Best Fastest Managed WordPress Hosting for 2023


Managed WordPress Hosting is the right hosting plan and service to achieve your business goals faster in 2023. Having a Managed WordPress hosting plan for the website helps you to start a business with the right technology.

Managed hosting is WordPress-optimized hosting that increase website performance. This increases business growth saves money, and time, and decreases technical glitches.

Managed WordPress Hosting is the foundation of your WordPress Website or Business online. When the foundation of your business is secure, fast, and technologically advanced then you can start and scale with confidence without compromise.

To start, manage and grow a business online you need confidence. Confidence in business comes with learning, trying the latest technologies, having expertise, and the attitude of becoming #1 in helping customers.

Getting and maintaining confidence and success in running a business online takes time. Some do it faster and others take more than 1 or 5 years or even more than that. It’s challenging for beginners as well as for experienced entrepreneurs to protect their confidence for so long until they do not succeed.

There are various ways to gain and protect confidence in running a business. The most practical is an increase in website traffic and conversion, improvement in user experience, and positive movements in cash flow.

And in all of this, the selection of the right WordPress hosting plays a key role in protecting your confidence and in business success.

3 Main expectations from the hosting service provider: 

  1. Good website loading speed (3 seconds to 5 seconds) for SEO and user experience.
  2. Backup and website security to protect your website directory and database from malware and spammers. Related: Secure WordPress plugin installation Guide for Beginners
  3. Good technical support whenever you need that.

While 99% uptime or a 24/7 live website is not an option but mandatory and obvious from a hosting company. But the things you need to look at are speed, security, and technical support.

Not only this is an important feature you have to look into the hosting plan. But very important for hosting companies to provide these features.

Especially if you or someone else is not technically strong to understand core web vitals (speed), firewall conditions (security) or able to setup CDN (24/7 content delivery) on your own then you need the help of a WordPress freelancer or you have to learn it on your own.

Time-consuming activities and technical glitches often come during website speed optimization, plugin integration, backup, restoration, and migration. Even if it comes with beginners during the installation or when even they just can’t figure out how to add SSL to their website.

Due to such and many other reasons managed WordPress hosting plan is a popular solution and recommended hosting plan for WordPress. In simple words, it means security, backup, migration, and many others (as per the hosting company) will be handled by the hosting provider.

You just have to focus on marketing your business, getting more traffic, and helping customers. Your technical things, errors, and security related to hosting will be managed by managed hosting service provider. These challenges are technical, time-consuming tasks even for WordPress and hosting experts. That’s the benefit of choosing a professionally managed hosting plan, server, and company. And when you connect yourself with the right company, your confidence and speed of success get a boost.

Popular Managed WordPress Hosting Plans and companies:

amazing banner klient solutech

Now see the list of best-managed WordPress hosting plans and companies for small business websites, eCommerce, blog and news websites, photography websites, online courses sellers, video promoters, and directory or listing website owners or creators:

1. Kinsta:

knista managed wordpress hosting

Kinsta servers are optimized for only WordPress Websites. Kinsta is an expert company in premium WordPress hosting. Kinsta-managed WordPress Hosting is best for any type of new and old WordPress website and business. With Kinsta you will get premium quality managed WordPress hosting. Kinsta Managed hosting plan is best for WordPress eCommerce (Woo Commerce), High traffic blog websites, and many other small and medium types of businesses.

But it doesn’t mean you can’t use Kinsta-managed WordPress hosting if you’re just starting or have low traffic or are a beginner. Even it’s more important for beginners to build the website and foundation on the right technology from the beginning.

If you host a website on Kinsta you will get speed, security, and support just from the day of launch. And that’s the most important and my suggestion if you want to start and grow your business quickly and successfully with WordPress. Kinsta uses the latest technologies such as Nginx, the latest PHP version, and many other scalable hosting features.

