Best online courses for starting your own online business


In this post, I am sharing the ideas, skills, and online courses that can help you to start your own online business by defining your goals and managing your time at home.

This post is best suited for college students, housewives, and professionals who are looking to start an online business part-time or full-time.

If you’re one of them and want to start your own online business with little money and basic technical skills or after basic computer courses, then I will share the exact path and steps that I think will be good to follow.

So, let’s get started:

Everyone has dreams and goals. It can be big business, financial freedom, own house, multiple income sources, car, travel, healthy lifestyle, kids’ education, and success in life. But these dreams and goals are common. The majority of people around us fighting and working to achieve such goals. Many get successful and many are trying again after the first attempt.

Practically, it takes months and years of hard work to reach a certain level in business. But who stays focused, committed till the end achieves the goals.

The business provides you freedom, flexibility, and exponential financial growth. And that’s why the competition in business is more than jobs. But that’s great.

The first thing you have to do is just define your goals.

How much income and profit you want to make? How much time and effort you can put? How much money you can spend and where? What more you can do if you’re not successful in the first attempt to achieve your goals?

When you answer these questions, it becomes the strategy for you to start and grow your own online business.
It can be that such as you want to earn $3000 income per month and you can spend 6 hours per day. You can spend $100 to $500 initially especially for online learning and marketing tools. And you will invest 30% profit each month on business development once you’re able to earn money that is more than your initial investment. And you will try to do it within 1 year.

So there are 2 ways you can choose to start an online business. One is that start something unique, new invention, service, product. The 2nd to start that is already working in the market. The 1st method needs a good amount of money and marketing knowledge. But you can use the 2nd method with little money.

It’s because when you start the business with services, products that are already in the demand then you will get competition in the market and also the chances to get customers from the first day. Soon, you will get many challenges to grow from 1st customer to 1000 customers per day.

But if you take this challenge and win, you will learn lots of lessons and knowledge about doing business. And it will help you to start the new and unique business that you ever imagined you can do. But it’s possible when you get challenged.

So always start your 1st business for learning purposes and prepare yourself to compete. I don’t mean that you can forget about the earnings and profit. I mean your mindset has to be to learn and experiment. And each day your goal is to take new challenges. The more challenges you will take the faster you will grow your income, business. And you will be able to think big.

So, what are the opportunities and challenges in the market to start your own online business?

The following are the skills/business ideas and courses that I think you can consider for starting your own online business.

1. Web/Apps development

Web and app development is the biggest business and most demanding. It can be that after learning web development, you can provide apps and web development services for small business owners, schools, colleges, private companies, shopkeepers, and eCommerce business owners.

It will take min. 6 months to get skilled in web and apps development. But for that, you have to invest 5-6 hours daily for practice.

You just have to get a basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java, Python, PHP, WordPress, API, react native, and google flutter for web and apps development to start.

There are lots of technologies, methods and you can’t learn all of them before the start, you just have to start then keep updating yourself daily, weekly and monthly.

While there are many online courses that you can take to learn all these technologies and skills to start a web development business. You don’t have to be perfect to start. You just have to start and, on the way, you will become the expert.

Technologies, programming languages and technical skills don’t matter that much as your business ideas. If you want to start your business then your focus has to be on the end product that you want to present to your target customers. And the way you will get paid.

Once your business idea is clear, then it’s not difficult to learn and experiments through programming languages and web/apps development technologies.

You can do the following things:

  • You can provide website development and maintenance services from home.
  • You can build your own apps and online start-up.
  • You can hire another developer to build the app for you. And you can focus more on the business.

Following are online courses, I think will help you to start your own apps/web development business.

 Learn more: Benefits of Learning Web Development Skills: Web Development

2. Game Development:

If you’re a school or a college student then you can also study the mobile and computer games development. You can build games and test that with friends. If you’re housewife then you can build mobile/computer games for your kids. And after a successful test, you can launch it.

