Best Free Basic Computer Programming Tutorials for beginners


The 1st challenge or biggest goal and step is to learn the basics of programming languages. While the goal of almost all computer programming languages is to communicate, process, and automate input and output in machines. Due to that, it won’t matter which language you choose to learn the basics. The basics of programming are similar or the same except for syntax writing and structure.

You can select any popular programming language to learn the basics of programming such as C, Python, and JavaScript.

Learn the basic concepts of programming such as data, information, operating system, data types, data structure, compiler, variables, string manipulation, conditional statements, looping, classes, functions, arrays, abstraction, iteration, control flow, modules, objects, logic, and tools. Also, learn about the basics of databases and servers.

Also learn about the use of programming skills in website or web development, software development, and app development as well. Read More: Top 5 reasons to learn Web Development other than Job and Why learn to code?

You might find it difficult at the beginning and later half of the course but expect the difficulty. If it’s not difficult then why do companies pay thousands of dollars to their developers? It’s because it’s difficult. And it’s difficult for everyone. But give yourself enough time to learn each programming and software development concept deeply and effectively.

Most of the time we expect to learn to code as fast as possible. But due to that, we find it difficult. If you want to make learning coding easy, then give yourself enough time. For example, to learn only string manipulation give yourself at least 20 hours. Practice all the available information and example of string manipulation.  Once you become good in string and sub-string manipulation then move to list or for loop etc.

And day by day, when you learn to program or code, it will become easy for you.

  • In basics, you can learn HTML, CSS, and Javascript for Web Development.
  • For app development, you can learn dart and flutter basics.
  • And for data scraping, data mining, data science, and machine learning you can start with python.
  • There are various things that can confuse you in your programming journey. You might find confusion in the backend, front end, and frameworks. You might find confused about which language is best to learn. You might be confused about which framework is best for learning. You might also be confused about which development path is best web development or app development etc.

But if you face confusion then it’s good. Having confusion is the 1st step in learning and the challenge to sort it out. The best method that worked for me is to 1st learn the basics of programming. And you can do it by learning the basics of one programming language. It can be Python or JavaScript and C. All three are the best languages to learn in the basics. You can choose any one or all of these.

If you invest 2 to 3 hours each day, then you will be able to learn the basics of programming within 1 or 2 months. While you can keep studying for at least 6 months along with the advanced computer programming concepts.

Best Free Basic Computer Programming Tutorial for beginners

While there are so many great YouTube channels and video courses on programming. You can search on your own as well. But I found the following YouTube channels and tutorials best that I personally have subscribed to and followed as well.

Computer Science and Programming Basics:

Computer Science and Programming Basics


Learn Python Programming Basics:

python programming basics

Learn Javascript Basics:

learn java script basics

Learn Dart and Flutter:

dart programming basics flutter

Learn C# Basics:




I have followed, watched, and practiced personally all of the above. But I am not suggesting you can do it all. Instead, just select any of the channel or video courses and then follow that till the end.

You might find that in the middle of the course it’s difficult to understand and you will get errors. At that point just don’t leave the course. Instead, if you haven’t been able to learn something specific in that one video then just search for that particular thing in another source. And then back to that course again.

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