people.
  9. I want to do a computer course it’s because I am already doing a computer science degree, but I want some practical knowledge of computers and their uses.
  10. I don’t know what I want, but I want to learn computer skills so that I know what I want to do.

The above 10 reasons for doing computer courses are common and enough. Now I will suggest you the best computer courses for you as per the above goals. And I am 100% sure that it will help you to decide or create a complete plan to learn computer skills.

1. Basic Computer Skills:

The basic computer course is the 1st course for school, college students, kids, seniors, and almost everyone to begin with.

So, if you’re new to computers and do not know much about computers and you’re not able to do anything on a mac, pc, and laptop computer other than use social media or play songs or videos then start with basic computer courses.

Find out the basic computer course that contains the following applications or skills in the syllabus:

  1. Keyboard typing skills and voice typing skills.
  2. Microsoft Office – Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  3. Basic photo editing/scanning/printing and designing or adobe photoshop.
  4. Internet skills or knowledge of these things such as online privacy, security, net banking, business, online jobs, and marketing.
  5. Basic knowledge of programming, software, hardware website, and apps.

Now, these top 5 are the very basic computer skills that you must learn, and make sure these are in the syllabus if you’re learning offline.

I also have created a complete list of basic computer skills and courses that you can do online from home.

Here is the link to that post: Online Basic Computer Courses & Learn Essential Computer Skills

Go to the above post and learn each detail as per the course and why to do that. And you can do each online course one by one as per the sequence. If you want a basic computer course with a certificate then you can join an offline computer institute or an online computer course with a certificate. But the above shared basic computer courses are enough for you to learn and get skilled and best for those who believe in skills more than certificates.

Things to remember:

  • After basic computer courses and skills, you’re eligible for part-time and full-time computer operator jobs.
  • You will be able to learn more and advance your computer skills online.
  • You will be able to do all kinds of college/school homework and assignments.
  • You will be able to understand programming, computer science, digital marketing, and content creation.
  • I believe that after learning the basics of computers you will be able to start your own small business or online income source.
  • But basic computer skills are just beginning.

And I suggest for every student in this world to learn these basic computer skills or do these basic computer courses. No matter whether you’re willing to do BBA, BCA, MBA, M. Phil, BA, and any kind of bachelor or master’s degree course.


It’s because when you learn the basics of computers, you will get ideas of various fields and professions related to the information technology field. And it will help you to decide on the best IT degree course or profession. And you will be able to choose the best course in which you find yourself interesting and beneficial.

2. Digital content creation computer course:

This computer course is best suited for those who have learned basic computer skills and are now really serious to do something creative. These are the best courses that will help you to get a job in the computer field or IT field quickly. Content creation skills are very important these days to start an online business, to do online jobs or run any online/offline business and advertising campaign. The only challenge is that you have to be different and creative. And that’s enough to become wealthy and financially stable in a quick time.

Following is a link to the post in which you will find the details of content creation skills, and courses with a guide.

Online courses to learn digital content creation skills

These are the best courses also for bloggers, YouTubers, affiliate marketers and those who want to start their own online business.

3. Web/App Development Course:

Web/app development is technical creativity in which your role is to create or build a website, web application, and mobile apps for clients, and companies or to start your own startup.

Learning the basics of web development will take a minimum of 6 months such as front-end development in which HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MySQL, and PHP programming skills are enough. The speed of learning and becoming skilled is depended on you and your learning source or the experience of the teacher.

If you’re a student of a skilled and talented teacher then you will get more to learn.

After learning web/app development within 6 months, you can get a chance in any web/software development company as an intern or job.

You can also build your own apps or startup.

And you can also do an online job or freelance.

Web/Apps development course is the best for those who are doing any kind of online or offline degree. For example, business management students can create business apps after learning web/app development skills.

Similar to a student who is doing MBBS can create an app for patients.

Computer skills are not limited to those who like the information technology field or want a job in the IT field. IT skills are for everyone to create and revolutionize the world.

Updated Version 20233 Best Online Courses to start your web development journey

4. SEO

If you want to grow the traffic to your own website or a client’s website or want to start an online SEO services business then learn SEO skills and visit this link for more details:

Learn SEO Skills: The best Search engine optimization online courses

5. Blogging:

If you like to write, if you have something to write, if you have the stories, knowledge, and facts or if you want to convert your free time into a useful and beneficial time then learn about blogging: Online blogging courses for Beginners – Learn the Basics of Blogging

6. WordPress

If you have typing skills, and Microsoft Office knowledge but don’t what to learn next then learn WordPress website design skills. If you want to learn the easiest method to create your own business or family business website then learn WordPress website design skills. If you want to start building your own blog then learn WordPress.

I have explained everything here, please follow this post: Best online courses to learn WordPress Website Design Skills

7. Graphics Design Courses:

If you want to amaze, excite and attract people then learn graphic design. If you can come up each day with creative ideas then learn graphic design. If you want to design brochures, icons, logos, banners, advertisements, flyers, web/print marketing, and educational materials then learn graphic design. If you want to explore your creative, artistic side and you also love nature then learn graphic design.

8. Online Business Courses – Computer courses to start an online business:

If you have basic computer skills, if you already have some job experience, if you have little savings, if you’re willing to become an entrepreneur, if you’re willing to build part-time or extra or passive income sources then learn about online business and become knowledgeable about how online business works and how you can start your own startup or start services or product-based business. What you can do online and how you can use technology to build your career as an entrepreneur will help to decide the next step of your career.

I am suggesting these courses for almost everyone. But especially for those who are doing jobs in IT companies, or working for others but are still not satisfied with the salary or financial stability. I also suggest these online business courses for those who really want to utilize or build or help others through their writing, designing, music, acting, dancing or any kind of talent.

So far, I have listed all the possible best computer courses, and skills that are in demand and will be in demand in the future. Once you will start learning or doing any of the above things you will get challenges, distractions, problems, and negativity. But that’s ok, it’s part of learning.

If someone is failed in something then it doesn’t mean you can be the same. Each one’s capability, skills, thinking, and execution are different. You don’t need to compare what is best for others will be best for you. And you don’t have to expect big things or overnight success. You just have to follow the basics of learning.

If you want to learn more before doing any computer course, then visit this page, in which I have shared all the computer courses and also the guide for those who want to learn a computer or who’re interested to use computers in their career and business, but don’t know how to do that.

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