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You can create creative content marketing strategy in genuine ways. But you need to follow your heart. There are thousands websites teaching you many SEO tips and tricks. As Google bots are always busy to find great. What is Google’s great you know that when some time top ten search items are not relevant or out of date. You have to follow two things Fear and Confidence.
Content writing is an interface between your heart and fingers. When your fingers feel hunger you start writing. This is simple method of writing. Real writing comes from feelings. There are experts or you can say advisers and you know that this is viral and common. I am criticizing, that some are great but others failed to provide practical and genuine guidelines. But they are getting likes and shares. 50% websites have fake likes and followers they are making money but not wealth. Money is important but it is not good to put reader into the content sea. I am not perfect but learning from some of best content consultants such as,, content marketing institute etc.
Content marketing cost is very low but generates higher profit other than any adaptable methods. Companies are investing big money on content writers in 2015 and this sound great. It is common that you can’t sale a single item without words. But people not buy same things again and again with similar words. They want to buy or to learn different. The different words enhance creativity. And if your product or blogs or whatever it is unable to explore the creativity in readers mind than you sooner or later fail.
Learn from politicians’ they are ultimate especially Indians. Some promises too much and misguide the audiences. But great leaders inspire to think differently. Imagination is everything, enhancing imagination in user or readers mind done everything for you. You can sell your products or services in two ways. One is fear and second is confidence. People are buying products or services because of fear. For example content writers fear is “how to write quality content in 2015, what is the content writing trend in 2015, how to be successful in content writing in 2015 etc. “, Businessmen fear from competitors etc. All these are good or bad fear. And great personalities search for fears that belongs to human and than they market there product indirectly.
Some examples: purified water products, cold drinks, face wash or cream products are used great marketing lines that belong to the fears. I believe 99% that people buy things to reduce the fear, to feel confident.
So, you have first option to target the fear of your readers or audiences or customer. Than create content marketing strategy in genuine ways. Don’t do it in bad ways, don’t follow shortcuts but help customer to remove the fears cells from their brain. Second is confidence and Steve Job is one of them who believe in right, simple and great things that inspire people to buy apple products. People feel proud to buy great things. You can’t write or build great things if you are looking for profits. What I learned that the more quality you produced in the production process the greater the chances of profits.
I have lot to write but in conclusion, believe in your product, service or content and be confident more than your competitors. Do the things that are unbelievable and sell what is good for you and for your clients.

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