Best Online IT Courses that can help you to Get a Job


Online IT courses are the best method for students to learn advanced skills in speed and low cost. Online courses along with daily min. 7 hours practices can turn a student into an expert in certain skill within 6 months.  IT Jobs required a certain type of skills. Companies want those skills at a lower cost. They hire skilled, dedicated people anytime online and offline.

For a job, it’s required that you should have skills that help to complete the job/project/task in a company. So the company will be happy to hire and pay you for the job. Every company wants an expert in low cost. But this is not possible, it’s because experts charge more prices than freshers.

No doubt, Experts bring more values in their work. They charge higher prices for their skills and knowledge. And they are experienced too. But it’s tough for small companies to hire experts. But this situation creates new opportunities for freshers. But to get the opportunities and loopholes in the market they need to compete with experts. And they can do it by following some strategies.

The formula is simple. Start with small companies. Gain some experiences and find out what experts and highest paid experts do. Now implement those strategies. And start applying for bigger challenges and jobs. Now, this looks very easy but it’s not. It will take time. But you can learn such skills online to make it possible to learn fast.

In this post, I will share with you the best online Information Technology courses that you can do these days that will help you to get a job. These online courses will help you to compete with experts for jobs. The following methods and online courses also helpful for the people want to learn new skills but not getting the idea about what to learn. It’s helpful for freelancers and small business owners too to learn some advanced technical skills that they can use to grow their business. So let’s start:

1. Apps Development

Small and mid-size web development companies looking to hire apps developer. But they are not able to get such people in small cities. Due to the rise in mobile users, almost all kind of businesses looking to distribute content. They will do it using apps. In meantime internet marketing companies creating everything that is possible in mobile through apps. The increment in the use of apps will grow even more than that we have seen so far.

So it’s a good choice to learn apps development from skilled people with examples. Knowledge of apps development will help you to get a job online and offline. You can even start your own apps development business. But for that, you need to have a learning mindset, a course, and little guidance. And you will be ready within a month for a job as apps developer.

Here is the recommended course for you:

Learn Android App Development with Android 7 Nougat by building real apps including Uber, Whatsapp, and Instagram!

2. Learn Python Programming Skills

Python coding skills are in the demand to develop data analysis, desktop and web applications. The demand for python skilled programmers are high and supply is less. However, knowledge of coding skills in any programming language will help you to get a job as a web developer, apps developer, game developer etc. For high pay scales jobs, you can bid on projects on freelancing websites. You can also apply for jobs in data analysis startups, data analysis services provider and web application developers.

Following is the recommended online courses to learn python programming skills:

Learn to create Machine Learning Algorithms in Python and R from two Data Science experts. Code templates included.

3. Learn to Master in Laravel

Practical knowledge of PHP programming language is another demanding coding skills for a job. Laravel is free and open source PHP web framework that is used to create web applications, CMS etc. You can look for jobs in web development companies. Recommended course :
PHP with Laravel for beginners – Become a Master in Laravel
Learn to master Laravel to make advanced applications like the real CMS app we build on this course:

4. Become WordPress Developer

After learning PHP, Java, HTML, CSS you will be able to create plugins, themes, and websites for clients. WordPress is the first choice these days for small business and web development/designing companies to build websites. Because of its open source and extended functionality with plugins. You can apply WordPress skills for a job in any web development/designing company. Possibly in that job, you have to create plugins, and themes for clients. Even if you have basic knowledge of WordPress you can get a job. In that case, you must have knowledge of theme selection, theme installation, demo content installation, plugin installation and a little about HTML and CSS for any kind of customization etc.
Following is the recommended online course to become a become a WordPress Developer:

5. Learn to Build Websites:

These days you can create websites using various platform and methods such as WordPress, website builders etc. Even after that, there is always a demand for the web developer for certain changes. This developer is needed for website designing and development services providers.
If you have examples of created and developed websites for clients or anyone even a single project then any small and mid-size web development company will hire you immediately.
You can create or develop your own portfolio website and you can use that developed website during the interview to showcase your skills.
If you’re looking for web development jobs then you must learn and use HTML, CSS, JS, Node, or PHP or Python practically or WordPress. If you can’t learn all at once then first start learning HTML, CSS then create a static HTML website. After that learn JS or PHP or Python so that you can make it more advanced. You can also start with WordPress. Here is the recommended course for you:

