Essential SEO skills and courses to grow business solely through SEO


I believe that by following the tips, sources, and courses in this post, you will be able to understand how SEO works, and how SEO will drive organic traffic to your website and grow your business online. And this post will also help you to discover the ways to learn SEO and top-rated online SEO courses in 2023.

So let’s start:

If you want to learn SEO or to become an SEO specialist then you need to filter existing SEO concepts and after that, you must create new SEO techniques on your own that are suitable according to niche websites.

You also need to study social media, PPC, Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing, and Content Marketing concepts.

SEO can be a Puzzle. It can be a Myth. But SEO is an Art and Science that helps search engines identify the correct content for users. Search engine results are based on user queries, demographics, history, locations, words, vocabulary, devices, etc.

I am not teaching here, how to do SEO or How to optimize the website. But I am just explaining to you some of my experiences, ideas, and creativity that will help you to learn search engine optimization.

Whether you are aiming to establish yourself as an SEO expert or simply seeking to improve the ranking and organic traffic of your website or your client’s sites, the following techniques can help you to learn search engine optimization quickly and efficiently.

Smartest Ways to learn SEO to grow your business

1. Learn from Search Engine Optimization Goal

Before you start learning What is SEO and how to do it you need to understand and Define the Goal of Search Engine Optimization for yourself.

Everyone thinks about SEO differently, and it is because of their goals:

  • For me, the goal of SEO in the post is to help search engines identify the best guide, tips, and online courses on SEO and show that people want to learn SEO.
  • For clients, the Goal of SEO is to get more customers to their website.
  • For bloggers, the goal of SEO is to get more readers and organic traffic to their blogs.
  • For search engines google, and Bing the goal of SEO is to rank the right structured, unique content, high authority websites, and content in front of their users.

For example:

The most qualified website gets on the top 5, but it does not mean that the top 5 websites can be helpful for users. That is why search engine updates themselves consistently for a single query.

The search engine automatically learns users’ behaviors on the top 5 or 10 websites every time. And then search engine makes the changes next time for the same query in that location, device, and user’s persona.

You can experiment and you must do it to understand what I mean.

So just experiment for an hour with 5 to 10 queries on Google or your favorite search engine by using mobile, computer, different browsers, and locations.

You will notice the unusual behaviors of the search engine. This is not unusual it is an experiment.

That is why before you jump to learn SEO from anyone you need to understand the goals. And you must understand before that “uses of search engine in our daily life and business”.

The SEO learning practice formula looks like this: Your Goals + Search Engine Goals + User Goals = SEO Expert

2. Learn by Doing

If you are already familiar with SEO then the best way to learn SEO is to create your own website and then try to rank it higher on Google Search Engine or Bing. Real learning is what you do on live projects. Not in online SEO courses or Offline courses in which you just learn the theory that is based on 6-month or 1-year-old practices.

Search engine updates themselves every minute not once a year. So, it is better to create your website not on SEO but on different niches or categories. Such as Travel Blog, Finance Blog or any other business or services websites, then try to rank it.

Make notes. Set two headings, What SEO works, and what SEO does not work?

And each time when you get success, note it under the heading “what SEO Concepts works”.

And when you get the failure to note it under “what SEO techniques don’t work”.

For the best start follow the Google Search Console, Google Search Central, and Bing Webmaster tools Guidelines and then implement Technical SEO and On-Page SEO step by step and follow the basics with confidence.

3. Buy an Online SEO Course and learn the basics

The 3rd method of learning SEO is by joining Online SEO courses and training. This method is more popular but less effective in the long run. It is because Search Engines change the algorithm after a certain time.

The SEO techniques working today, will not work after a year. But the basics of SEO do not change. The Basis of SEO is mainly “What is on your page for people” and how you present that.

So, learn the basics of SEO by joining online courses. And if possible, find the SEO course that is category specific.

I mean if you have a travel website or travel blog, then find a person who can teach you SEO basics for a Travel Blog.

Similarly, if you are trying to rank a web design website then find a person or course teaching Web design SEO.

But if you want to become an SEO specialist then you need to do two types or three different SEO online courses. E. g. SEO for beginners, SEO Intermediate and Advanced SEO.

The following ways can be the best method:

  • Do the Basic SEO course in which technical SEO, link building, PPC, Organic Traffic, On page optimization, social media etc. concepts are included.
  • After that experiments and implement the lessons on your own website or clients’ websites. You can do it by creating your blog website. Or follow the guidelines of the online course SEO teachers. If things work then it is great. If not even after trying 3-4 times, then it is time to do another Online or Offline SEO course. It is because you want to become an SEO expert. And you cannot stop learning.
  • Now find an advanced SEO techniques course. Experiment with the lessons on your website. Asks the questions from the SEO teacher. Do the SEO audit and discuss your website problem with your online or offline SEO teachers.
  • If things work then it is great. And each time, when you are stuck, go for learning. Go for SEO books, or online SEO courses or Free material.