You can do it on your own while learning mobile/game development. If you have funds, you can hire a web developer to build the game for you. And you can focus on the creativity and revenue model from the game.

Following online courses can be helpful to learn game development:

3. Copywriting/Content Writing:

eCommerce, Digital Marketing, Media Companies need creative and technical content writer more than ever. It’s because, for the growth of these companies and business, they depend mostly on engaging content for their readers/customers and internet users.

Day by days it’s very challenging to attract internet users for the advertising and marketing campaign. Thousands of websites and businesses are competing. But one of the key differences in their success and failure is their content.

So if you think you have the strategy, ideas, skills to connect with people through words and you want to help people then it’s the best and fastest business that you can start online and earn money from the first day.

There are the best ways to start online content writing/copywriting business:

  • Build your own website through WordPress and promote your content writing services.
  • You can start affiliate marketing and help people to find the best products.
  • Work with digital marketing companies, small business owners, websites and help them through your content to get more customers.

It’s very challenging but most rewarding even from web development business. It’s less about technology but more about communication skills and product knowledge.

Following are the courses, I think helpful for you:

Here you can learn more:

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4. Digital Marketing Business / Digital Marketer

Almost all small, mid and big size business mostly relying on digital marketing channels to get new customers and grow the business. It can be a sanitary items shop, beauty salon, electronics online store, car accessories sellers, plumbing service provider, financer, health clinic, yoga fitness trainer and many other.

These all and many other businesses need content for online marketing and advertising. They need a person who builds and manage their social media presence. They need people who convert their website visitors into customers. They need people who can make sales/services/support/business deals on the phone.

For this, they need brand/product/services promotional images and properly edited videos for YouTube marketing. They need engaging headings for the social media posts and they need content that converts website visitors into customers.


As a digital marketer, you have to be skilled in content creation, communication, and search engine ads, search engine optimization, social media, and content writing.

You can provide one service or many such as Facebook advertising + search engine advertising or you can provide Search engine optimization along with content writing.

The goal of business owners is to get a customer. They don’t care you build a website or you can advertise their business on Facebook, YouTube, and blog on their business website.

It’s a waste of money for small business owners to spend on website/apps if they are not getting’s customers.

So, if you can think creatively and build a strategy to attract people honestly to the business websites then you will be successful in digital marketing.

What you can do:

1.) You can build your own website – and generate leads for clients. And get paid per lead or sale.

2.) You can build your own separate website as a freelance digital marketer in which you can educate your target customers such as eCommerce website owners or digital marketing companies. And also promote your advertising and marketing services.

3.) You can start blog websites, in which you can focus on promoting and writing about certain products/services such as best cars, best plants, best software, and many other things and then monetize with an affiliate, display ads or partnerships.

4.) You can start your own YouTube channel.

While you can do all of the above but it’s important that you start doing all one by one. The first focus has to be on the first customer. And that can be in your city, neighbor, relatives, and friends. After the success in your first project, then start promoting your past success to get new clients.

Following are the online courses that can help you to start an online digital marketing business:

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5. Blogging as a Business

Blogging as a business is another most challenging work. But it’s the easiest business that you can start. But earning money from a blog is not that difficult if you’re educated about blogging correctly and practically.

What I know so far is that you have to identify the exact problem and then you have to write to solve it. Even you can start solving the same problem through your blog that big companies are solving. They are solving it with products, and you can solve it with blog posts.

The blog is not a small thing. One blog post can change your entire life financially. But for that, you have to handle daily challenges.

And the common challenge is what to write? that get ranked and get most of the traffic from search engines.

If you’re confused about blogging then I have the following suggestion:

1.) Hire someone who can manage the technical things if you can afford, else learn them such as Editing, Search Engine Optimization, and commonly website design changes. If you’re using WordPress for blogging then it’s a lot easier than any other method.

