Free Software to Speed up computer and Internet


So, Free Software to Speed up computer and Internet : Simple easy to use 1 Free Software to Speed up PC  that can increase your computer and internet speed. Windows based computer slow down as programs are configured incorrectly. Read below to learn of ways to keep a PC speed smoothly without investing money.

Without paid software you can use system tools to resolve this problem in Windows PC’s hangups

1. Use Disk cleanup
2. Disk Fragment
3. Restore your computer
4. Delete temporary files
5. Remove all unused applications
6. Turn off Desktop features
7. Uninstall high ram speed consuming programs
8. Error checking on all drives
9. Install antivirus

Other tips

1. Keep checking malware often
2. Keeping windows time and date correct
3. Do not download applications from untrustworthy resources
4. Do not use virus infected pen drives and memory cards

But the best Free Software to Speed up PC :

C Cleaner

Optimization and Cleaning

C Cleaner cleans all area of computer. C Cleaner is the number-1 tool for me personally cleaning Windows PC. Its protects privacy online. And it makes computer smoothly and secure. C Cleaner is easy to use software. Compatible to runs on Microsoft Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP. Including both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.
Latest version: 4.10.4570
Release date: 23 Jan 2014

You can Download before reading features features of C Cleaner

1. Delete temporary files of computer
2. Delete temporary files of internet browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera & Safari.
3. By using CCleaner you can delete history, cookies and index files of internet browsers.
4. CCleaner clean windows recycle bin, recent visiting areas, Temporary files and log files.
5. Advance features to remove unused and old registry entries.

Top reviews by other users

1. BBC
“I was in this situation myself recently, with only 120MB spare on my C:drive. After installing and running CCleaner, I was left with 650MB!”
2. PC World
“CCleaner searches through a number of programs and removes useless files. It’s highly configurable, allowing you to select which problems to look for and which items to ignore.”
3. LifeHacker
“You might be surprised at how much disk space it can recover – in fact, it managed to clear out 1.6GB of crap from my PC.”

Visit to see reviews
And you can download free version: by visiting below link
Download Now
Above CCleaner is a personal suggestion if you want to free clean your PC’s, and you can also test other similar software’s.
But some free speedup and cleaning programs are a scam so select carefully.

If you need Free Antivirus protection, my trustworthy suggestion are :

1. Microsoft Security Essentials
2. Avast! Free Edition


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