Basics of High-Quality Backlinks: How your website can get linked more?


In SEO backlinks are the incoming links from another high domain authority (40 to 60) website to your website. The most beneficial are high-quality backlinks with do-follow tags that will boost the page rank and website SEO.

Not all types of incoming backlinks are good for SEO. A link from the authority website, optimized anchor text, do follow tags are considered high quality. To find backlinks for your website SEO easily and quickly you can start with a professional link-building toolkit.  

Genuine backlinks to your website from a similar niche or industry website signal the search engines to consider linked pages, posts, and products as a quality source of data and information. In simple terms, backlinks from high domain authority and popular websites to your website represent and showcase trust, expertise, and authority in your content, website, and solutions.

Examples of backlinks:

  • is a very high domain/website authority in the business niche. It means it’s very popular, has thousands of backlinks, millions of visitors, and very reputable brand. When this website will link any of your product, post, page, or solution in their blog post as a reference, source of data and information, or expert solution for their readers/visitors it’s called a high-quality backlink.
  • When you add a link to a related topic and solution from your post or pages to someone else website then it’s incoming or backlinks to that website.

How important are backlinks for SEO?

Inbound (within the website), backlinks (incoming links for another website to your website), and outbound (outgoing) represent the quality of the link structure of your website. And when it’s genuinely created or looks natural then it will improve domain authority, website, posts, and page ranks on search engines automatically. That’s why backlinks and easy-to-crawl link structure practices are important to boost your SEO and reduce the bounce rate and quality of your content and website.

When trustworthy, valuable and popular sources refer to you or link to you publicly then it will increase and improve your brand, website, product, and service value in the market. That’s how backlinks do it for websites on the web.

It’s also because getting traffic to a new website, product, and page from search engines is not as easy as it was a decade ago. These days, there are thousands of solutions for 1 problem and some of them are scams and spams.

This created complexity, and confusion not only for readers but also for the search engine. And to solve this problem search engines started considering the high-quality backlinks as one of the ranking factors. It means those websites, pages, and posts get backlinks from high domain authority, popular and trustworthy brands they will get more traffic from search engines.

And this is the reason why backlinks are so much popular in SEO and one of the reasons for the higher rank of the post/page.

What are the characteristics of high-quality backlinks?

Backlinks from a high domain rating or authority website that has a minimum DR or DA score of 40. The higher the score the better it will be for SEO and the quality of the link.

You can check and analyze the rating/authority of your own website, competitors, and those linked back to you or incoming links websites.  For this, you can use various SEO tools such as domain SEO analysis, website authority checker, and Backlink Analytics.

Most importantly it needs to be natural and need to look natural for visitors. If you’re creating backlinks then it must have a do-follow tag. Do follow indicate to search engine crawlers and bots that this link is a good source to follow for more or related info and data.

Even if there is not do follow tag or non-follow-on incoming links still it’s a relevant link to get more traffic or visitors from another reliable source to your website.

Tips for getting high-quality backlinks:

So how to get quality backlinks? You can learn and use various link-building strategies and courses, posts, and tools to build backlinks to your website. But if you want to build or get quality backlinks from high domain authority websites or popular brands then you have can follow these strategies:

  1. Start writing and publishing content and blog posts on competitive keywords related to your niche on your website. Read More: Ways to increase your blog traffic 10x within 3 months If your content is great and beat the competitors of your target audience on search engines then you will get backlinks from your target audience’s websites. Or if the top 2 search results are competitors with each other, you will get scope there to defeat them both and get on the top.


  1. Do research, and surveys, take interviews with influencers or experts and publish case studies on your website. This is the very best method and you don’t have to pay anyone to get backlinks. Data is important for everyone but not all can afford the time and money to do research or buy paid facts and data subscriptions. If you do and publish data and facts on blog posts or as a content marketing strategy you will get backlinks from other niche blogs and experts.


  1. Here is an example of a post what I mean: User Signals and SEO. In this post, you will find videos, images, data analytics, heat maps, testimonials, charts, and diagrams that support and make the post more useful and valuable for readers. If I want to educate my readers and customers on certain or specific topics that I can’t do on my own due to a lack of resources then I will definitely link to such posts. My goal is not to give backlinks to this website, but my goal is to help my readers and customers. And when you try to help your customer and readers, you will get links automatically.


  1. Not only always write about the advantages but also disadvantages related to the keywords and topic. When you write and publish an argumentative article backed up with facts you will get attention, traffic, social shares, and backlinks from other blogs and writers. Read More: 28 On-Page SEO techniques that increase website traffic


  1. Propose guest post article request to high DA blog. Showcase your own original works, real social profile, and proper details about yourself. So that you will be accepted as a guest author and definitely you will get a backlink to your website and social profile. Do not use templates or software to send spammy guest posts and link-building requests. You will get rejected immediately. Be professional as well as honest.


  1. If you provide digital marketing or web development services then request or add backlinks to your profile or website on your client’s website.


  1. Connect and communicate with influencers, industry leaders, experts, and brands. Your business or professional network plays a big role in business success. So whenever get opportunities for meetups, events, boot camps, seminars, webinars, and any other collaborative projects then take that advantage. When exchanging ideas and professional skills you will get recognition and link-building opportunities with industry leaders and experts.


  1. Use the right SEO and backlink analysis tools that help you to find the right backlink prospect and outreach opportunities and avoid google penalties for spamming links strategies.


  1. Focus on getting backlinks instead of generating backlinks. You get when you deserve. Stop generating fake backlinks or stop using fake backlink generation techniques such as buttering the author or website and adding links in the comment box in the hope of getting linked back.


  1. Do not publish your website on low authority portals and directory websites. Instead of growing your traffic, it will decrease. Spammy portals with thousands of links and various types of business listings are not good for SEO. If you want to avoid the site penalties from search engines and monetizing platforms then avoid links from PBNs, networks or web2.0 blogs, classifieds, directories or any spam websites created just for links.


  1. Focus on your content and invest maximum time in the development and quality of website design, content, speed, and optimization. And stop spending time on social media websites that will not provide you ROI or any traffic even after having 1000+ followers.


  1. Stay in touch with the latest SEO trends and strategies. And continuously learn and improve your SEO skills. So that you will explore new opportunities.


  1. Hire freelance backlink or SEO experts, and outreach managers if you want to automate the process of link building and SEO to boost your traffic and increase search engine ranking.

So, friends, this is what I know so far about backlinks and SEO strategies that you can use to increase your website traffic and content. I hope this will helped you to get quality backlinks.

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