2.) Write what is profitable, not only for you but also for people. For example, if you write, how to convert your 10000 rupees into 100000 rupees within 1 month then people will read it and they will find it without your marketing. The conclusion of this point is that write about the things that help people in the following things:

  • Money savings
  • Growth of money
  • Sales Growth
  • Healthy Lifestyle
  • Smartness and beauty
  • Solutions for Technical problems
  • Personal Development
  • Tasty food /drinks
  • Productivity
  • Shopping etc.
  • Electronics
  • cloths/fashion

You can also start a personal blog, in which you can write about your life/career/business experiences randomly. Or you can start a professional blog in which you only write about the specific category or niche such as finance, loan, insurance, cars, shopping, software, mobile apps, and technologies.

Commonly the success in blogging depends on the following things:

  • Writing style or communication skills.
  • Passion or interest in writing.
  • Helping attitude and support.
  • Your industry-specific knowledge and skills.
  • Competitive mindset.
  • Business and marketing tactics.

But if you want to make your blog successful, then learn less about blogging and SEO and learn more about the things that you’re writing, your industry, blog niche.

For example, if your blog niche is about finance, then you have to invest your time in learning finance so that you can write more and help your readers. Instead, if you keep yourself busy with plugin updates, themes change, SEO tactics then when do you will write? and when you will grow?

I know technical things matter, but not that much as it is advertised or promoted. It’s not important you do it. There are people ready to help you on a monthly basis or as per work. Just build the expertise in the field or blog niche that you writing and willing to write.

I think the following online courses that can help you to learn about blogging and to earn income or to do it as a part-time business.

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6. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the oldest business model in which you will get paid by generating sales. It means you will get paid after-sales. And that’s ok. You don’t have to buy the stock to start selling products online.

You can do affiliate marketing business even without a website. But one thing is important in affiliate marketing is that you have knowledge about the products that you’re selling and promoting.

For example, the courses I am sharing with you in this post are part of the affiliate marketing program that I am using. I will be get paid 5% to 10% as per the product/service category. And the best thing is that it won’t be extra for the people who purchase through these links, even affiliate links are available with discount offers. I am sharing these courses, skills because I have worked in all these things as a freelancer, teacher, blogger and many others.

But for the success in affiliate marketing is based on trust and honesty. You have to be honest when you promote the products, I mean you have really good knowledge about the products/services that you’re sharing, and to generate more sales you have to trustworthy for the people.

There are many people doing affiliate marketing online. Even many big companies promoting electronics, real estate, banking products/services as an affiliate marketer. It’s a pure and transparent business.

You can use social media websites such as Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube and Twitter to sell. You can create a blog only focused on specific products/services.

Following online courses can be helpful to start an online affiliate marketing business and learn affiliate marketing faster:

7. Online store/eCommerce:

eCommerce is the business exact business that helps people to sell and purchase online. Amazon, Flipkart, TataCliQ, Myntra all are a successful eCommerce website.


It’s because it’s most comfortable for people to buy online at less price with a variety of options. Banks, affiliate marketing, search engine marketing, social media marketing, online advertising, delivery, web developer, digital marketers, payment gateway, and investors are involved in this eCommerce industry and it will grow even more than 100 billion in upcoming years.


It’s because the people currently operating the shop offline in the local city will start selling online.

It’s not that easy to sell online. But not it’s that difficult as it is explained. It’s much easier than opening an offline store, shop and showroom. Today you don’t have to buy product stock to sell products/services in your city. You sell and the third party will deliver the products to customers with your brand name.

How you can start?

Identify the demands of customers in your city/village/state.

Select the few less costly products but more useable. You can purchase the stock on your own or just do a partnership with your known shopkeeper. You need knowledge about the partnership and business strategy at this point.

Think and compare to sell on your own website or to sell through Amazon FBA. I will suggest your own website will work best. It can cost, but then you have more freedom to even compete with the Amazon/Flipcart in your area and city.

If you want competitive strategies, then you can contact me.

To build an online store, you can hire a web developer or you can also use website builders or WordPress.

But it’s best if you take the help of an honest and skilled web developer.

