Best hosting companies to host any type of WordPress website


Whether you host a WordPress business website, eCommerce, blog or multiple blog websites of your own or others (clients), you need a good hosting company. That is Scalable, Secure, and modern hosting server features.

Security and scalability are the two most important things in web hosting. Along with that, you will also need to control and manage various parts of one or multiple websites from a single dashboard on a single server.
And when whenever you got a fault or errors during migration, uploading, plugin integrations, or security issues you need to easy, quick, and skilled hosting support team.

Hosting a WordPress business, blog, eCommerce or any type of WordPress website on a reliable, fast, feature-rich server is almost essential. The success in terms of revenue and conversion depends on how much organic traffic it gets from search engines. Faster loading, SEO optimized, responsive, and spam-free blog gets more traffic and conversion. But if the blog or website is not hosted on a good server, then it will take years to grow the traffic or impact the SEO negatively.

That’s why the role of a good hosting company is very important. And that’s why it’s very important to compare the various parts and features before buying a hosting package.

In this guide, you will get complete ideas with an explanation of hosting features that you need and will find in the below-recommended host.

WordPress Hosting Features Important for Beginners:

1. Easy to install and manage WordPress, themes, and plugins.

WordPress is one of the best website-building platforms or software for small business owners and individuals. And most of them want a business website or blog at minimum cost. The cost will be minimum if they set up their domain, hosting, theme, and plugins on their own. If the hosting company provides an easy installation process, then it saves money and time. Or they don’t have to hire WordPress experts just for the initial setup.

2. Fully functional and optimized server for speed and performance.

Beginners starting with WordPress are not that technical about website speed and performance optimization. Even they can’t chat about the technicality or are unable to understand the suggestions provided in chat support.

In that case, most the beginners even after publishing great content are not able to monitor or increase their website speed.

In that case, if the hosting company optimizes their server speed or provides easy to use option for performance improvement then it will be very helpful.

3. Free domain

Buying a domain and hosting with the same company makes the website building process easier and smooth for beginners. Else, buying a domain with A company and then hosting a package from B make it difficult for them to configure and manage two liabilities. And in between that there are lots of things to understand or configure such as nameserver, CDN, email accounts and SSL.

So buying a domain and hosting with one company is important. So that the hosting company automatically configures the nameserver, MX records, add free SSL, CDN etc. And this also helps in managing account renewal

4. Free SSL

A secure socket layer (SSL) is important for secure data transfer. Also, it’s important to prevent spammers. And this also increases the trust of customers. You can also use and configure SSL with Cloudflare.

But if the hosting company provides the automatic SSL certificate installation, then it reduces the technical work.

So buying a hosting domain and SSL with the same company for the same domain is a very good technical procedure that is less time consuming, lowest in cost, and easy to use.

5. Free CDN

Fastest delivery is not only important in eCommerce or physical products. But most important in data and information transfer. Everything that is on your website is data and information. Whether it’s image, text or videos. Each of these content needs to deliver by the browser on user devices from the server.

Before CDN, the delivery of content depended on the location of the server and cookies for repeat visitors.

But these days with CDN (content delivery network) data and information travel fast. The end goal of using CDN is to provide or showcase a website as fast as possible on the user’s mobile or desktop. This improves user experience and conversion rate.

But buying premium CDN features is not possible for beginners. It’s also because many are not yet started to earn from websites. Most of them want to upgrade as soon as they start earning and making money.

Till then they want essential things at the lowest cost possible.

So, it’s important not only for hosting companies to provide free CDN service and auto-configuration for the long-term results from a single customer. But also important for individuals and small business owners to buy hosting where you will get free CDN as well as easy installation.

6. Automatic Backup

Automatic backup is what matters the most for beginners as well as experts. Beginners just starting to build a website for an online or offline business are learners. During that learning time, they might face a situation where they lose the website and email accounts data.

In any situation whatever the case, it’s important that the hosting company provide a free backup or automatic backup server at least for 10 to 15 days.

So that people can restore their website and data.

I have seen the company charges more prices during the accidental deletion of the data. Even many companies over promises during the sales process and become ignorant after selling the package.

So, whenever you compare the hosting plan and features, always see and learn about the above features.

Best hosting companies to host any type of WordPress website with essential hosting features:

Best for small and niche-specific blog and business websites. If you want to host one or multiple small niche-specific businesses, eCommerce, affiliate marketing websites, or portfolio websites you can any one of the below-hosting companies.



Best for bigger WordPress business websites and blogs. such as Digital Marketing or WordPress Development agencies, multi-niche blogs, news portals, eCommerce,  Directory, and marketplace Websites. And if you building a website or blog in which you target more than 10000+ daily visitors then using choosing cloud hosting is very well suited. Also, if you want to manage multiple websites of your own or clients then having cloud hosting makes it easy for you to maintain the scalability, security, and pricing as per the clients or traffic load.




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