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In this post, I am sharing online courses and methods to learn WordPress. Not only that you will also learn about why WordPress, what you can do after learning WordPress, and how it will benefit you. And we will begin with the basics of WordPress and then cover all those things related to WordPress that are important for you to know one by one.

WordPress is open-source online software that is used to create personal, business, and blog websites. There are millions of websites that are created by using WordPress, themes, and plugins. WordPress CMS (Content Management System) is the easiest system to create, manage and grow websites. Anyone can learn WordPress just after basic computer and internet skills.

WordPress is also good for those who just want to create websites without learning programming skills in the beginning. Also good for students, professionals, writers, and teachers who just want to create personal and business websites without the help of website designers/developers.

Here you can learn moreUses of WordPress in Websites and How does it work

WordPress Themes: WordPress themes are pre-designed website templates that you can use to create a website. For example, if you want to create a personal travel blog website then you can install a free or paid travel blog theme and then you will replace the content and your website will be ready.

 WordPress Plugins: WordPress plugins are add-on applications or programs that you can use to add new functionality and features to the WordPress website. When you install the theme then there are a few options/functionalities that you need on your website but those are not in the theme. In that time, you install and configure the plugin and your WordPress website becomes feature-rich.

For example, if you want the booking form functionality on your website then you can add it through plugins.

What WordPress skills are important for you and why?

Basic WordPress Skill:

  • WordPress installation
  • Selection of an error-free theme
  • WordPress Theme, Pages, CSS, HTML Customization
  • Website Backup/Restoration
  • Website banner, Text, Images, and Layouts Updates
  • WordPress website issues and error solutions.
  • SEO Yoast Plugin Setup
  • Website Speed and optimization
  • eCommerce Product Page customization
  • cPanel Management
  • Day to day Maintenance, update, and administration
  • Header adjustment according to the theme demo and as per your requirement.
  • Navigation editing and setup
  • .htaccess, roboto.txt, config.php, and sitemap.xml creation/editing
  • Live chat plugin integration and management on the website.

Advanced WordPress Skills:

  • WordPress SEO/Link building
  • Website Migration to different hosts
  • Own Plugin Development/Customization
  • Own Theme Development/customization and Design
  • Integration of plugins/API in the WordPress
  • Integration of payment gateways.
  • Mastery in HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript

3 Best Online Courses to learn WordPress Website Design to become a master in WordPress faster and more effectively:

1. WordPress for Beginners – Master WordPress Quickly

2. Become a WordPress Developer: Unlocking Power With Code

3. The Complete WordPress Website & SEO Training


Free Sources to Learn WordPress Online:

  1. How to Make a WordPress Website – For Beginners?
  2. WordPress tutorials in Hindi
  3. WPBeginner – Beginner’s Guide for WordPress

What I did so far after learning WordPress

Before WordPress knowledge, I was teaching basic computer skills, typing skills, Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop. I was also providing Logo Design/Photo Editing Services on Upwork. Not only that I was also blogging. After learning WordPress website design. I was providing WordPress website design services for online and offline clients. And I was also teaching basic WordPress skills to my basic computer course students. I created 50 to 60 websites in WordPress for various clients. And 4 to 5 websites to do online business. And I am still learning WordPress even after using it for 8+ years.

What you can do after learning WordPress

  • You can create your own business website to promote your business. Learn more: Importance of having a website for small business
  • You can create blog websites if you like to teach or want to share your personal journey and career experiences. Learn more: How teachers can make a big difference in the world
  • You can do blogging professionally and you can monetize your blog with affiliate links, Google AdSense ads, and many others to earn online.
  • You can do blogging professionally as a business. And each article will be your product. Learn moreWhat is Blog used for? Uses of the blog in our daily life
  • You can provide WordPress Website/plugin design/development and customization services.
  • You can create your own WordPress plugins/themes and then you can sell them online through your own website or through online marketplace websites.
  • You can provide WordPress website management services.
  • You can contribute to WordPress open-source community through your WordPress skills and knowledge.

and many other things.

Difference between WordPress versus self-coded website

In WordPress, you will get a dashboard from where you can create, manage, and operate your website without changing the code. You do it through themes, plugins, and customization.

In the self-coded website, you have to create everything and each functionality as per your business requirement. And to operate your website you need people or you have to learn coding and programming skills.

Both methods need programming skills. But in WordPress, you will get pre-programmed or created plugins, and themes to achieve your website goals. But on the self-coded website, you have to create everything on your own.

WordPress is the fastest method to create a website, even you can create a website within 30 minutes. But a self-coded website takes time and it can take 1 month to 1 year or much more and less based on your programming skills.

There are different ways to create websites such you can create a website using website builders, you can create by using WordPress, Bloggers and you can create a website by using programming/designing skills. And WordPress in all of these is the fastest and easiest method for beginners and professionals to learn to create websites.