Key benefits of managed WordPress hosting plan with Kinsta for Business:

  • Higher Loading Speed for Website – Important for almost all types of websites.
  • Security for a website with the use of DDoS, Firewall, SSL, malware, spam scanning, and monitoring. – More important for high-traffic blogs, magazines, eCommerce, and agency websites.
  • Free WordPress migration to Kinsta from your current hosting with the most effective technique without negative SEO impact. Best non-technical as well as technical people and small business owners to transfer hosting to Kinsta without spending money.
  • Daily Complete Backup of the WordPress Website is more important for the agency, blog, and eCommerce websites.
  • Scalability as per the increase in the traffic during Black Friday Sales, New Year, and many other events. Important for event blogging, eCommerce Websites, and college/results websites.
  • Great Technical Support plan and services for WordPress websites – Very important for small business owners and beginners.

Kinsta is not just selling managed WordPress hosting but is also willing to help its customers as much as possible. That’s why you can see the latest hosting feature and plan that is important for WordPress websites that are built for business.

Even if you read their blog or blog posts, you will see that they are creating or publishing WordPress tutorials for almost all the problems. I have solved many WordPress problems for clients just by reading their blog posts.

So, consider Kinsta Managed WordPress hosting if you want to invest in your business by using the latest hosting technologies to take your business to next level.  It’s not cheap, and plans and customer support are not like shared hosting plans.

With Kinsta hosting you will get Speed, Security, and Support this is very important to get more traffic, grow your business, and have the confidence to invest your money, time, and efforts in business.

2. Bluehost:

bluehost hosting plan

Bluehost is the most affordable hosting option for small business, eCommerce, blog, and directory WordPress websites. Bluehost is recommended by WordPress. Bluehost-managed WordPress hosting is fully optimized for WordPress.

Those who are not able to afford Kinsta yet should host their website on Bluehost. And later migrate your website from Bluehost to Kinsta for more advanced security, speed, and scalability features.

Bluehost managed WordPress hosting is good for testing business ideas, creating landing pages, small static business websites, niche-specific affiliate marketing websites, travel agency websites, and portfolio websites, and also if your goal is to get only less than 10000 visitors per day.

Key Benefits of Blue Host Managed WordPress hosting for business:

  • Free Domain with privacy – Best for event small business websites, portfolio websites, blogging, landing page, and lead generation websites.
  • Malware Detection and Removal: Most important these days almost for all WordPress Websites
  • Daily Scheduled Backup
  • Jet Pack

Bluehost-managed WordPress Hosting has everything at less price that is important to start, build and grow a business online.


3. Cloudways:

cloudways managed hosting

Cloudways is another high-quality hosting service provider. Specialized in managed cloud hosting. Where you can get managed to host WordPress, Magento, and custom-build websites on a managed cloud hosting.

Cloudways is another high-quality hosting service provider. Specialized in managed cloud hosting. Where you can get managed to host WordPress, Magento, and custom-build websites on a managed cloud hosting.

With Cloudways you will get the option to choose your IaaS (Infrastructure as a service provider) such as the digital ocean, AWS, google cloud, Vultr, and Linode.

These options are best suited for WordPress, Web Development, and Digital Marketing companies to host their clients’ websites as per the website technology and clients’ demands.

Key benefits of Cloudways managed cloud hosting for business:

  • You can host websites built on WordPress, Magento, Laravel, and PHP
  • You can host eCommerce, business, blog, listing, and directory websites.
  • Free Migration
  • Option to choose cloud hosting Infrastructure
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Built-in advanced cache and CDN
  • Host unlimited websites.

In my consideration, I will suggest Cloudways for freelance PHP web development, WordPress development agencies, and digital marketing companies. It’s because they get or will get a wide variety of clients and for that need a wide variety of hosting features. And you can manage all clients with a single colorways account.

So, all the top 3 are the best in business as per my research and experience so far.

With Kinsta you will get fully WordPress-optimized hosting and a google cloud platform that is most important for speed, security that is important when traffic grows, and backup or technical support that is important 24/7.

With Bluehost, you will have all the basic managed WordPress hosting features.

And with Cloudways you will get a wide variety of managed cloud hosting features for WordPress and other PHP websites.

So you can choose any of the three above as per budget. All of these are the best and most reputable companies in the hosting business and have good WordPress-managed hosting plans with advanced and important features.

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