Computer vocabulary for beginners – Learn Words and their Meaning


Learning computer words, jargon, lingo, tools, and their meaning in English and Hindi, based on practical uses and meaning will help you to learn computer skills faster and more easily.

In this post, we are continuously adding basic as well as new technology, and computer science words used in education, business, banking, marketing, software, daily life, and all the fields where computers or technology is used. You will also get to know terms or words used in various Technology Tools and software and their uses.


  • You can use Ctrl + F to find any specific word or term and its meaning more quickly. Press Ctrl + F using the keyboard. Enter the word or spelling and press enter.
  • The meaning and definition are based on my personal experience, learnings, intent, and the use of Word where it is used for a specific context.
  • Our goal is to let beginners understand basic computer terms and their meanings, and definitions so that they can understand and use computers and technology more confidently, easily, and quickly.


Meanings or Definitions


A computer is an electronic device in which we can store, access, calculate, organize, process, and manipulate data and information with high speed and accuracy. In Hindi the meaning of Computer is संगणक। – संख्याओं की गणना करना या करने वाला (Counting numbers or one who calculates numbers). That is, the device and thing that can calculate numbers can also be pronounced with the word computer.


The default word is mostly used for settings. There are two types of settings in the computer. By default, or Customized (personalized, modified). Default: जो सेटिंग पहले से मौजूद है। Customized: जो हमने संशोधित किया या संशोधन.


The person who uses a computer or operates a computer is called a “User”, a Computer User or a “Mobile User”. अर्तार्थ इस्तेमाल करने वाला।

Microsoft Word

It is an Application Software developed and marketed by Microsoft Company used to create professional-looking documents. Learn Basics of Microsoft Word in Hindi: Video Tutorial

Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage – Cloud storage is a process in which you can save, store, and backup your data (songs, software, documents, notes, videos, etc.) in a remotely located server (computer). This is also called the cloud computing business model. There are various cloud storage service provider companies that charge users as per space or subscription plan. Many provide 10GB to 20GB space for free.

Sign Up Form

The “Signup Form” in any software or app indicates that if you see this, it means you must register using your email ID or phone number, etc. to use this application or service. For example, to use Facebook you have to sign up either through a phone number or email id. Form means a registration form in which you have the option to enter your name, email ID, and the button in which “Sign Up” Word is written.


A database is a location where data is stored in a structured (systematic) way so that data is easy to access. Mostly this term is used in the Web Development Context. In which website data such as user registration, and login details are saved in the database. We can also call it the backend of a website. For example, this information and the data you are reading are saved in the database and access means you are reading it. On any website or web application, not all the data in a database is public for public access.


If you see Login Details or Login or login to access such as words written on any website or app it means to use this service you have to Log In with the details that you entered during the signup or registration process. This means the email ID or phone number and pass you entered during the signup process have to be entered again to log in. In other words, login means when the user enters his details to use the application. Logged In means the user is currently logged in to or active in the application.
Sign Out or Log OutWhen you see an instruction or button or link or instruction in which “Sign Out” or Log Out is written that means you can go outside from this application or website in which you have logged in earlier or are currently logged in through email id or phone.
PDFThe term “portable” in Portable Document Format refers to the format’s ability to preserve and display documents consistently across different devices and operating systems, ensuring that the document’s layout, fonts, images, and other elements remain intact regardless of where it is viewed.

For example, if you created a document file in Word 365 and sent this to the person who is using an older version us Word 2007. You will find that the appearance, text, and style get changed. That’s the problem. But if you send this document file in PDF format, then no matter whether the person is using a Word application or not, he/she is still able to view and print that document without any changes. Here you can watch the PDF intro in Hindi: PDF Basics for Beginners: Create, Secure, and Convert PDF Files 

Viral ContentViral content represents a digital phenomenon where information spreads like wildfire across the vast expanse of the internet and social media in remarkably short timeframes. This content can manifest in various forms, including images, videos, blog posts, advertisements, tweets, captions, comments, innovative tools, websites, and more.

The essence of viral content lies in its ability to captivate audiences, garnering an influx of views, likes, shares, and comments, and even capturing the attention of mainstream media on television and in print.

Viral content thrives on its ability to be exceptionally good or outrageously bad, captivating the online world in the process.

Bit and Binary A bit is the smallest unit in a computer. 8 Bits = 1 Byte. Bit means binary digit. 0 and 1 are binary digits. The binary is machine language or computer language which is used by computers to understand user input and process output. In a computer 1 byte of primary and secondary memory is consumed by a single character such as H or blank space. This also means when you write ok and send this message in WhatsApp to a single contact 1 Byte of your net pack is consumed.

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