5. Microsoft Excel Skills

Microsoft Excel is used to perform various business and personal calculation. It is used for data analysis and to present data in charts and diagrams. Here you can learn more about the uses of Microsoft Excel.
Mostly you will get a job as a data entry operator in the beginning. Excel is used in almost every sector. So knowledge of conditional and logical formula creation, pivot charts, and tables, data analysis, filtration, conditional formatting etc. can help you to get a job. But along with excel, you should know about data and information management and internet research. And good English typing speed is also helpful for the job. Following is the recommended course to learn excel skills for the job:

Excel with this A-Z Microsoft Excel Course. Microsoft Excel 2010, Excel 2013, Excel 2016

6. Learn Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is most trending and highest paid job but if someone knows how to market products & services online. Digital marketing required little more skills. You have to use application and platforms to market online. It’s not only about marketing. It means you must have known about the applications, tools and platforms to use for marketing certain type of products and services.
Such as you can use Facebook for Marketing and generate leads. You can apply for a job as a Facebook marketing expert in any kind of business such as tour & travel company, Online store etc. Here is the recommended course for you, if you’re looking to generate leads for your own or any kind of business.

The above course is best suited for people if they are looking to become expert in one type of marketing platform. But if you’re looking for complete digital marketing course in which you will be able to learn about Facebook marketing, SEO, email marketing and marketing on other social media platforms etc. then following is the recommended course:

Master Digital Marketing: Facebook Marketing, Social Media Marketing, YouTube, SEO, Email, Google Analytics & More!
After mastering in digital marketing you can start your own online business, you can do freelancing, you can apply to digital marketing companies, content creator companies, and media companies etc.

If you’re looking for more specialized job oriented course then Learn SEO and rank clients websites on Google, Bing and Yandex. You can apply for a job after Search Engine optimization skills in Website designing and development companies. You can also work directly for clients and get paid for the time. It’s a challenging job but good for people who love to play with robots and like to help people. Following is the recommended courses:


7. Learn Graphics Designing Skills

Graphics Designing skills used in almost all kind of of content that we see on the internet, social media, websites, blogs and advertisements etc. Graphics Designing skills not only used in the web but also in offline branding and marketing materials. Magazines, photo studio, printing press and newspaper agencies also consume a big part of graphics in their content.

Graphics designer design logos for websites, apps, companies, events, graphics designer create website design, graphics designer create banner and posters for advertisements and many more things. Graphics designing is a very creative field. To become successful in graphics designing, someone have to very creative with their skills and job.

There are various types of jobs that you can get after learning graphics designing skills such as logo designer, banner designers, icon designers, website designer. You can apply for jobs in website design, graphics design studios, printing press etc. here you full post for you: What to do with a Graphic Design Degree and the following is the recommended courses for you:

8. Learn Content Writing

If you’re interested in writing then content writing, blogging and copywriting is the best field you can specialize in. Online store, ecommerce site, digital marketing companies, website designing/development companies and media companies etc. need content writers to write content for their clients or news website websites.
Sometime it is for the home page, about us, services content. Content writer job is very flexible and required strong English (selected language) vocabulary. They also need the vocabulary of the industry they writing or will write about. Content writer can also provide services directly to established bloggers, amazon sellers and online store holders. They can also start their own blog and monetize it with various online available opportunities such as google adsense, and affiliate marketing.
Following is the online course that you can do if you’re looking for a job as a content writer:

9. Interview skills

Interview skills are similar to marketing & sales skills for job candidates. In which you have to market yourself and your skills. But many people who have degrees, diploma but not have practical experiences often get problems in the interviews. If you feel nervous for a job interview, or not have the idea what to tell or what not to interviewers then it’s good that you will learn some interview skills.
Following the recommended online course will improve your chance to get a job:

10. Fluency in English writing and speaking:

English writing and speaking are used in all the above mentioned job works. If you’re graphics designer but not able to understand English or instruction that is mostly in English then it’s tough for you to deliver the work. It’s because you have to understand your job first then you can deliver what is required by boss or clients. English is used in almost all trades so communication skills really help you to adjust in the organizational work environment. It will also help to become competitive for the job position.
Following is the recommended course:

Things to remember:

  • No online or offline course is perfect or guaranteed that you will get a job after that. It’s all depends on your learning and practicing skills as well as creativity.
  • Most of the business owners and companies need people with skills. But nowadays it is tough to impress these people with just a piece of paper. You need real examples of your work. For that, your own portfolio website can work great for you.
  • When you learn or do an online course, make sure that you’re creating something in the side by side from that knowledge. so that you can share that later with the interviewers.

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