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Online website building course or an online website designing course is very effective and save lots of time and money. Building a website is a creative and technical work and when it’s about learning online it has another technology adventure.  By following these courses mentioned in this article you can build blog website, you can build portfolio website and business websites etc. effectively.

But before you start, understand that there are various methods, tools, platforms build websites and it’s little technical. But I will explain you everything in the easiest ways.

How to select the best online website building course?

The answer is simple, what type of website you want. If you want to build blog website then it’s good to select the course in which instructor is teaching about building blog website from scratch and step by step.

If you looking to build website for offline business then you can look for specific course in which instructor is teaching how to build business websites from scratch. If you looking to build portfolio website or to showcase your skills and talent to the potential employers, then you need to select portfolio website building online course.

So for your convinces, I am sharing with you top 4 types of online courses for specific website building goals. After doing these online website building courses, you will be able to build blog website, business website and portfolio websites at home.  

The process of website building is following:

  • Idea and planning: What kind of website you want to build and why?
  • Domain name for the website: If it’s business website then it’s better to choose the domain name same as your business name. You can consider .net, .co.in, .online, .marketing etc. extension if .com is not available.
  • Host a website: Now you need to host a website. There are various hosting provider for blog, business website and applications. You need to select the best one. The best have highest server speed, the pricing is competitive and have values, cpanel is effective and easy to use, the customer support is responsive, and most importantly have high security to maintain the privacy and data protection. And in which have have automatic website backup.
  • Website Builder/Wordpress/HTML-CSS-JAVA/PHP etc.:

Now to build a website you need tools and platforms. For tools you can use website builders. For platform you can use wordpress and if you want to build website from scratch then you can use HTML, CSS and programming language.

You can use any three methods. All have similar output but inputs are differents. And the most easiest for beginners and less technical people is wordpress. So install wordpress on your hosted domain.

  • WordPress Theme: WordPress theme predesigned website template by using HTML/CSS/PHP/Jquery etc. to build websites within a minute. That’s why thousands of expert recommended  wordpress for website building. So select that theme that matched to your business/goals. It can be free theme or paid.
  • Write and publish the content on the website: Now you need images, text, videos etc. It’s about pages. You want home page, services page, blog page, about us etc. Now you have to write the content in these pages. It’s not mandatory to have these all pages. But always focused on the communication. How you want to interact with people and what you want to tell them on your website. Try to make and write content that is easy, unique and connect your audience/customers with your brand. So that you can transfer the message into them.
  • SEO: Search engine optimization means to tell google about your website and services/products etc. whatever it’s about. You have to do it obviously because you want people to visit your website. In SEO it’s about keywords, title tags, google webmaster guidelines, tracking code, data analytics etc. You will learn more in the courses.

So the above is the basic process of building website. Now let’s look at following courses:

1. Online course for creating blog websites

If you’re looking to build blog website or any other website then the first thing that most of the professional advice is that use wordpress.  and it’s true because wordpress provide great options to build just any website. Anyone can use wordpress to build website after basic computer/internet knowledge.

So if you’re teacher, writer, consultant, leader and have any kind of skills and talent that you want to share with the world through your website in written formats then build a blog website.

Following are the courses I recommended and believe that they will really helpful to build website by your own at home without spending any money on website design company.

Easy WordPress course: build your first WordPress website!


Blog for a Living: Complete Blogging Training Level 1, 2 & 3

Blogging 101: Build A Successful Blog In 2019 And Beyond

2. Online course for building business website:

if you’re looking to build website for your small business by your own then you can also use wordpress. But it’s little complicated here, what type of business website do you want. Do you want to showcase services, do you want to sell something etc. But let’s take that you want just a simple website for business and nothing more. And that’s good strategy and you can add many features later. While you can use wordpress But following is another course that is based on bootstrap and both are framework or platform to build websites.

Here you can learn more about it:

Build Modern Responsive Website With HTML5, CSS3 & Bootstrap

3. Online course for building portfolio website

Portfolio website is the best resume in modern time. It’s really effective to showcase to the employer that you are knowledgeable and up to the market trend. Portfolio website will give you extra advantages than simple resume print out.

In portfolio website you can showcase your skills/knowledge/profile photo and many others things those are important. It will also give you more job opportunities it’s because people are searching for skilled candidates on the google and bing. And if you have website then it’s easy for big and small companies to contact for you for the project/job/works.

To build effective portfolio website in today’s time you don’t need too much technical knowledge and you even can start creating it using free platforms. But it’s best to have self hosted website and domain name.

I think following the online course will be helpful for you to build portfolio website by your own at home:

Make a Responsive Portfolio Website: JavaScript and HTML

4. Online course for building online store or ecommerce website

eCommerce website means when you want to sell products/subscription based services on your website.It’s little more than blog, portfolio and simple business website. And the thing that make it different and extra is payment gateway, product catalog and stock management. And it’s big work. But you can do it by your own and even thousands people are doing it by their own.

Ecommerce has changed our lives in various ways such as ease of doing shopping. And if you’re looking to participate in this change then following courses can be helpful for you to build ecommerce website for you business.

How to Create Make build an Online Ecommerce Store Website

How to build an ecommerce store with wordpress & woocommerce

5. Content Creation for Website:

Content means images/text/vidoes etc. that you want to have and showcase to visitors in your website. But how to do it. It’s very simple. To gain more visitors and organic traffic (mean people searching on google and then visiting your website and contacting with you for your products and services) etec. you need to be little creative and confident in your content writing and creation skills. Else the website will not able to achieve your goals. That’s why it’s better to understand little about content and learn some serious content creation and writing techniques so that your website can works for you.

For that help, I am suggesting you following course:

Web Content Creation – Create SEO Content Without Writing

6. SEO Course to submit and optimize the website after completion:

As I explained about SEO that it’s the way to tell the people on the internet about your website. People visit your website from search engine is based on few things such as you have unique domain name, valueable content and helpful solutions. So that google can think about your website. Even after that many are not able to get visitors from google. There are various technical reasons.

So if you have spend 2-3 hours in learning SEO then it’s enough to the get basic idea about search engine optimization. And to solve that problem, following is the course I think will be helpful for you in building high quality website.

The Complete SEO Course – Rank Your Website in Google Easily

SEO 2019: Complete SEO Training + SEO for WordPress Websites

That’s it what you need to build,launch and market business/services/skills online. I hope it will help you.

If you want to learn more about website and it’s marketing then following articles also helpful to gain the knowledge about how to build effective website by your own.

Website Basics: Build an Ideal Website

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