But for your benefit and knowledge, I am sharing the following online courses that can help to start an online store:

Learn More:

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8. Video Editing

Video editing is one of the best and most creative and demanding businesses that you can start. The services that you can provide is for YouTubers, Educational Institutions, Small Business Owners and many others.

Your goal is to edit the video so that it becomes helpful for people to understand and watch the concept/education/information and knowledge.

Video editing/recording software is a little costly and it takes creativity and time to produce and upload a good quality video. Most of people want to see good and high-quality videos. That’s tough for small business owners or YouTubers to pay each month for the video editing application and spend time editing it.

So why not you can buy the subscription then edit videos for people at less cost without losing profit. You can charge per video or monthly or weekly and also as per project. You can also work with YouTubers or your friends as a partner. So, the cost of the software will be reduced and you will be able to create a great strategy to build your YouTube/Video Content business online successfully.

If you’re interested then you can start promoting your video editing services online. And you can work part-time and full time with YouTubers, educational institutions, small/mid-size companies, and many others.

So, to do it effectively, I am sharing the following online courses that can help you start your online video editing business:

9. Video Content Creation/YouTube Channel:

Video content is like food for YouTube and social media users. People are free due to automation in many daily life activities and comfortable life. Most people use YouTube for time pass. But many are serious users who watch 4-5 videos each time they visit YouTube and such people also watch ads.

People who want to grow in life, business, and career are hungry for data, facts, information, and knowledge. And your videos can provide a variety for them.

You can choose to create a YouTube channel in entertainment, educational, business and health category, etc. as per your interest and passion. But more importantly, it’s important that you choose a good and profitable category for your channel.

Many media companies, Bollywood production houses are also involved in YouTube content creation and many are creating content regularly.

As I am seeing YouTube is now more than a TV. From a Kid to 40 years of aged people watch YouTube instead of TV. It’s because you have the freedom to choose what to see and whatnot.

Following online courses can be helpful for you:


10. Online Courses:

If you have something different to educate and train specific people then it’s great to start creating your own online course.

Instead of uploading the material on YouTube for the general public, it’s best to create your own training materials and lunch the course.

You can start with the YouTube channel. And even you can use YouTube to promote your online courses just by sharing demo class and trial versions.

To create online courses, you need to create a syllabus and complete step by step to recordings to solve the problem. Online Course is like a treatment that the patient will follow at home by using own hands and brain. So, your content has to be easy and effective so that students will not get distracted and frustrated.

Don’t create an online course to earn money. But try to create it to teach.

Remember, you don’t become a teacher on the outside, you become it from the inside. To become a teacher, you don’t need the permission of someone else. You just have to teach. And students will make you a teacher. I am 100% sure of this.

If you want more guidance on launching your online course, you can contact me.

But to make it easy for you I am sharing the following online courses that can help you to learn some technical things to start teaching online:

 11. On-Demand Coaching/Mentoring:

If you’re an expert, if you can analyze the situation and data faster than others, if you can build business strategies, if you can grow a business and career from a certain level to the next level then you can provide on-demand and mentorship services for small business owners, YouTubers, bloggers, students, teachers, and many others.

The goal is to help people in decision-making and problem-solving. And you have to be experienced and knowledgeable to do it.

Following are the online courses that can help you start mentoring:

The best and perfect business is to help people. You can do it online or offline, you will be successful. And you can help people through products, services, education. So now it can be a blog, it can be a YouTube channel, it can be an eCommerce website and many other methods.

But if you’re confused then ask yourself, can you help people? how faster you can help? How better you can help? And each day in the morning, think how can I help more people today?

When you’re willing to help, then you can choose all the possible methods to start. And when you make your mind and start helping people you will start getting new business opportunities and tools to connect and communicate with people.

I am sure that this article was helpful to you. And I know you will follow many of the above-explained methods and strategies. But if you get doubts, confusion and any kind of problem and failure in above-explained businesses then you can contact with me.

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