4. Learn from SEO Consultant’s Job scripts

The 4th best method to learn SEO is from SEO consultant job descriptions. In the SEO consultant job script, you will get ideas, about what is required from an SEO expert.

Search on Google SEO Consultant Job script, and you will get ideas, about what are the things expected from SEO Specialists.

Now after learning SEO job scripts, you need to learn and practice 70% of those things.

After this, it is easy for you to study correct SEO skills and concepts after the analysis of job scripts. And, it will help you in finding the right SEO course.

5. Learn from what SEO clients are demanding

Use freelancing websites to get ideas about what kind of SEO projects are in trend. What are the skills clients are demanding?

If you have an idea about the demanding SEO skills, it will be great for you to understand your role as an SEO specialist and it will also help you to learn SEO faster than others.

For example, Clients can demand keyword descriptions, Rewriting SEO titles, meta descriptions, Google Analytics 4 Setup, Yoast SEO Plugin knowledge, knowledge of excel, SEMRush Tools and data filtering and visualizations, great English and grammar, and SEO content writing skills.

There can be a role for SEO to handle website and application optimization. Also, clients can ask you for real-time reports, suggestions, and optimization. So, knowledge of pay-per-click management, Keyword research, SEM, SEO, and SMM will be very effective to deliver SEO projects successfully.

That is why I am suggesting to learn what to need to learn what SEO skills and expertise clients are demanding.

So that you can learn, study, research, and practice SEO skills in the best way possible.

12 short and quick suggestions to Learn Search Engine Optimization.

1. Learn from comparing search results. Always compare results whenever and whatever you search on Google. It will help you to understand what things work and what is not.

2. Learn by Getting Project. After basic knowledge, you can get an SEO project or work on an SEO project with friends, or by joining any SEO company for free. In this way, it is possible that you will learn some of the advanced techniques and SEO tricks.

3. Learn by Experimenting with others’ ideas. You should have a website or blog or project to experiment with what other SEO industry specialists are suggesting. So that you can differentiate and filter your SEO knowledge and skills.

4. Explain what have you learned. Whenever you get into contact with other SEO specialists, discuss your ideas, also participate in SEO forms, ask questions, do surveys, and get views on what other people think of your idea.

5. Learn what SEO techniques do not work. It is more important to know what SEO techniques and concepts are outdated and does not work in 2023 than what works. So always look closely at successful results and failures.

6. Finalize what you are most comfortable with and easy for you. Anything can be difficult and easy in SEO. Many people find it easy to drive traffic to a website from social media, many are great at link building and many are great at organic traffic.

So, it is very helpful to make a list and work on your SEO skills based on strengths. It will be helpful when you are writing a job proposal, a cover letter, and an Interview.

7. Always practice writing the same title or paragraph or line in 5 different ways. Write simply. Make each sentence meaningful. Improve your vocabulary and use it according to the target audience, location, subject, and keywords.

8. Learn to understand Voice Search Results. Voice search results and optimization of a website for Google voice search queries are the presents of SEO. So it’s important that you learn website optimization for voice search results too.

9. Do not follow too many SEO mentors. On the internet or in real life everyone is a teacher. It is tough to differentiate and find the right SEO mentor.

So, it is good that you keep listening to SEO gossip and as well as videos on SEO. Keep checking your selected SEO mentors, what they are doing, and how they are doing. And it is good if you have 1-2 mentors, and do not select the next one until you did not implement the existing mentor lessons.

10. Use and compare results after using Various SEO tools. There are various WordPress SEO plugins, websites, and apps for SEO. They are tools that help you to understand and practice SEO techniques. So always open to new SEO inventions and concepts. And be flexible.

11. Create your own SEO concept. When you start getting above-average results from Search Engine Optimization then start creating your own SEO concepts. And test those concepts on different niche websites.

12. Try to compete with the top 10 queries and top competitive keywords. It will teach you lots of SEO techniques. Go for tough.

13. Avoid and  Fix these Top 11 Common SEO Mistakes

14. If you want to collaboratively want to increase organic traffic or want to consult then here are the 7 Essential SEO services you might like.

So above are the golden tips on SEO to follow in 2023 and 2024 as well. These are evergreen SEO techniques that you should master to get more organic traffic to your own website or clients’ websites.

Now to help you more in learning SEO below are the best online SEO courses that can help to begin your SEO journey. These courses are especially best for SEO beginners as well as intermediates. So that before any confusion beginners can learn the basics of SEO step by step from a single course or SEO instructor.

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