Here you can learn more:

Different Ways to build any type of Website

Top 10 Advantages and Disadvantages of using Website Builders

Why I learned and used WordPress to create business websites?

9 to 10 years ago, I was willing to create a website. I was looking for a business website in which I can also blog and also earn online. I was looking to accomplish 3 purposes through the website.

  1. I was running a basic computer coaching center. And for that, I was looking to create a website so that I can get students online.
  2. I was willing to share my ideas, and knowledge with other students and for that, I required a blog on the website.
  3. I was also aware of online income, businesses and blog monetization and due to that, I wanted to monetize that blog through Google AdSense ads.

Top learning points: Decide/Focus on why you want to have a website. And why do you want to learn WordPress? If you have clear goals then it will help you to accomplish these things fast.

These were the top 3 reasons why I started learning about website building. At that time, I had basic ideas about HTML, and CSS but didn’t have much knowledge about programming languages. But before that, I contacted a local website designer. They told me that creating a business website will cost you 40 to 50 thousand. It was big money for me. I was not able to pay. After that, I also contacted one of my friends to teach me web development or website design. They told me you have to visit our training center for 2 hours and you have to pay 2500 per month. And it will take 1 to 2 years.

I was not happy with all these options. And made up my mind that I will learn online to create a website.

So, I started:

  1. I started through google blogger but I was not able to achieve all three purposes. I haven’t learned much about it. But during that, I got ideas through learning on the web that the self-hosted website is much better.
  2. Now I found the Wix website builder. And I created a static website. But not satisfied.
  3. After that, I learned about WordPress. I tested it after installing it on my own hosting server. It was looking good.

But at the same time, I learned on the web that WordPress is not good for business websites. It is just good for blogs. And it’s much better to learn coding and programming skills. Now it changed my mind. I started learning HTML, CSS, and Basic PHP programming language.

I have installed a wamp server in localhost. And started learning. After a month I had a website. But it was not looking professional. It was just the first step. After that I learned about the following things:

  1. Logo design sizing.
  2. Font size/screen resolutions.
  3. Banners/Images
  4. Content Update
  5. Dashboard design


There were 1000 things that need I had to learn. And I learned not 1000 but 20 to 30 things. Now the website was ready. But I was not satisfied. There were 100’s errors. Even after learning from many online sources such as blogs, eBooks, and YouTube video tutorials.

My mistakes:

  • I learned from website design topics randomly. I learned only from free sources. It was taken too much time to learn.
  • It was good if I have joined paid online website design courses to learn stepwise.

Now I am back to WordPress again. And learned all the possible things related to WordPress. I researched the WordPress themes, selected the one, and then created the same things according to the goals.

I was spending 3 to 4 hours each day on my WordPress business website to make it more professional. And after 16 months of struggles, I had a website. Now I was blogging, I was getting basic computer course inquiries/admission and also monetized the articles through Google AdSense ads.

Now at that time, I don’t know about blogging, SEO, and keywords. I was just writing that looks good to me and my students.

After a year. I created another website related to the telecom business for a friend within 30 days of WordPress. After 6 months, I created another website in WordPress for a travel agency. Then created eCommerce and many other travel agency websites. And I have created all of them in WordPress.

After a few months, I started freelancing. And got hired to create, and manage WordPress websites. At that time, I was creating WordPress business websites in 3o minutes to 1 hour. And all the online/offline clients/friends are happy.

People telling me offline that WordPress is not good. It’s just a template. It will be not good. But at that time, I was fully aware of the WordPress organization or open source.

The reason for sharing my own WordPress website design story is to help you to think. So that you can select the best options/purpose for learning WordPress.

RelatedImportance of learning new skills for students and professionals

Free versus paid sources of learning WordPress Website design:

You learn WordPress for free or you learn through paid online courses or offline WordPress classes. The things that matter is your goal and time.

If your goal is to have a WordPress website for your business within 1 month then learning WordPress website design skills online through an online course is the best option.

If you’re a teacher, professional, writer, traveler, or business owner and don’t have technical skills then learning WordPress website design skills through online courses is the best option.

If you want to become a WordPress developer then you can learn WordPress website creation/development from free video tutorials and blogs. And you can also do 3-4 paid WordPress courses. To become a WordPress developer, you have to practice many things. You have to solve many problems. And for that reason, you can learn more by searching on google and you can learn effectively even from random videos and channels.

Both paid and free sources are good. Even sometimes free sources are much better than paid online courses. But paid online courses and sources are focused and all the content is there to learn. But through YouTube channels or videos, you have to learn what others are teaching as per their schedule and goals. Instead in an online course, you can see the WordPress course syllabus and you can decide it is valuable or not.

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