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There are various programming languages, every language has its own advantages and disadvantages in information technology. Java, PHP, Python, HTML 5 etc. programming languages are similar to our daily life languages such as English, Hindi, French. Every language that we speak and use to write have some user goals. Those goals can be anything that connects USER A to USER B and enables them to communicate and trade.

It’s very similar in a programming language. We have to communicate with the computer through instructions and those are written in the program. And those programs can be written in Java, HTML, CSS, Python, PHP, Perl or any other high-level programming language. These group of programs builds software. A computer just wants instructions and you can give that using any language.


So the goals are important than the selection of programming language for career or before building any application or platform. It’s good methods that if we choose elements, objects, compilers, interpreters, OS and programming language based on goals. Such as if your goal is to have your own portfolio website then you can think what you need to learn and use to build it.

And this is the case in the selection of programming languages. Every language has its own importance. It’s never about difficult to learn or difficult to use. It’s always about the effectiveness that programs produce in the development of web, software, and technologies.

In the goal of software or web development, you can’t depend on single language. Speed matter in Information Technology.

For example:

  1. You write 500 lines of code in PHP to produce Logic xyz for users
  2. You write 50 lines of code in Python to produce logic xyz for users
  3. 50 lines of code immediately up the server use from 5% to 70% in one click
  4. 500 lines of code consume more backend development time

So it’s not fixed yet, that you can’t do this or that in any selected language. You can do anything in any language. What I know so far is that software development is the composition of many programming languages, tools, platforms and libraries.

Programming language impact world wide web, apps, websites, software’s, operating systems and various business technologies and operations positively and negatively. I am Vijay Sharma and in this article, I want to explore my personal views and methods that you can analyze to learn best programming language online or offline.

Beginners can start with HTML5, CSS, PHP, Mysql, WordPress, JavaScript

If you learn these languages and CMS within 1 or 2 years, you can start your career as a website developer. Remember, I mean practical knowledge. There are billion of websites using HTML5, PHP, CMS, and JavaScript. Mostly used in various business operations and systems. Thousands of small & big Web and software development companies creating products and services for small businesses using these languages. It means applications created today, will have a min. 10 years of life. So it’s ok for a job perspective and for freelancing works.

If you’re a student you can dedicate your time to learn programming languages. After learning the basics, you can start creating websites, web applications and start your own projects. It will give a complete idea about the sources, platforms that are required to run any type of big online application. If you do it right, you can stand out as the top quality programmer and web developer.

It’s also the best course combination for college, BCA, MCS, MCA students who are in the middle of finding direction or degree to learn practical use of programming languages by following this method.

It’s possible that within 3 years you can achieve your basic life or career goals such as the car, flat and 50 to 700000 salary per month.

What I suggest you to do, if you don’t have that much money but interested in programming field then just take the basic course online. Take specialized and premium WordPress or JAVA or PHP programming course. The overall cost can be around 40 to 50000 after completing 4-5 programming courses online. And it’s highly possible that you will be able to earn 10 to 500000 rupees per month within 1 year.

To test this method, compare this process with the existed programmers and web developers, not only Indian programmers but also with overseas.

Experienced programming students or job holders can start now with Python.

Yes, but I don’t mean, beginners cannot start with python. The first method is for the people who are looking for jobs, money and basic workable knowledge of programming language. No one can analyze himself without studying and using programming languages practically, that which one will be effective for self and career.

What I am able to understand about python so far that it can be the language of future. The future needs new educational tools, 3d games, data analysis application, automation, and robots.

It can be used to program robots and evolve automation. Manufacturing tools, data analysis applications, healthcare devices and 3D printers need easiest and effective user interface and experience through to simple to follow programs. The simplicity in any programming languages can help companies to build in-house development workforce rather than hiring web development companies for jobs.

What is python developers can do? 

I think python developers can describe this better but there are following things that we can consider:

  • Cloud computing infrastructure development
  • Development and integration of SAAS, PAAS, IAAS applications and platforms
  • Web applications development through Django, CSS, HTML, and JavaScript
  • Development of data scraping applications

What is the possibility of use by business owners and companies?

  • Data analysis service and products providers
  • 3D printer manufacturer
  • Robots manufacturers
  • AI application developers
  • Driverless car manufactures
  • Business automation tool builders
  • Cloud computing infrastructure builders
  • Financial services providers
  • Game developers
  • Event automation
  • Python course and degree provider institution
  • Research and Scientific Institutions
  • And all kind of python related products and service providers

There are various types of jobs in developed countries for python developers such as data scientist, data analyst, and python web developer. Python programming languages and its libraries getting acceptance to use worldwide especially by developed countries and big information technology companies. Any python developer in future will come in contact with data, machine learning, AI, cloud computing, automation, robots etc. words or technologies in communication and in daily life.

  • According to Google Trends, it’s rising around the world. And more in South Korea, Israel, Singapore, China, Estonia etc. Django, JSON, Pandas, Pip, Raspberry Pi etc. are the related searches connected to Python Programming Language.
  • According to Google Keyword Planner, there are 10K – 100K people monthly searching for python Tutorial, 10K – 100K for learning python, 10K – 100K to python class etc.

So If you’re a  Beginners you can start with HTML5, CSS, PHP, Mysql, WordPress, JavaScript then move to python. And if you’re experienced and want to update yourself and want to lead then start using python. It’s difficult to choose which one is best. But both methods are best, it’s not about using A and ignore B. Today or in future you need to learn both.

Suggested Programming courses for students.

Complete Python Bootcamp: Go from zero to hero in Python 3

Build Responsive Website Using HTML5, CSS3, JS And Bootstrap

PHP for Beginners – Become a PHP Master – CMS Project

JavaScript for Absolute Beginners

Things to remember:

  • It’s easy to say and learn about the benefits of programming language. It’s even easier to dream big. But it’s hard to study and practice daily with discipline and dedication. If you can’t discipline and dedicate yourself to the learning then don’t do an online course.
  • This article is not the final suggestion or best suggestion on the earth. Please consider your own opinion too with facts, data, and intuition.
  • You need to start from somewhere to understand which programming language is the best for the future. It’s not guaranteed that explanations in this article secure the future. If big companies and business owners stop the investment or if any language unable to acquire fund it will fail.
  • The world is controlled by programming and technologies, but the controllers change the direction of the innovation that is based on business, vision, profit, and greed. So the best and safe method is that never depend on the single programming language. Always be in the mood for learning new languages and doing innovation.
  • You can do an online programming course from your home, that reduce the cost of learning.
  • If you’re not satisfied with free course then join paid and a premium quality programming course.
  • Don’t depend on instructors and teachers, practice one program hundreds of times in 10 different ways.  
  • Start building something that helps to reduce pollution, improve the quality of air, water, and natural sources. Build something that improves the speed and quality of government services and that help developing countries to become developed.
  • For 1 year when you start the programming field journey, just focus more on the learning than on social media websites.

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